Canadian Studies Paper Examples

Tips for Writing Essays on Canadian Studies

You should understand that assigned essays on Canadian Studies go beyond studying the history of Canada, its politics, and even its government. Here are some ideas to write a good paper on Canada:

  • Understand the multicultural makeup of Canadian society. Canada has an extensive history of South-East Asian migration, many indigenous peoples, for example, the First Nations, and varied black, Latino, and Arab communities.
  • You can and should use Canadian literature. While most titles are published in French, there are almost as many books written in or translated to English. Using them lets you gain an insider’s perspective on the country’s history.
  • Research Canadian Studies essay topics that are similar to yours. As a historical essay, there is a good chance that many of the issues interconnect with each other. The more cognitive links you establish – the better the quality of your essay!

However, there are also things you should avoid doing when writing a Canadian studies essay. For example:

  • You should not use terms in which you are not confident. While this goes for any research topic, you must remember the multiethnic makeup of Canadian society and the negative connotations terms, such as “visible minority,” may have.
  • Avoid using French books if you are not a francophone. You can easily undermine your essay’s credibility by quoting from sources, which you do not understand. You can find an English version to avoid academic embarrassment.
  • On the topic of francophone literature, you should know that plagiarism is still a punishable offense if you translate from French to English with no reference. If you are unsure whether something needs a link to a source, it is better to reference the material than accidentally plagiarize.

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History of Easter Bunny in Canada

Introduction Easter bunnies are very common in Canada during Easter. As the parents celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, children enjoy the Easter bunny gifts, “egg search,” and “egg roll” games during Easter (New moon rabbit rescue 2012). However, it is not clear if people know the exact meaning of all the actions that take […]

Canadian Identity

Introduction The identity of Canadians relies on certain features and codes established, ratified, and embraced for years (Morton, 1972). The major influences on the identity of Canadians started in the early 1800s. At that time, the French immigrants arrived at Acadia and the River valleys of St. Lawrence. Also, the English began colonizing Newfoundland. These […]

How did retail giants change and reshape Canadian society?

Donica Belisle (a Gender and Women’s Studies Assistant Professor at Athabasca University) is an internationally acclaimed author of several articles that address Canadian consumerism in the 20th century. In one of her recent book titled Retail Nation: Department Stores and the Making of Modern Canada, the author seems to dwell much on Canadian consumerism. The […]

What kind of Canada did the stores help to create?

The book, ‘Retail Nation: Department Stores and the Making of Modern Canada’ retrospectively views the transformation of Canada from the era (1890 to 1940) during which time monopolized department stores such as Eaton’s committed themselves to strengthening the Canadian nation. Department stores are a symbol of modern nationalism, which was far-fetched from the nation which […]

History of Hockey in Canada

Introduction Sports have been one of the main aspects through which some countries have gained their recognition. Some countries are found to be good in certain sports activity with respect to others and this is usually used to give them identity worldwide. For example in athletics and especially long races, Kenya has been seen to […]

The War of 1812

The War of 1812 was fought between the United States of America and the provinces of the British North America, especially the Upper Canada (Ontario), Lower Canada (Quebec), New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island and Bermuda. It took place between 1812 and 1815 and was staged mainly at the Atlantic […]

“First Nations, Identity, and Reserve Life. The Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia” by Simone Poliandri

Introduction Archaeology has always been used as a tool to study the past and relate it to the present and the future. The concepts of archaeology have been used to study ancient civilizations and cultures of communities from all over the world. For instance, archaeologists have conducted many studies in Northern America. In Canada, most […]

Was the birthplace of Canada at Vimy Rigde

The war of Vinyl Ridge involved the military, who participated in the Arras War that took place in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais section of France, which happened during the First World War. The chief participants in the battle included the four divisions of the Canadian Corps and the German Six Army, which was composed of three divisions. […]

Triumph at Kapyong

The book, Triumph at Kapyong, which was written by documentary and television news reporter, Dan Bjarnason, serves as honor to both the involvement of Canada in the mediations and its actions to response against Communist attacks. This book was released in 2011 as a dedication to 60th Anniversary of the war. The release date was […]

