Marketing Paper Examples

PEST Analysis Definition

Pest Analysis PEST analysis is a strategic management tool used to analyze the political, economic, social, and technological environment in the operational setting of a business (Daughtry & Casselman, 2009). The political environment that surrounds the marketing of the Nissan GTR in the Middle East varies depending on the country. The Arab spring upset the […]

Services Marketing

Executive summary Service quality is a very critical aspect of any business. The paper carried out researches on five service-providing firms. The firms included one bank, three restaurants, and a hospital. Many theories and models have been put in place to explain the subject of service quality. The paper links theories such as the attribution […]

The Nike Company Market’s Audit

Executive Summary The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS is a wearable technology developed by Nike. Nike is preparing to launch this product to the Australian market. The potential market for the product is 11 million users. The country has a well-developed transport infrastructure that can support a countrywide distribution network. This market is also very culturally diverse. […]

Impacts of Culture on Formulation of International Marketing Strategies

Culture affects businesses and human behavior. Most problems between nations come up from deep misunderstandings between the people of these nations, and most of these misunderstandings are rooted in cultural differences. When we understand the behaviors of people from different nations and the reasons why they behave in a certain way, we are less likely […]

International Distribution Channels

Introduction Using an efficient international distribution channel has become an essential element of strategic management and a key component in supply chain development since it ensures unimpeded and safe provision of products in the markets. Scholars on logistics science point out that there are diverse supply channels in today’s economy, which move products from industries […]

Market Analysis Summary

Market Segmentation Demand for real time application by subway users in the New York City, among Smartphone users is based on frequent commuters who involve students, the working class, and normal citizens. NYC rail time application demand is subject to the usage of Smartphone among subway users. Transit Interactive has developed an improved technology that […]

Marketing Audit on Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University

Executive Summary This report is a marketing audit on Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU). The marketing report evaluates the University’s strategy to expand into the Arab world market and offer customized education program, depending with the changing needs of the business world and the challenges facing the world economy. The marketing audit concludes that meeting […]

Evaluating the Advantages & Disadvantages of Vendor-Managed Inventory under the Prism of the Retailer

The convergence of technology witnessed in the last two decades has enabled organizations to adopt systems, programs and processes that not only serve to leverage competitiveness, but also improve organizational efficiencies and add value to business partners, supply chains, and customers (Kunsoo et al. 115). The vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) is one such program which have […]

Wendy’s Market Research

Background Study A business enterprise is highly affected by its environment that includes economical, marketing, social, and locality factors. All these factors are collectively regarded as the business environment. Business environment is considered as all the external factors that affect the performance of an enterprise in one way or the other. The economical factors include […]

Market Equilibrating Process

The household consumer in any market ratifies and validates the sales and profit margins of the firms. The household consumer is the target for the goods and services availed in the market. The other concepts involved in the market equilibrating process include the production cost, market price, demand and supply, elasticity and market equilibrium. The […]

The Impact of Marketing Innovation and Creativity on Service Firms

Abstract Marketing has experienced a dramatic shift from what it used to be in the past years when production was the center of concern to many firms. The service industry has experienced growth in the United Kingdom and currently there are several firms offering various services, from entertainment banking services, hospitality, transport, healthcare, to education, […]

Internet Technology, Marketing and Security

Introduction Internet technology has an expanded network base all over the world. This has enabled multinational corporations to market their goods and services without the need to move from one place to another. Internet marketing has improved customer relationship with businesses as it brings goods closer to the consumer. In fact, advancement in technology has […]

Social Media Marketing

Introduction The continued advancements in the information communication technology have opened up new avenues through which marketers can perform their roles. The social media platform, for instance, has been embraced fully by virtually all business entities as they seek to reap maximum benefits from its high interaction potential, and general cost saving. This paper picks […]

Benchmarking Description on Apple iphone 4s vs. BlackBerry, Android and Samsung Galaxy

The BlackBerry OS is the most difficult smartphone technology to crack and this gives it competitive advantage over the iPhone 4s. Its data security system makes the BlackBerry smartphone the most ideal mobile operating system for enterprise use. The BlackBerry 7 OS is more user friendly when it comes to enterprise needs since it is […]

