Environmentalism as a Religion

Environmentalism engrosses campaigning for the buttressing and improvement of the environment (DeLong). The natural environment is the resources, the climate and all that is found on planet earth. The natural environment provides a superior setting if well protected. Usually there are certain bodies such as the Green Movement, which gear up in protecting the environment. […]

Christianity in Sudan

Abstract Christianity in Sudan can be traced back to the 5th century even before the colonialists and Muslims stepped into Africa. Christianity was the official religion of the three Nubian kingdoms along Nile River: Makouria, Nobatia, and Alwa kingdom. Ever since the Muslim Arabs occupied North Africa and particularly northern Sudan, Christians have never had […]

The Reliability of Bible

Human beings are social beings who live together and set some mechanisms of governing their interactions; according to Versluis, 2008, religion is an aspect of human social life which provides for virtues and vises among a particular society. Religion is defined as an institutional system of belief, symbols, value, and practices that followers to the […]

Relationship between Christian Faith and Science

Christian faith and science seem to have no relationships because the foundation of faith is a belief while the basis of science is empirical evidence. Religious beliefs are the foundation of faith that science can neither prove nor disapprove in a laboratory. While science deals with the physical environment, faith entails spiritual matters that are […]