“Analytic Response to Amy Tan’s short story entitled “”Two Kinds”””

“Two Kinds” by Amy Tan is a short story about a mother and her daughter who have different views on various issues in life. The story is about a young girl’s (named Jing-mei) refusal to her mother’s persistent urge to make her experience the American dream, which is the hope of most immigrants. The mother […]

Pain, Cyber Punk and Science Fiction in the Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Introduction The book is set in 2076. The earth’s lunar colony decides to rebel against the earth authority. The United Nations Lunar authority rules the lunar colony These people have been exiled from the earth and taken to the moon. They are mostly criminals or political exiles. These people who have been exiled once they […]

Rich Dad poor Dad

Summary Written by Robert Kiyosaki, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ is a story that explores one man’s journey from ten cents an hour to financial independence. Unlike many of other children, Kiyosaki had two fathers- the biological poor father and the ‘financial icon’ father. The author compares the approaches for success that each of the two […]

Literary Festivals. Boy in Motion.

The book, Boy in Motion; Rick Hansen’s Story by Ainslie Manson is a book depicting the early life of one of Canada’s most famous citizens, Rick Hansen. Fundamentally a picture book, it targets mainly the young and traces the inspirational life journey of Rick Hansen from childhood to college level (Constantinides 112). The pictures in […]