Buddhism in Canada

Introduction Buddhism emanated from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama who is the founding father of Buddhism practices. Buddhism is based on the assumption that reality is a constant instability together with the principle of interdependence, the dominance of mind and consecrated admiration of health and the world. Buddhists use these founding principles as a standard […]

The Christian Crusades

The Christian Crusades resulted to great damages in terms of loss in lives and destructions of properties. The barbarism and wickedness of crusaders lead to destruction of cities, attack and murdering of innocent children and women. The motivating factors behind these crusades included; protection of the Christian holy places from Muslim possession, propagation of Christianity […]

Catholicism and Christianity

The religious believes of both Christianity and Catholicism has some common features and differences as well. The research paper will focus on both sides in trying to compare and contrasting the two denominations (Marstensen 205). Although they are termed as two different religions, they share the most common believes of all Christian. God the creator […]

Daoism and Confucianism

Introduction The Daoism and Confucianism have some similarities and differences. The research paper will be comparing and contrasting both through what they share and what they differ. Various aspects like their origins, their theories, dynasties and major focus will be discussed. The paper starts with differences: The history of origin Confucianism is a philosophy that […]

The Decline of European Christianity

Introduction Christianity has undergone a serious decline in Europe over the last years. Europe had been the home to apostles such as Calvin, Luther, Aquinas, and Barth among many other apostles1. Christianity has been the largest religion in Europe in about two millenniums ago as many missionaries from the continent ventured to other regions of […]

What Went Wrong?

Albrecht Ritschl is one of the major Christian reformers whose works have had great impact on modern Christian faith. Ritschl’s was a student of Baur, and his theology borrowed heavily from Martin Luther, Paul and Schleiermacher. Ritschl’s aim was to interpret the Bible upon the doctrine of justification (by faith, through Jesus Christ) and reconciliation […]