Article Review; Sociality as a defensive response to the threat of loss By Tim Johnson, Mikhai Myagkov and John Orbell

This article gives an analysis of how individuals use sociality as a defensive response to the risk of loss. This article applies the aspect of the prisoner’s dilemma to address the problem. The prisoner’s dilemma is one of the major problems in the game theory, which helps to understand the reason why two people will […]

Why slavery is wrong

Frederick Douglass condemns the act slavery. This is revealed from his arguments and examples he has given that condemn this act. In his work, Douglass recounts the manner in which slaves were prevented from getting knowledge by their masters in order to keep them ignorant. When Douglass wrote his work, slavery was seen as a […]

Social problem facing the contemporary US

Introduction The US is a first world country with visible developments in the communal realms. It is recognizable as a developed country with minimal flaws. Nevertheless, in recent years numerous negative things have been associated with such an entity. They include war, crimes, poverty, racism and discrimination, which affect them socially and economically. Mooney, Knox […]

Homosexuality in the Contemporary Society

Introduction I just finished reading an article published in The Windsor Star journal by Don Lajoie, August 9, 2011, where a pair got themselves 36 months of imprisonment for assaulting a gay man allegedly because of his homosexuality. The victim explained that the couple “did use anti-homosexual slurs during the attack,” (Lajoie 2011, Para. 3). […]

Does bullying cause emotional problems?

Research design refers to the way researchers plot their study in terms of the findings they intend to draw from it (Miles, & Huberman 1994, p. 56). The qualitative research aims at exploring the nature and effects of indirect aggression among teenage girls in details. It also intends to study the existent intervention measures and […]

Gay Marriages in New York

The study of contemporary sociology helps sociologist to account the changes that are prevalent in the society. One current issue that is common in the contemporary sociology is the issue of gender stratification and discrimination. During the old days, men remained as the dominant gender throughout the history, while women on the hand were considered […]