Cultural Studies Paper Examples

Cultural Studies: Australian Folk Songs

Introduction Folklore has always been used to pass culture and historic information of communities from one generation to another. According to Bohlman (78), folklores were used to entertain the audience, pass cultural practices, and impart desirable knowledge to the young members of the society. Members of society used folklores to educate the younger generation to […]

A Culture Briefing of Germany

Introduction MVC Consulting is among the oldest professional services and management consulting companies located in Chicago, US. Founded in 1981, the privately held company now wants to expand its operations internationally. MVC Consulting is considering venturing into the German market. The research paper aims at developing an analysis of Germany as a potential market for […]

Culture and International Business

Introduction Various scholars have defined culture differently. Recent researchers define it as the pattern of learned behaviors and outcomes of behavior whose constituent rudiments are collective and spread by members of certain society. Culture entails shared principles, ideologies, value assumptions and beliefs of particular people. Geert Hofstede observes that culture is the combined indoctrination of […]

Modern Popular Culture

Introduction In the previous assignment concerning positive effects of modern popular culture, I discussed how it affects human behavior in a positive manner. However, the discussion focused on the general influence of modern popular culture. This paper aims at discussing the effects of modern popular culture on personal beliefs and values. Personal Reflections Undoubtedly, modern […]

Modern Popular Culture

Introduction Many people misconceive that modern popular culture entirely propagates immoral ideologies, including violence, racism, and drug abuse, among others. However, the society should remember that modern popular culture defines behaviors that are famous in the modern world regardless of their morality. This implies that opinion leaders and mass media can propagate morally right behaviors […]

Summary of Parisians

Parisians behave in ways that foreigners find hard to understand. They are aggressive, ill mannered, and hostile. In addition, they are harsh and vulgar. This is evident from an example of a conversation between the writer’s husband and a dog owner. Parisians speak impolitely or in high tones. Their main objective is to get things […]

Transformation and Change in Australia

There is a certain nationwide pride in the recreational potentials of the Australian environment than any other environment in the world. Australia presents itself to the world as a country with perfect cultures of leisure and struggle. Cultural historians assert that the current Australian cultures resulted from a set of different colonies, cultures, and inhabitants […]

The Different Cultures Interaction on the Labor Day Carnival

The Labor Day carnival, which is a yearly multicultural extravaganza, is hosted at Crown Heights in Brooklyn New York. The parade takes place along the Eastern Parkway and attracts millions of participants and spectators. Despite this event taking place in the USA and being organized by Americans, it draws a crowd consisting of people from […]

Korean Culture

Introduction Communities across the world boast of cultural heritages that are presumably rich. Each ethnic grouping tends to perceive its own culture as superior to other cultures. However, the important aspects to understand about culture entail what it covers together with the essence of its being. The Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary defines culture as “the […]

Cultural Diversity in Counseling

Multicultural counseling is an emerging concept in the field of counseling, and especially in situations where both the client and the counselor are from diverse cultural backgrounds. The United States has undergone significant socio-demographic changes in recent years and for this reason, multiculturalism is now as important part of our lives. Moreover, the U.S has […]

Popular Culture. Madonna

Introduction Popular culture plays an imperative role in individuals’ daily lives. Actually, popular culture encompasses a wide assortment of ideas. For instance, texts, products as well as practices are aspects enjoyed by many people. In general, popular culture refers to both the conventional and contemporary observations as well as beliefs that make up the daily […]

Sacrifice: Symbol Transformation in Various Traditions

Traditionally, religion sacrifices referred to an act of offering food, animals, burning of alter and priest dismemberment (Rothgeb 72). Priests did this in honor of a deity, and as an act of cleansing of the community. However, some sacrificial rites transformations were further exercised through custom head shaving in contemporary and ancient religion’s sects (Rothgeb […]

Selling of Sex in “Plum in the Golden Vase Volume I and II”: Ximen Qing’s power, Wealth and Sexual Exploits

Abstract Roy’s translation of “Plum in the Golden Vase” shows that, in the 16th century China, wealth, social exploits, and social relations gained a man social power. Social power was not the making of a man, but a social resource attained through monetary wealth, large household and higher lifestyle. This Ximen Qing exemplifies this through […]

Relationship Between Language and Culture

Introduction Language and culture are intertwined. One cannot define or identify cultural orientations without citing variations in language. The purpose of the essay is to clearly highlight the issue of intercultural communication with reference to language. What is culture? Culture describes variations in values, beliefs, as well as differences in the way people behave (DeVito […]

Can Culture Be a Hurdle to Conflict Resolution?

