Group Behavior in Organizations

The social system in organizations consists of complex sets of human relationships with a variety of associations with each other, as well as the external environment. People in organizations willingly join groups according to shared work practises, habits and interests, just as they belong to other social and cultural groups, into which they are born. […]

The selection process of candidate

Introduction It has also been an opportunity for me to learn various issues surrounding the selection exercise. The selection process involves such issues as job application, short listings and interviews in order to settle down on the right candidate. There are various factors that are considered before settling down on the right candidate as we […]

Compensation Systems and Employee Benefits

Introduction The skills and training needed by workers in today’s working environment has been greatly influenced by technology. The manager responsibility is to recruit, select, and compensate employees in its organization. Changes like this makes employees rely on effective management. Emphasis is laid on output and performance. The manager and the staff create policies and […]

Management Decision Making

Executive summary In today’s rapidly growing competitive business environment, the pressure to have employees in the organization who are inspired as to give their very best in their work for the success of the company is very much needed now more than it has ever been. Indeed, the primary concern and a major challenge with […]

Diversity Management Practices (DMP)

It is imperative to assert that individuals vary in numerous aspects. Therefore, it is a vital consideration in workplace especially in organizations where diversity is unavoidable. Such diversities encompass gender, racial background, as well as religion. Diversity management practices (DMP) encompass formal efforts developed and applied by an organization to administer variety effectively among its […]