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Literature Essay Examples and Topics

In the Eye of a Boy: Back into the Childhood

What drives the reader's immediate attention to the books and makes the comparison possible is the use of stock characters that each of the authors resorts to.

“The Lottery” Literary Analysis

This paper presents the tools of characterization and the setting of the short story "The Lottery" One of the most outstanding tools of characterization in this short-story is actions.

“Doll’s House” by Henrick Ibsen

Rank, a friend to the couple and a confidante of Nora, and Anna- Maria, the trusty nursemaid to the Helmer's. The Helmer's children, the housemaid and the porter all portray the cameo role in the [...]

Conflicting Motives in “Hippocrates”

This paper is an analysis of the story to trace the conflicting motives in the characters. As the narrator listens to the radio, the announcer tells the story of a pregnant girl.

William Shakespeare and the Renaissance Period

These people noticed that the few people of the upper class were using the law and religion to their advantage, which led them to benefit more from the available resources as compared to the other [...]

The Tell- Tale heart (1843)

This section tackles the main characters of the story and as aforementioned, the narrator and the old man are the only central characters in the story.

Mishima’s “Patriotism”

This highlights the theme of loyalty, as the soldiers are ready to obey orders well aware of the dangers involved. The author continues to explore the symbol of compliance and selflessness by explicating how soldiers [...]

Homage to My Hips

She is used her hips to symbolize womanhood, freedom, and the need for women to be empowered. The author wanted to express her womanhood and her belief that she is free.

Marxist Criticism on The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Moreover, the location of the lottery at the town square between two buildings- the post office and the bank represents the political and economic power of the government and those in power such as Mr. [...]

Father-son Relationship In The Odyssey by Homer

In Odyssey therefore, it is expected that the relationship of Odysseus and Telemachus is as admiring as it is; the father is proud of his son, who is courageous and the son is proud of [...]

The Things They Carried

Given the fact that he was the one in charge of the other soldiers' well-being, he felt he could have done something to prevent Lavender's death.

Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen

The story of Moon starts with the description of a girl's affection to two blond twins who managed to humiliate her in the most violent way.

Protagonists in Literature

Both her sister and her husband's friend are worried on the best means to pass this message to her because of her health condition.

A Pair of Silk Stockings Analysis – Literary Devices

By the end of her little 'binge', she is aware that she will have to return to her married, maternal role, out of which she stepped, if only for a few hours, and accept the [...]

Naturalism in “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin

The author of this novel was more of a naturalist than of a realist, and she was very bold in writing this book because, during her time, it was unthinkable for a woman to be [...]

Montressor in the Cask of Amontillado

In addition, Montressor said that he was a friend of Fortunato but he seemed to have acted out of character when he assumed the habits and characteristics of a cold blooded killer.

“The Odyssey” by Homer

Throughout the story, there is a constant struggle of the growing Telemachus to imitate the actions of his father and then eventually become like him that he comes to an end of his journey.

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

However, when Kira learns the truths in her society, she decides to strive and save the villagers from their horrible way of life and superstition. The village is primitive and a scary place to be [...]

War Poetry Discussion

This paper will discuss the different attitudes adopted by four poets towards war."The Charge of the Light Brigade" is a poem that talks about the Crimean war.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre appears to have great self esteem even though she is an orphan and has a lot of negative energy and criticism around her in the shape of her aunt and cousins.

Comparison of writers

In this regard, the death of the protagonist also causes readers a sense of despair because the main character was not transformed prior to his death.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Clare and his daughter's death, Tom is sold to a cruel, master fiendish Simon Legree the owner of a cotton plantation where he is brutally beaten and eventually dies.

Angelas Ashes Book

Frank spent nearly all of his early days in the slums of Ireland until he got to the age of 19 and went back to the United States The kind of life Frank was raised [...]

A Doll’s House Modernism Theme

In A Doll's House, one of the outstanding depictions of this way of thinking was seen at the end of the play; in other words, the overall plot of the story has been used to [...]

William Faulkner

The theme the author considers is related to the inability of a person to cope with the ideas implemented in the society but still the desire to be the part of that society.

Satan in “Paradise Lost” – Milton’s Epic Poem

Making Satan the main antagonist of the poem, Milton shows the inner struggle in the character's soul and the process of his devolution, depicting him as a fallen angel gradually transforming into a devil.

