The Organizational Structure and Design of Veema Enterprises Case Study

Introduction There is no single organizational design and structure, which can be applied to all businesses; though all businesses show some level of organizational design and structure, which define the groups, and offers coordination for the different roles to be performed in the business. This paper is a review of the organizational structure and the […]

E-Recruitment Essay

Abstract E-recruitment has emerged as a significant success factor for Human Resource Management in many organizations over the past decade due to its impact on efficiency and performance. This paper highlights the effectiveness of e-recruitment in HRM and recruitment process. A report on recruitment efforts indicated that in the year 2007, 75 percent of companies […]

Attributive theory and a new orientation program Essay

Attribution theory is a social cognitive theory that is concerned with motivation (Martinko, 2004). The theory was first proposed by Heider in 1958. Nevertheless, other scholars such as Jones and Weiner (1974) developed its framework. Later on, it became a research paradigm in the field of social psychology (Martinko, 2004). Needless to say, the theory […]

Organizations Increasingly Face a Complex, Fast Changing and Volatile Environment Essay

Introduction Organizations increasingly face a complex, fast changing and volatile environment. This situation demands a rethink of how management and leadership are exercised in organizations. In the subsequent sub-sections this essay will explore the issue of complexities that organizations face in the current business environment. It will also provide an analysis of why the traditional […]

SLP internal analysis and SWOT Analysis Coursework

Introduction Resource Based View is a modern day management tool that is used in crafting company’s strategy using the available resources and distinctive capabilities. One of the ways of achieving this is the use of Economic Values Added (EVA) or the Economic Rent (Connely, 2010). The EVA is gotten by subtracting the firm’s Net Operating […]