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Literature Essay Examples and Topics

Character analysis of Eve and Sita

Eve is weak, and the ability of the devil to trick her into committing sin makes her impure. The main contrasting character of Sita is the inability to heed her husband's requests.

Rudyard Kipling (Kim)

The main characters in the novel are Kim, a Tibetan priest in search of a sacred watercourse; Mahbub Ali, a merchant in horses and a secret service agent; colonel Creighton, the administrator of the secret [...]

Biblical Allusions and Symbolism in Billy Budd – Analysis

Melville in this novel brings out two strong opposing forces between the good and the evil and how the human race has continuously failed to make the right decision because of the fallen state of [...]

Journal for The Crying of Lot 49

However, analyzing the role of mystery in the plot of The Crying of Lot 49, it can be stated that the effect of mystery is produced with the structure of the novel and the intersection [...]

Confessional Poetry

While it is often times criticized as being akin to a form of self loathing what must be understood is that this form of poetry uses the pain of the writer in order to capture [...]

“Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka

The opening of the story clearly introduces the main story to the reader with the creation of a pathetic image in the mind of the readers.

African American Literary Analysis Review

Illustrating the plights of African-Americans, Edward Jones' story, "lost in the city" describes the discontentment of Africans amid the White community.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

The plays interweaves Christ's crucifixion with the picture of a bubbling crucible in it a man and a society: the predicament of arriving to the right choice of morality and the inevitability of attaining redemption [...]

Why Picture of Dorian Gray is in the Canon?

In the novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian is a handsome man and wants to maintain that image. People do respect and value life in the novelThe Picture of Dorian Gray.

Summary: James Wertsch’s “The Multivoicedness of Meaning”.

While Bahktin still recognizes and acknowledges the centrality of meaning to the socio-cultural approach to mediated action, unlike most semiotic analyses that have mainly focused on the nature of formal structure central in most contemporary [...]

Born on a Blue day by Daniel Tammet

The book by the title "Born on a Blue day" is a story describing the journey through the life of a character who is also the author-Daniel Tammet.

“In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote

In addition, Clutter is known by the neighbors in the surroundings to be a kind boss who ensured that his employees were responsible; hence, they served a good example to the Americans.

‘Wit’ by Margaret Edson

She attempts to use her academic qualifications to conceal the truth that she has cancer but she finally decides to face the truth. In the course of the treatment, it is clear that Vivian is [...]

Short Fiction Analysis

The most dominant opinion though is that the grandmother's final deed was graceful, thereby implying that "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" was penned by the author to depict a gradual change in the [...]

“The Sandman” by E. T. A. Hoffmann

This occurs as a result of the mysterious death of his father which occurred in a manner that is consistent with the story of the Sandman, a bedtime story that he used to be told [...]

The issue of racial prejudice

The significance of Othello's race and pigmentation work hard to expose racial prejudice in the Elizabethan era. Shakespeare is using the Moor to challenge the ideologies of race, sex and miscegenation in the Elizabethan period.

Theme of Jealousy in Othello by Shakespeare

The jealousy displayed by Othello and the villainous nature of Lago are some of the qualities that impress the readers of the play.

The Great Gatsby

All these characteristics of America during 1920 are evident and inherent in the main character, Jay Gatsby, in the novel The Great Gatsby. This is one of the themes in the novel The Great Gatsby.

Ulysses by James Joyce

The encyclopaedic narrative does not lead to a climax in a story like the way the narrative style does to give a lesson or meaning of the story.

A Streetcar Named Desire

In Blanche's opinion, beauty is the true value of a woman since it enables her to win recognition of men. The main tragedy of Blanche DuBois is that she was conditioned to act and behave [...]

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Making such an observation shows that Jem is wise and has the knowledge to understand the ideas of racism in the community.

Analysis of ‘Dust of Snow’

However, in the poem, the very bird we hate shakes up the poisonous tree causing snow to fall on the poet. The setting of the poem is in a snowy landscape with a tree and [...]

Poem – ‘Life’, by Emily Dickinson

Dickinson makes us realize that the loosing side with wouldefeated' and wouldying' soldiers is in a better position to translate the meaning of victory and success.

The Novel “Harm”

In Stygia, Ali is called Fremant and has the position of a bodyguard to Astaroth who is the leader of this colony.

A Play “Topaz” by Marcel Pagnol

In the said play the protagonist adhered to a set of values that are alien to the people that have adapted to a belief system that was rooted in corruption.

Poetry analysis and Comparison

The issue of love has been explained in the actions of the father during the winter seasons. The poem shows the negative and cold thoughts of the son against the warm and positive feelings of [...]