Marketing in the digital age

Introduction Marketing is a fundamental element in organisation’s long-term performance. Therefore, making effective marketing decisions is critical. Traditionally, marketing decisions were based on experience and judgement. However, different marketing models were formulated during the 1960s in an effort to assist organisations in conducting marketing analyses. Another major revolution in the 1960s relates to the development […]

Hotel Tempus

Sales and Marketing There should be inclusion of efficient steering and controlled implementation of real-time information which can assist in relaying timely information from various market segments. Targeting and positioning of Hotel Tempus are based on workable strategies dependent on the nature of market segment. Corporate market segment seems to have the highest paying capacity, […]

TNT Company’s Marketing Management and Strategy

Marketing strategy TNT, which is a global market leader in providing business-to-business express delivery services through air or road, serves more than 200 countries globally (The time 100, (a) 2011). To fulfil the company’s mission, there needs to be marketing management and strategy where marketing strategy is well planned and managed. This proposal therefore seeks […]

Buyer Behavior and Integrated Marketing Communications

Introduction Buyer behavior refers to characteristics exhibited by consumers when making the decision to purchase an item. It examines the reasons behind decision making on the side of customers on when and where to buy a product. It puts into consideration, factors such as demographic and psychological factors that affect the decision of the buyer […]

The Need for a New Product, Service, and Process Meeting the Needs and Preferences of Customers

Using a three-folded framework of introducing innovation into an organization can contribute greatly to increasing customers’ satisfaction and rise of new way of production. Based on the theory of innovation proposed by Suh (2010), it will be possible to trace the changes that should be implemented into the identified companies to spur their business growth […]

The Standardization vs. Adaptation Debate

Introduction A number of well-built companies around the world tend to appreciate the fact that people have different needs for the products and services. For instance, such companies as Gillette, Coca-Cola, and Cadbury Schweppes have standard brands with authorization from the certified bodies around the world. Such companies should not only apply the concept of […]

Impact of Political Violence on Forces of Supply in a Market

There are many factors that affect supply of goods and services in any given market. These include: weather, season, disasters, government subsidies and taxes and political climate. Currently there are many cases of violence that are witnessed in different parts of the world. Pakistan has seen the longest wave of violence during the current times. […]

Product Place: Lush Location Strategy

Due to the unique characteristics of the Lush Company’s industry of operation, it is vital to balance the elements of intangibility, inseparability, and heterogeneity in the 4Ps of its market mix (Eldring, 2009). Therefore, it is important to establish means and ways of reaching the potential market consisting of sensitive clients through the following strategies. […]

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Digital Marketing The internet offers a wide range of communication tools that ride on the social dimension of the online experience. The communicative power of the internet has essentially replaced many of the traditional tools particularly in the world of traditional advertising in print and broadcast media (Cone 2011). Marketing a product via a website […]

Lush Company

Introduction Lush Company is a retail store that is based in the United Kingdom. The company was started in 1994 by a husband and his wife whose names were Mark Constantine and Mo Constantine respectively. Its first store was named Cosmetic House and was opened in Poole. The company sells beauty products such as gels, […]

Obsessive Branding Disorder: The Business of Illusion and the Illusion of Business

Introduction The author began his writing career while working for The Atlantic Monthly. He has also worked as a consulting writer for Fast Company. His writing has been featured in various magazines such as The Boston Globe, SPIN, and ESPN Magazine among others. This is the first book he has written which was published by […]

Integrated Marketing Communication

Abstract The currently integrated marketing communication concepts have been developing over time. They have moved from the historical marketing approaches that focused on the 4Ps to the current interactive market-place IMC. The argument is that marketing itself and marketing communication concepts are developing. The development of the integrated marketing communication is illustrated through structural and […]

Critical Evaluation of a Marketing Concept (WCM) versus Marketing Practice (MLC)

Introduction Marketing has become an important factor in the current business world because it gives the organisation a competitive edge over its rivals. The essence of marketing is to inform consumers about the existence and value of products or services. Potential customers are also persuaded and convinced to purchase the products. Marketing is considered to […]

Marketing plan for the folding table product

Introduction A strategic marketing plan is essential before actualizing the projections of a marketing blueprint for a product. In order to achieve desired margins in sales and total revenues generated, a proper marketing plan should integrate marketing expansion strategy, comparative advantage, and market segmentation since in most cases, there is always a strong competitor or […]