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Linguistics Essay Examples and Topics

Writing and Speaking

It is based on this that it cannot be stated that one form of communication is better than the other, rather, they are both important aspects of how humans choose to communicate and as such [...]

Code Switching and Code Mixing

Suwito in Sutana says that "in the phenomenon of code mixing the dependent characteristics are indicated by the relationship between the function and role of language.

Forensic linguistics

The legal processes indicated above ranges from proceedings in the courts to investigations conducted by the police and also to the management of prisoners.

Idioms in “A Piece of Cake”

The idiom A piece of Cake is used commonly in speech and literature in the modern world. Due to this fact therefore, the phrase has found a lot of application in the speech and English [...]

English and Politics

The use of conjunctions is also altered by introducing other words in addition to the conjunction to make it a phrase.

Role of Language in Forming Identities

In conclusion, both writers disclose their understanding of the role of language in shaping and maintaining cultural and ethnical identities. However, both Rodriguez and Tan realize that loss of identity lead to loss of the [...]

Beowulf: Role of Women

Female characters in Beowulf are very important, as they help to understand of the entire poem and also the culture of the people in ancient times.

Language in the Study of History

Apart from this type of classification, we also have philosophy of history "which is the theory aspect of the discipline of academic history, and deals with questions such as the nature of historical evidence, the [...]

Figurative language

In many of the educational facilities, there is a misguided notion that these students will automatically fit into the society in their institutions through their interaction with the natives, but this often results to miscommunication [...]

Reliability of King’s arguments

The major conclusion of the part of Martin Luther King's speech touching upon the issue of Ho Chi Min's land reform is that this reform was benevolent for the peasants, and can be categorized as [...]

Does Global English Mean Linguistic Holocaust?

It is not difficult to find examples of the extinction of languages in the wake of the introduction of English. Some of the most active areas of extinction include the American West, where a variety [...]

American Sign Language

The sign language is also taught in schools for the deaf all the way from early grade schools to secondary schools and in institutions of higher learning.

Formal Written English is disappearing

Various research reports indicate that students are aware of the effects of the slang and formulated short-hand form of communication on the academic skills and formal writing, but in most instances, they are often not [...]

Extinction of minority languages

On the other hand, the extinction of minor languages leads to the extinction of certain cultural groups and their individualities, turning the world into a global grey crowd.

Definition: What is news?

Its purpose is to update on the latest state of a news item. Therefore, a fitting definition of news is an item of communication through mainstream, official and personal means of communication that passes on [...]

The use of ESL program

This will give an account of the ESL program and its effects to many, in the program. The use of this program will, enhance development and cohesion in the society.

Dialect: Development and Significance

The history of dialect is unique indeed and has close connection to numerous social, geographical, and cultural concepts; the relation to these factors makes dialect a considerably local term, a language variation with its own [...]

Scholarly Scripts

Writing tasks based on individual understanding of a subject have been utilized to train students in writing skills. Academic writing principles were not to be dispensed at any level of scholarly writing assignments.

Language and Its Relation to Cognition

With the help of the lexicon, it is possible to learn more about the meanings of words in languages, their relations and use, and define the categories of these words and meaningful phrases.

The Concept of Audience in Writing

So, I realized that the concept of audience was extremely important for my personal narrative essay, and proper selection of the audience made me define how to write the process of writing: I should to [...]

Commemorative Speech about World Relief

The organization's efforts are commendable since they make a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable people in the US and all over the world. In response to the vast suffering experienced by the [...]

Vagueness and Ambiguity in Language

Indeed, if considering the problem from the viewpoint of language skills, one can possibly come to the conclusion that language ambiguity is the result of one's inability to use language tools properly.

Summary of John Humphrys

In a rather humorous essay, John Humphrys presents the argument that the act of texting actually causes a degradation of the English language as we know it due to its use of abbreviations and terminologies [...]

Texting and the English Language

The main point proposed by the article is that the influx of technology has destroyed the uses of the English language through the introduction of the text message service.

Written as Spoken Language

This paper is therefore, an analysis of the spoken language to determine why it is used in writing, the current statistics and examples on the same.

Language Accommodation

Background When a native speaker of a particular language is speaking to a person who has learnt that language as their second language, it is very common for the native speaker to try and adjust [...]

Nord’s Translation Theory: Reflective Essay

Nord's model of translation has been in existence because of the urgent need to introduce a universal theoretical framework that would enable translators to understand the functional elements presented in the content and the structure [...]

The Direct Method

Also known as the natural method, the direct method entails a full participation of the students in terms of listening and speaking of the language.

The Benefits of Being Bilingual in a Global Society

And, it represents the matter of crucial importance for educators to be able to adopt a proper perspective onto the very essence of bilingualism/multilingualism, as it will increase their ability to design teaching strategies in [...]


In this course, students are exposed to various uses of English in a variety of fields, but these are limited due to the time the course takes.

The Role of Media’s Influence

Generalization/Principles/Theories The effect of media on language and culture play a crucial role in the distinction of the American society and also affects it in national terms by comparing the American English and other varieties [...]


According to Shklovsky, this method of art is intended to challenge the mind of the reader that she or he is compelled to perceive the ordinary differently and thus be glad about the text form [...]

Language and Cultures

Culture on the other hand has a big influence in the contents of the language used in that society. It is therefore of great importance to understand both the language and the culture.

Nature of Taboo Words

In addition, the use of taboo words is proved to be more often observed in people, who are in a state of emotional excitement.

Learning a Second Language

This improvement is attributed to the fact that learning a new language results in divergent thinking in the person. This paper has demonstrates that learning an additional language can result in the creation of a [...]

The role of morphemes in the English language

For example, in the television show "A Charlie Brown Christmas", the cartoonist Charlez Schulz presented a scenario, in which Linus tells Charlie Brown: "Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie [...]