Introduction According to Tidwell (2001), conflicts are bound to occur in the course of individuals interacting with each other. As a result, various strategies and techniques that are aimed at dealing with such conflicts have been developed. Bargaining and negotiation are some of the conflict resolution techniques that have been developed. The objective of these […]

Analysis: “Life in a California Mission: Monterey in 1786” by La Pérouse, Jean-François de Galaup and Malcolm Margolin

Introduction The Journal of Jean François De La Pérouse is an article that recounts general events associated with1786 French expedition to Monterey, California. Jean François De La Pérouse recorded information on Spanish encounter with region’s peoples, cultures, animals, and plant life. Natives of Monterey bay found themselves lonely island since they were cut off from […]

Language Role in Cultural Communication

Introduction Language is one of the most important aspects of culture since it facilitates understanding among members. Language offers meaning to events and situations implying that each language has its own dynamics (Clark 1996, p. 87). In a culture, language permits individuals to view things from a similar perspective, comprehend societal rules and regulations, reproduce […]

Multiculturalism in Norway

Introduction Multiculturalism ideology is usually used as a way of enhancing integration of all ethnic groups within the society. It is an imperative concept that is quite controversial. Scholars continue to debate on this issue. Professionals and individuals are mostly interested in analysing the pros and cons of multiculturalism. It can be defined as a […]

Review of Research Studies on Cultural Bias in Psychology

The population of minority cultural and ethnic groups in United States has increasing in the last few decades. It is therefore common for a psychological therapist to encounter a client from a different cultural and ethnic background. In such encounters, there is possibility for cultural bias that can affect effectiveness of the psychological intervention. Many […]

Cultural Bias in Counseling Practices

Overview Relationship between culture and counseling has attracted attention from many researchers in the recent years. Realization of importance of cultural competence in counseling has led to the concept of multicultural counseling. Though emphasis on cultural competence has improved counseling practices, there is still fundamental cultural bias in various treatment practices used today. Among other […]

Cultural Hybridization

Introduction Culture involves the beliefs, language, and social habits that define a group. According to Chen (2010), culture influences the way people communicate, and perceive each other. Cross-cultural communication entails the exchange of ideas between people of different origin (Zhang & Xu, 2007). Jandt (2001) noted that cross-cultural communication plays a very critical role in […]

The Parisian Culture

Paris is one of global cities where different cultures, values, beliefs, and social behavioural patterns are mixed as a result of historical and political processes. Paris as the capital of France inherited the main products of the French colonial politics that influenced the cultural pattern in the city. The main outcome of these processes is […]

Hispanic American Culture and its Impact in America

Hispanic Americans population in USA has been increasing over the last few decades. Today, Hispanic Americans make up about 16 percent of United State’s population and are minority group in the country. Their presence is felt in various sectors; from work places, business, entertainment, to politics (Cafferty & Engstrom, 2002). As the number of Hispanic […]

The Day of the Dead

The festivity of the “Day of the Dead is a concept that demonstrates strong respect for ancestors, the continued love for the departed ones, the strength of family relationships, and humor in death” (Kaplan and Norton 5). It was started by the early inhabitants of Central Mexico, who believed in life after death (Kaplan and […]

Appropriation of Black Culture Life by Whites

Cultural appropriation is where by “Whites duplicate licensed property, social declarations, and customary learning from African culture without their authorization” (Hardy 73). The United States is one nation that cultural appropriation has significantly manifested itself. To this end, the US has for many years been christened a ‘melting pot.’ This is owed to the fact […]

Indian Culture: Dance

India is a country with a diverse culture. India “is characterized by multiple religions such as Jainism, Sikhism, Bahai Faith, and Buddhism” (“Indian Culture” par. 6). The people of India use over 400 languages. The women of the country wear colorful saris. Indian men wear clothes known as kurtas. Men also wear sherwani whenever they […]

African-American Cultural Group

Introduction The African-American cultural group can be described with the help of such criteria as environmental control, biological variations, social organization, communication, space, and time orientation. These factors affect the provision of healthcare services to African Americans. They determine the effectiveness of the American healthcare system among different ethnic groups. Environmental control Some African Americans […]

Polygamy in Islam

Introduction Marriage is one of the important aspects of the Islamic culture. The Islamic law allows Muslim men to practice polygamy, but it does not encourage it. The Islamic rules state that a Muslim man can marry a maximum of four women. Conversely, Muslim women do not have the right to marry several men. Muslim […]

Lord of Dance

Introduction In Hinduism, there are three major deity figures which are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. They are often viewed in the Indian temples and presented with offerings, in the vital form of worship referred to as “Darshan”1. It requires the worshipper to make eye contact with the deity in order to receive blessings. Today we […]

Chinese Manga

Abstract Within the past few years Chinese manhua within China has been losing relevance within the country of its origin wherein more Chinese citizens apparently prefer manga to manhua. This shift towards manga and manhua has yet to be fully understood and, as such, will be explored within paper. By delving into the historical aspects […]

Life Culture in London South Bank University

Executive Summary The report is about utilization of individual spirituality and emotional intelligence within various organizational set-ups. There is tendency in most organizations to neglect spiritual part of individual’s lives leading to aspect of imbalance between emotional, intellectual and spiritual livelihoods. The article discusses various importance obtained from focusing on one’s spirituality hence forming the […]

Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism, and Media Culture

Cultural studies of different societies reveal how media culture brings forth common norms, socio-political ideologies and issues in the current period. For instance, media in different countries are often expressing their views in a liberal or conservative manner. Notably, one can deduce the identities and opinions of the world from the media performances and actions. […]

Culture of Taiwan

Comparison of cultural elements between Taiwan and the US Major cultural dimensions Unlike Taiwan, the US is characterized by diverse cultures, which arises from the high rate of immigration into the US. The country’s culture entails individuals from different parts of the world. An evaluation of the cultural differences between Taiwan and the US is […]