Film critique: Die Hard

Introduction Film like all other forms of art employs the usage of different elements of narrative to tell a particular story. No two film plots are exactly the same and each director has his/her own way of ensuring that each piece of work he/she is involved in has unique features that link the final product […]

Contemporary Graffiti as Political Art

Graffiti is an interesting form of art. It is an act of writing and drawing with different and beautiful styles on walls. Its main purpose is to communicate with the public. Many artists have used this art form to convey social, political or environmental messages. In this paper we shall discuss the approach through which […]

Film “Jarhead”

Hollywood, as America’s premier film industry, has shaped the thoughts, beliefs, material culture trends, fashion, and even language of many Americans. The influence and impact of films in the American social life is undeniable and almost tangible. There are both positive and negative consequences of the influence of films on the American socio-cultural trends, beliefs, […]

7th symphony

Beethoven’s Seventh symphony has no equal. The symphony is articulately arranged and established with unique flow of both chords and musical patterns. Listening to the seventh symphony one may note that the music is purely priceless; it is not an impersonation of someone’s ideas. Thus, it can be argued that with its rich texture and […]

American Art

In modern globalized world, scientific and technology improvements have resulted in diffusion of culture among communities; when a community’s culture is diluted, chances are that originality of artifacts of its cultural heritage will be distorted (Hillls, 2001). The American art industry has been influenced by European styles; this paper discusses why it is important for […]

The Oiled Paper Umbrella

Abstract Umbrellas have evolved throughout the history of ancient China, Egypt, and the Middle East. Oiled paper umbrella is a type of umbrella that emanated from China during the ancient times and has evolved and dominated the world due to its unique features. The unique features of oiled paper umbrella include smooth bamboo handle, waterproof […]