Mental health and spirituality Thesis

Introduction Religious people are less susceptible to depression because spirituality gives them a sense of purpose, community and teaches them to have an attitude of acceptance. These qualities are quite useful in mental health. The association between religiosity and mental health will be analyzed through empirical evidence on the two, causes of depression and how […]

Discipleship Essay

Introduction There is a great controversy on what constitutes essential activities of Christians. The rationale might be to educate issues raised in the bible, wheel spiritual developments, or promote discipleship of Jesus Christ. The evident conflicts reinforce the need to distinguish the disparities or similarities that prevail between these domains. A disciple is an individual […]

Gospel Parables Essay

Gospel Parables refers to the simple allegorical stories that were commonly applied by Jesus in most of His teachings to the multitudes, as it is evident in the Gospel books of the New Testament. Those parables were designed to teach or illustrate some moral lessons or religious principles, among other key aspects. The parables in […]

Concepts of Christian Worldview Research Paper

Introduction Classification refers to the method or process of grouping things according to observed similarities or shared features (Sherri, 2009, p. 83). According to the book of Genesis in the bible, the Lord used dust from the land to create the first human beings (Adam and Eve), after creating all animal on land, sea and […]

Churches going Mega while small churches are dying out Research Paper

Introduction The perception of American religion is changing with the entry of mega churches in the religious scene. Mega churches receive considerable attention from their leaders and attendees. Interestingly, leaders and members of smaller churches, denominational officials, church consultants, and seminary faculties pay great attention to mega churches. In addition, political parties and media reporters […]