Book review- Triumph at Kapyong: Canada’s pivotal battle in Korea

Introduction The ability to effectively write a book with high precision, clarity and robustness will determines the book’s efficiency in communicating to readers and passing required information in the most effective way. In war history related writings, style and professionalism are critical in determining the impact that the writing would have on the field of […]

Book Review: When the State Trembled

Introduction The Winnipeg was one of the tragic strikes that hit Canada in 1919 since it involved many workers. It is approximated that over thirty thousand workers participated in the strike to demand their rights and freedoms from the government and the ruling class. The book When the State Trembled captures clearly, what transpired during […]

Review on Katrina Srigley’s book, Bread winning Daughters: Young Working Women in a Depression-Era City

Introduction Katrina Srigley’s book, Bread winning Daughters: Young Working Women in a Depression-Era City, 1929-1939, elucidates the impact of the great depression to the Canadians living in Toronto. It comprises the findings from a research she carried out employing more than eighty interviews with women who not only lived but also worked in Toronto during […]

A Comparison of the Great Immigrations of both the Jewish and Irish communities to Canada

Introduction People consider the immigrations of both the Irish and the Jewish communities from their mother countries the greatest exodus ever to occur around the world. While the Irish migration occurred in mid 1800s, the Jewish occurred in the early 1900s. The migrations involved a huge number of people, leading to a mixture of cultures […]

History of Television Broadcasting in Canada Before 1968

Introduction Canadian television began in the 1952 and from that time until 1968, it has been developing continuously. It was during the period 1932-1950 that the Canadian government decided how broadcasting services would be financed produced, distributed to the citizens of Canada, and worldwide. During the 1960s, however the Canadian broadcasting industry was at a […]

Comparison of the printing monopoly Johannes of Speyer received in 1469 from the city of Venice and the modern Canadian copyright law

Because of the fact that the laws restricting the use of the copyrighted material has become an issue of an utter importance in the modern world, it is rather peculiar to trace the law of copyright starting from the day it emerged as a notion of the modern times in Canada, when it has become […]

The Peace Pipe and Mi’kmaq

Introduction Religion and spirituality are aspects of human culture that have existed for many years. Native cultures, such as the Mi’kmaq culture have a rich spiritual history from where one can learn interesting elements that transcend traditional and modern religions (Marshall 58). This particular paper explores exciting material culture aspects among the Mi’kmaq natives-the peace […]

The History of Jamaicans Immigration to Canada

Introduction Citizens from West Indian nations have been immigrating after every twelve months to various states. Amongst these immigrants, Jamaicans are not excluded. In fact, nearly all Jamaicans travelling to Canada after leaving the West Indies desert island often settle in Toronto, Halifax, or Montreal. According to the Canadian bureau of statistics, since 1960s, citizens […]

Colonization and Aboriginal People’s Loss of Connection to the Land

Introduction At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the Aboriginal People inhabiting the modern territory of Canada encountered significant cultural and traditional losses, as well as disruption of their ethnic and national identity. This historical disaster had emerged after the contact of the first European arrivals who had attempted to conquer the land and impose […]

The Impact of the Great Depression on Canada

The great depression was an economic and financial slump that occurred globally between the fiscal 1920s and 1939. The depression severely affected many countries and crippled world economies. Canada was not spared either. This country had its own share of mystery as a result of its affiliation with global and international trade. The affiliations saw […]

Multiculturalism in Canada

Introduction Canada as a nation has incorporated people from various backgrounds and ethnic diversities. In addition, the Canadian government has played its role in motivating and fortifying the coexistence of the different cultures present in Canada. Multiculturalism is suggested to have started in England and French nations; however, in Canada, the multiculturalism policy has incorporated […]

The Mi’kmaq people of Canada

Introduction The Mi’kmaq people are indigenous to the northeastern part of New England. They occupy the Atlantic province and precisely the Gaspe Peninsula of the great Québec. The great nation of Canada has an estimated population of about forty thousand people; eleven thousand of them belong to the Mi’kmaq community. This community has a long […]

The Canadian War Brides

Introduction The World War II began in the late summer of 1940 and ended in 1945 in what has since been referred to as the historic Battle of Britain. The war was characterized by bombings over England and Scotland, thousands of human deaths and injuries and massive destruction of cities and towns across Britain. Melyndra […]