Business Report: Dell and ASUSTeK Computer Inc

Executive summary Dell Company is an international enterprise dealing with computers and its accessories. It is based in Round Rock, USA and employs over 96,000 employees in its worldwide branches. The name Dell was derived from its founder Michael Dell. Growth of Dell Company is attributed to mergers and acquisitions including the take over of […]

Principle of marketing

Introduction The efficacy in the marketing of a company’s products has largely determined the success of large and medium sized companies in terms of brand visibility, sales and the profitability in the medium and long term. In essence, the managers must understand and integrate the principles of marketing in tandem with the dynamics in the […]

Marketing Mix of Yorkshire Tea

Abstract The aim of the research was to determine the right marketing mix for price, promotion, product, and place for Yorkshire Tea to put it at a competitive edge with its key competitors by identifying and determining the right market and their needs to tailor its product to meet customer needs. Introduction Yorkshire Tea is […]

The elements of the marketing mix

Introduction A customer is the backbone of any given company; the main decision that a marketing manager should make determining his company’s market segment. A market segment is a homogenous subset of the main market, which share similar characteristics which make it demand similar goods. A segment is also stimulated by similar innovations. After developing […]

Analyzing International Marketing Environment and Foreign Direct Investment

Introduction Marketing entails making products that are desired by a certain section of the target population or consumer. Marketing in special fields include the marketing of services, agricultural marketing and international marketing. International marketing which entails marketing across political boundaries, as well as the marketing activities of an enterprise that sells and/or manufactures goods and […]

A new international market

Globalization has changed the nature and scope of strategies and competitiveness for many companies. The increased market liberalization, and fast circulation of information, has encouraged internationalize for many firms. However, exploring new international markets is an expedition involving various risks and involves the transfer of local market information within a diversified firm to help in […]