Pamela: The Way She Lives

The book is written in a form of letters from Pamela to her parents which helps the reader to understand the thoughts of the heroine better and deeper.

Should the Obama Generation Drop Out? by Charles Murray

Although Murray emphasizes an importance of the reforms of the educational system, the information in his essay provides the description of the inability of many students to deal with college-level material and incapability to pay [...]

“Othello” by William Shakespeare

In his play Othello, William Shakespeare also accentuates the meaning of minor characters and their actions for the development of the tragedy in Othello's life.

Poverty and Wealth

This theme contributes to the meaning of "The Lesson" because the narrator illustrates the differences that exist amid the prosperous and poor kids in the fictitious story.

Critical Analysis of Oedipus Rex

The advancement of art in the Greek cities cannot be compared to any in the other civilizations that existed at the time. Most of Sophocles' plays emphasize the tragedies of life and the pain inherent [...]

“Under the Influence” a Book by Scott Russell Sanders

However, at the end of the story, the son discovers that he was not the source of his problems but instead alcoholism was. He did this while referring to the character of his grandfather and [...]

To Kill a Mockingbird

The author, in the novel To Kill a Mocking Bird presents a deeper understanding in relation to events occurring in her novel. To enhance understanding of the novel, the author has widely embraced symbolism in [...]

Poetry Assignment

Critics and biographers have attributed the impetus for the poem Because I Could not Stop for Death to the death of one of Emily Dickinson's friends, Olivia Coleman, who succumbed to a tuberculosis attack while [...]

Common Theme between Books

These include psychological manipulation of the citizens, exercising physical control on the people, and using technology to control information, history and the citizens for the benefit of the party.

Paul Laurence Dunbar’ “We wear the Mask”

For instance, the message the poet provides through the poem is touching as it demonstrates clearly the picture of how the black people in America lived in pretence by hiding their agony and problems that [...]

Gwendolyn Brooks’s We Real Cool

However in terms of penetrating language delivered in a simple and accessible style, the poem most suited to emotional authenticity is We Real Cool, as shown by the following lines: "We Sing sin.

Reading the Secret Signs: The Art of Finding Symbols

To some extent, it must be admitted, each of the books suggests the ideas of feminism in their embryo, of course, yet there can be no doubt that Doll House is one of the books [...]

Sweet Are the Fruits. Through Pablo Neruda’s Prism

Sarcastic and sad, the poem shapes the image of The United Fruit Co.as the barbarians who came to break the rest of the people down, to make them submit and follow the orders of the [...]

Literary analysis on the Canterbury Tales

Through the description of the contrasting characters of the Summoner and the Parson, the narrator is able to draw the picture of the Catholic Church during the nineteenth century.

History and Social Context of the Author

In the account, Coetzee enters the mind of his main character, the twice-divorced scholar, David Lurie, telling the story of the experiences that the character goes through.

The Nature of disturbances in “Things fall Apart”

The author illustrates the disruption of peace by the arrival of white-men in the Igbo community. Nevertheless, the showing up of the white man and Christianity led to a change in this practice, the women [...]

“Saboteur” by Ha Jin

It is based on this account that it can be determined that one of the prevailing elements in the story is the application of authority and its ability to create power.

Things fall apart

In addition to this, towards the end of the novel, he commits suicide due to the fact that he has no followers when it comes to dealing with the missionaries.

Death on the Nile

In whole, the main characters, the setting, the murder, the climax and the denouement are closely interconnected and wrapped up with distracting event to always keep the reader in suspense.

The Country wife

Margery stands out as a sympathetic character to the extent that sees her rejection by the society in the country, which does not accommodate people with such magnitudes of ingeniousness, simplicity and honesty that she [...]

“Charlotte’s web” by E.B. White

The book gives a story of a spider by the name Charlotte and her acquaintance with Wilbur, the piglet. Wilbur's purpose and his impact on the themes of the book Wilbur is the main character [...]

Onion Tears Book

In the story, Huong becomes a refuge because of war in Vietnam and therefore finds herself in Australia as her second home.

American Religious Literature Development

The quote above is from one of his poems that he published in the 17th century and that serves to highlight his religious believes.

White Teeth: the Iqbal twins

Millat feels that this is the reason why his father develops a special liking for Magid and as such feels like he is the lesser of the Iqbal thus: "What is the root cause" Millat's [...]

White Teeth Novel by Zadie Smith

The role of the flashback at the end of the novel further depicts humor and the immigrants' dilemma in the new social setup.

Remembrance and Redemption Relationship

The case was presented before the Duke who upon listening to the story of Othello and his love for the girl, ruled for the acquaintance of Othello.

An Analysis of “The Minister’s Black Veil”

Reverend Hooper was the chief protagonist in the story, The Ministers Black veil. Wearing the veil was the main cause of alienation from the villagers, congregation and his bride to be Elizabeth.

