Urban and Social Issues Essay

Introduction Babel is a movie that was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu. It is a story covering diverse issues taking place in the United States of America, Morocco, Japan, and Mexico. These are four interlacing stories in the four aforementioned countries. One gun connects these four stories and as the movie nears the end, there […]

“Ocean’s Eleven” (2001 film) Essay

“Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) is a captivating movie which the stylish director, Steven Soderbergh, remade from the 1960 Rat Pack film that starred Frank Sinatra and other actors. The earlier version of “Ocean’s Eleven” did not register much success as the 2001 version. The movie runs for one hundred and sixteen minutes and is rated PG-13 […]

Photojournalist: Mark M. Hancock Essay

In addition to being a photojournalist, Mark Hancock is an editor at the Squadron/ Signal publications. Mr Hancock has engaged in freelance journalism for a period of 15 years beginning 1995. His presence is evident in numerous magazines and newspapers across the world especially in the editorial sections. Hancock’s career background indicates that he has […]

A critical analysis of Hamlet’s constant procrastination in Shakespeare’s Hamlet Essay

Introduction It is of diminutive doubt that Hamlet is one of the most controversial characters ever created by William Shakespeare. Due to his complexity in persona, critics have over the years ever since the play’s premier varied in opinion over the true essence of Hamlet. More importantly, procrastination, which was Hamlet’s most conspicuous flaw, has […]