Lady Lazarus Poem by Sylvia Plath’s

Thus, the speaker sees herself as a victim of the doctors just as the Jews were victims of the Nazi in the concentration camps. She used Jew Nazi illusion in the poem to pass her [...]

The analysis of two literary works

In this paper I would like to analyze the novel The House on Mango Street, written by Sandra Cisneros and the short story The Gift of the Magi by O.

Characterization of Hamlet

When Hamlet learns in a dream that he is supposed to revenge the death of his father, he promises to do so "with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, may sweep [...]

Ancient Works of Literature

According to the author, the king is "given such glory of war, such honor of combat, that all his kin obey him gladly till great grow his band of youthful comrades".the character of the king [...]

Langston Hughes and Black Elite

The black elites included the educated African Americans of the Harlem Renaissance and the middle class African Americans. Hughes used this essay to elevate the beauty of the African Americans and pass a message to [...]

Medieval Poetry – The Expressions of the Romantic Love

One should always remember that poetry is something that stays the same through the centuries, reminding people of the bygone centuries and the traditions that the people of the then times adhered to.

A Modern Cinderella and Other Stories

The beginning and the end justify the title for the rest of the story is nothing like the fairy tale and lays out the daily trials of simple folks.

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley

He chooses to stay on, despite his clear disapproval of the society around him Before his trip to the wilds, he becomes aware of the imminent threat of exile.

Greek Mythology Influence

In fact, majority of the traditions that people in the modern society carry out have their origin in Greece. One Greek mythology that has influenced the whole world is the celebration of the Olympic Games.

What Is It to Live in Time: Observing Nature and Society

As some conclusions can be based on observations, it is necessary to consider the work by Engels and Marx that analyses the relationships between individuals in society in terms of their connections to each other [...]

Pride in Ancient Greek

This paper discusses the character and behavior of two Heroes in the Iliad with the aim of explaining the Geeks' concept of pride.

Symbolism in Death of a Salesman

The play is based on both Miller's personal experiences and the theatrical traditions in which he was instructed in."Death of a salesman" revolves around the Loman family with Willy Loman, the father, who also works [...]

I Need a Wife by Judy Brady

In most cases, it is quite difficult for husbands and men as a whole to invert their mindsets on the way they perceive women and their wives.

Conflict of Generations in Smoke Signals and “Two Kinds”

Obviously addressing the young generation with the message of understanding and reconciliation, the movie is set in a form of narration that highlights the key stages in the process of accepting the father's mistakes.

Myth and creation

This longing to explore on the nature of creation through vivid accounts or tales, prompted the materialization of way of life and custom which in the long run led to formation of religions and subsequent [...]

Goodbye Columbus

It is a reflection of the relationship between the African Americans and others in the society and how the former are looked down upon.

Orwell’s Predictions

I even think that the author had some words in a sheet of paper and his task was to use all those words in the article.

Two Non-Existing Worlds

More criticizes the laws of the contemporary European society; he highlights that other countries, in the East for instance, have more fair laws; and after that he starts depicting Utopia, where all people live and [...]

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

The style of this book is so unusual and at the same time easy to read. I would call this book a painting of many layers, and here the reader is the creator as well.

Short Detective Story

You nabbed them!" "Who?" asked the detective."The time fugitives" said the other man, with a note of deep distaste."They were not content with the domes, the recycled air, the recycled food, the unvarying light and [...]

The Moose and the Sparrow

He will have to lie, by omission, for the rest of his days.Mr. Anderson, a witness to bullying, is affected for the rest of his life.

Jacques Le Goff: the Terms “Intellectual” and “Labor”

The term "intellectual" in the Middle Ages We have seen the term "intellectual" itself as a word representing a certain kind of a person, a member of a special class."Intellectual" is also a modern term.

World Literature Syllabus

The study of every work of literature should start with the introduction in the epoque when the work was written and its peculiarities.

Personal Response

The mom in My Papa's Waltz probably knows and fears what comes next, after the boisterous singing passes and the child is in bed.

Othello and Oedipus Rex Characters’ Traits

The two characters had to overcome several obstacles in a manner that led many of their followers to respect and honor them, and their royal positions Othello can be considered to be a black member [...]

Kafka’s The Metamorphosis

The main subject of the novel is the family relations and problem of a person's worthiness in the society. The author explores and analyses such social problems as a person's worthiness and the ills of [...]

