Operations Management

Operation management is a key area of management in any successful organization. The management ensures business operations use the available resources in an organization effectively to meet dynamic consumer needs (Lewis, & Slack, 2003, p.11). Nike, a market leader in the sports shoes and apparel has a commanding thirty two percent of the global market […]

Production management: quality management systems. Case study of IDT Australia limited.

Introduction Historically, manufacturing management concept was coined by Adam Smith in eighteenth century in his contribution to specialization of labor in manufacturing. Adam Smith indicated that industrial jobs can be broken into smaller jobs and laborers were recommended to specialize in areas that they deem perfect, skilled and efficient (Anon, 1998). Accordingly, Fredrick Taylor coined […]

Organizational Behavior

Employee diversity at the workplace is seen in terms of religion, race, gender, as well as age. Employee motivation is a key factor towards the success of any organization. Employees, with time age, and as such experience different changes in their adult life which alters the way in which they view life. The effects of […]

The Global Corporation and Social Responsibility: Multinational Decision Making and International Values

Introduction Scientific inventions and innovations have resulted in better transport and communication systems; the improved systems have resulted to social, economic, and political ideologies integration. The integrations have seen the development of multinationals. When operation across the board, decisions made by the multinationals should be acceptable and ethical in the eyes of the host country […]

Management Theories

Background Most management theories and literature tend to present managing as if it is a technical and rational activity. For example, management is presented as a discipline that involves the calm, careful and well considered tasks of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Such a view certainly helps us to understand some of the tasks managers […]


Introduction Throughout their lifetime, business entities are considerably pressured to raise their performance levels and productivity. This is evident in today‚Äôs businesses which are characterized by aggression and excessive competition. These situations forces businesses to exhibit innovation and improve their performance in a bid to ensure their survival in an unforgiving business environment. To this […]