How do ethnic minority married women compare their life in the UK to the life they had in their own country?

1.0 Aim and Objectives of the Study The main objective of this paper is to evaluate how the quality of life of married minority women in the United Kingdom compares to their life before migrating to the country. Other objectives of the paper will include: Factors that have led to a change in their lives […]

The History of Sexuality

Introduction A common notion about the history of sexuality is largely informed by the belief that sexuality in the past was repressed, much like a taboo. However, in the eighteenth century, sexual behaviors including sexual perversion such as homosexuality and child sexuality were a prominent object of study. Priests and Kings expected confessions from individuals […]

The Impact of Crisis Intervention in Coping with Crisis

Introduction Crisis-inducing events are common in human life and every day, thousands of people are faced with crisis inducing events. Responses to crisis may take acute forms such as extreme anxiety, confusion, and anger. This is because crises are typically characterized by the persons involved lacking the ability to deal with the problem since the […]

“Against the Grain: Couples, Gender, and the Reframing of Parenting”

We live in time when the validity of a number of formerly valid social and cultural conventions is being increasingly undermined by the actual realities of a post-industrial living. The soundness of this suggestion can be explored in regards to Gillian Ranson’s book Against the grain: couples, gender, and the reframing of parenting, concerned with […]

Contemporary sociological theory

Contemporary sociological theory covers the theoretical orientations that have been influential in shaping up the society since the mid-twentieth century. Contemporary theories are majorly based on the ideas of the classical age theorists. Some of the theoretical orientations that have heavily influenced contemporary theories include; “phenomenological sociology and ethnomethodology, sociology of emotions, symbolic interaction, social […]