A Clockwork Orange: Setting and Literary Devices

The role of setting in Anthony Burgess's dystopic novel A Clockwork Orange can be defined in a similar manner even though it does not immediately affect the way in which novel's characters address existential challenges, [...]

Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance

Within a short period, Harlem was transformed in to one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the whole of New York. Although Langston's poems, spoke of the experiences of black Americans in light of a white [...]

The Working Poor: Invisible in America by David Shipler Book

He believes that the government is not doing much to address the issue of the working poor. Although there are laws set up to protect the working poor, the process of implementing them is very [...]

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Cherry's attraction to Dallas is of essence in the story since it illustrates that the conflict between the two teenage groups is reconcilable."I had to.

Literary Analysis Susan Glespell’s Trifle

It can therefore be justly concluded that Susan Glespell's 'Trifle' is indeed a feminist work and seeks to engage in feminist objectives through the plot and the characters.

Get Capone Book Review

Given the way the book goes beyond mere myths in seeking to bring out new facts and evidences concerning the rise and fall of criminal activity in the United States of America, it is an [...]

The Market Place: A Woman with a Child

On the one hand, it is a bit challenging to express the emotions and thoughts of the main characters in the chosen situation.

Learning to See & Learning to Listen

Thesis statement: learning to listen is easy as compared to learning to see but hard to perfect. Even though it is the easiest approach to learning, listening remains the hardest skill to perfect as compared [...]

Marlow in “Heart of Darkness”

The third level of darkness that comes out from the novel is that of the tendency of every human being to be evil.

Story of Jacob and Esau

Unfortunately, his wife Rebecca overheard the conversation and since he loved Jacob more, he advised his beloved son to lie to his father that he was Esau.

Black Boy By Richard Wright [Text Analysis]

As is clear from the summary of Richard Wright's "Black Boy," Ella's hard work causes her to develop health problems leaving Richard with the option of looking for odd jobs to provide for the family. [...]

The Problem with Mr. Gunes

However, the principle made a point to assure Jake that he would not get into any trouble as a result of this suspension.

Different Cultures in Tito’s Good Buy and in the Land of Free

From the very beginning, the author provides a thorough description of Tito's present life including the place he worked, the people he communicated with and the attitude he had towards other people, which emphasizes some [...]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Article

Having further introduced the main thesis of the essay and having given some background information, the writer moves smoothly to the body of the piece.

Othello and Snow Country: Personal Opinion

As aforementioned, it is hard to differentiate between love and passion as they all come in the name of love. Nevertheless, because his 'love' for her is based on passion, he smothers her to death; [...]

The Long Voyage by Jorge Semprun

Indeed, in some scenes the author builds the narration in a way that shows his uncertainty in the situation, and the change of external and internal seems to help the narrator to find the solution.

Some Thoughts on what is to be Done

While he provides a bare account of development, he is not to be considered pessimistic but instead aims to make people aware of the facts of development motives, especially by the western countries.

“On Killing” by Dave Grossman

Ironically, soldiers are trained to kill; that is, silencing the voice against killing in then, yet are expected to resurrect this feeling to live peacefully in society.

Metamorphoses by Ovid: The Character of Phaeton

The character of Phaeton represents a perfect collection of different elements like false confidence in personal powers and inability to listen to parents words that are inherent to many young people; Phaeton's complexities and desire [...]

How Serfdom Saved the Woman’s Movement

According to Flanagan, "...because it reveals the unpleasant truth that life presents a series of choices, each of which precludes a host of other attractive possibilities is that when a mother works, something is lost".

Common Sense and Related Writings

Paine talks of government as a necessary evil, emphasizes on state of nature, underlines the inevitability of American independence and British oppression, highlights the problems of monarchy, and finally sheds some light on America's relationship [...]

“The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair

Inventions such as the steam engine, the telegram, photography, the telephone and the Trans Atlantic cable, the airplane, electricity, gas lighting and the electric bulb provided industries with a basis as to how to model [...]

A Rose for Emily

The misery of those who are unable to accept the reality and to get free from the influence of the past is the main theme of William Faulkner's short story "A Rose for Emily", where [...]

“Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway

Harold's relaxed existence appears meaningless to his mother, who represents the traditional Protestant values of work and family, of everyone's life subordinated to the eternal laws of the Kingdom of God.
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