Folk and Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty

I find it interesting the King was willing to take the gifts from the seven fairies and yet expect that he could cheat fate and avoid the curse by the old fairy.

Folks and Fairly Tales

It is fascinating because even though Bluebeard was wealthy and had life trappings that could endear him to any woman, all women and girls could not stand the thoughts of marrying an ugly rich man [...]

The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness

The following essay is concerned with the book' The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness' by Joel Ben Izzy. Joel Ben's story,' The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness' resonates in my life.

Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Star”

A long side his physical and cultural evolution religious, traditional and scientific theories have been put forward during different epochs of the history of humankind which attempts to explain the origin of the universe and [...]

Folks and Fairy Tale. Cinderella

He found solace in this woman, and she was the perfect replacement of his late wife, and a mother figure for his children.

Symbolism in three literature works

Symbolism is conveyed in the form of Cherry Orchard, which is heavily presented throughout the play. The orchard is therefore used as a symbolism in this play.

The Effects of Tragic Tales on Audience

In the last stanza of The Mask, the author uses 'we' to denote all people, the persona inclusive. Non-provision of information pertaining to who wore the mask is deliberate.

Hunter Thompson’s experience and writing style

Through his work, he came up with a writing style known as "Gonzo journalism which entails a concept where a reporter actively involves him/herself in the action to such a degree that he becomes central [...]

Attitude to Racism in Literature

The author uses the temple, the caves and the mosque to deliver his knowledge on the tension between the British and the Indians.

Characteristics of Okwonko in Things Fall Apart

First, when he bullies his wives and sons in the homestead, he reveals to the white man that, in Africa, a man is the head of the family. Finally, in committing suicide, Okwonko demonstrates to [...]

Themes in A Farewell to Arms

From the beginning, as the author narrates the story in the setting of World War 1, the reader is shown the horrors and trauma of war.

Dreams vs. Reality

The hallucination about death leads to a conflict between Troy and his wife, but eventually the tussle draws the theme of reality.

Heart of Darkness and the Ceremony

The plot is carefully developed by Silko such that in Tayo embarking on a journey full of personal ceremonies to bridge Native American traditions and those of the westerners.

Charles John Huffam Dickens

When he was sixteen, he qualified as an architect from the mentorship of his father and went to London in 1862 where he worked on Church architecture.

Life is a Smorgasbord

The author finds it difficult to choose what to eat from the array of foods provided. In this case, the car is what you forego in order to board a plane.

“Tartuffe” by Moliere

Dorine is being in cahoots with Elmire to expose Tartuffe to Orgon as to what he really is a truly despicable individual, who turned milking gullible Christians for money into the permanent source of his [...]

Mrs. Dutta writes a letter

In the story Mrs. Dutta's singing helps her to reminisce about the life she left back in India.

Book Review of the Last of the Mohicans

The novel is set during the 3rd year of the French and the Indian war. The Indians use the mountains, rivers, waterfall, rocks and caves to hide from the enemies.

Chronicles of Narnia: Christian Themes Analysis

In Lewis's book the chronicles of Narnia, there are several Christian themes that can be identified in the story despite the author's use of mythology.

Walt Whitman Biography

He highlighted the plight of the oppressed such as the slaves thus his works championed for democracy in the society to give all people a fair chance.

American Born Chinese

The graphic novel explores the concept of heritage in that no matter how much people attempt to change for the better who they really are is still the best.

Gender Roles in The Yellow Wallpaper & Trifles

The two texts; the short story 'The Yellow Wallpaper' by Charlotte Perkins and the play 'Trifles' by Susan Glaspell strategically illustrate this claim since they both aim at attracting the reader's attention to the poor [...]

The Oedipus’ Fate

From an initial reading, most readers assume that the tragedies that befall Oedipus and his family are mere actions of free will by both Oedipus, his parents and the shepherd but it is actually the [...]

History of Sexuality by Foucault

One of the bases of power was the body that was perceived to be in the form of equipment while the other basis of power was applicable in the form of population.

Young Goodman Brown. Puritanism and Hawthorne [Analysis]

The Puritan values of the 1600s as well as the people's openness to mystical ideas defined good and evil and influenced some Puritans to question the truth and abandon their faith just like Eve of [...]

“Tripp Lake” by Lauren Slater

Lauren is observed to be sympathetic, since she wished she could trade places with her mother, in order for her to achieve some more, since she felt that her mother was imposing the life that [...]

Love in a Million Ways

The object of the poem is that the speaker is offering true love to a man, and she is proud to give it to him."Let me count the ways" is the speaker's way of showing [...]
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