Politeness Strategies Between Native and Non-native Speakers inthe Context of Brown & Levinson Politeness Theory Essay

Introduction This essay focuses on Brown and Levinson’s theory of politeness. Brown and Levinson developed this theory in 1987.The theory focuses on politeness strategies between native and non-native speakers in the context of Brown and Levinson politeness theory. In this essay, I will apply this framework to one data one part of the dataset collected. […]

Supreme Court Essay

Introduction Supreme Court Judges Selection One of the most elite private clubs in Israel is the Supreme Court. It is mainly dominated by the so called secular Ashkenazim. This is an old boys’ network that has excluded religious judges and Sephardim. In Israel, democracy has been undermined by the current ruling system. There has been […]

Addressing the Impacts of Undergraduates’ Engagement in Community Service on Stakeholders Research Paper

Introduction Background Information Community service as a concept has gained popularity throughout the world for various reasons. Perold & Rahmat (1997:14) are of the view that this concept is gaining popularity in discourses taking place throughout the world. This is especially the case in community development discussions. Bryant & West (2011) views community service as […]

Can displacement of a few be justified for development benefitting many? Critical Writing

Introduction Development projects mainly include developers taking full charge of land that were in control of other groups previously. These development projects entail natural resource extraction, dam construction, renewing the urban centres, infrastructure projects like bridge, highway, and irrigation canals construction. Reviews of the available works indicate that displacement of persons due to developments focus […]

Rational Organization Book Review

Introduction From my own understanding, rationality is the kind of thinking that a group of people or an individual wish to have to attain their goals if they are conscious of their best interests. Thinking is about the goals, beliefs, and decisions that individuals and organizations have. Rational beliefs are coherent rather than contradictory, but […]

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change Essay

Background In the current world, increasing pressure from problems that arise due to daily changes in the business sector is driving businesses towards finding alternatives to abate the problem. In fact, businesses are drifting further away from the old forms of thinking and incorporating sustainability programmes to create new market (Elkington, Schwab, & Hartigan, 2008). […]