International Marketing: Market Entry Plan

Introduction As domestic markets mature and competitive activity intensifies, foreign business expansion is becoming an increasingly important component of most business enterprises across the world (Miller, 1998). Future growth in international market activity is apparently expected to accelerate because of unprecedented opportunities that are presented by emerging markets. As observed by Miller (1998), emerging economies […]

Service Experience Diary

Introduction This report is to provide the management of The City Grill Room Steak house restaurant with effective marketing, and customer satisfaction strategies, in order that they may attract new visitors or customers to their location and encourage repeat purchase by the customers. To carry this out this report highlights some of the effective marketing […]

Marketing Mix Strategy

Introduction Marketing mix refers to a combination of product/services, price, place, and distribution. A marketing manager of Campos Coffee can have control of these four factors subject to external and internal environment factors. Campos Coffee has to make decisions regarding its products and services (Antony 2008, p. 58). Products/Services Products refer to anything tangible or […]

Global Marketing: Disney Theme Parks

Introduction Marketing can simply be defined as business activities aimed at ensuring smooth flow of goods and services from one destination to another (Kotler & Armstrong, 2001, p. 4). In order for any business to carry out marketing functions successfully they have to adopt the following marketing concepts: consumer orientation, integrated marketing, consumer satisfaction. To […]

How CRM Could be Successfully Applied in the US Airline Industry

Summary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) reflects a business strategy that aims at managing customers for long-term values. CRM depends on customer-based approaches and culture, which support result-oriented marketing, sales, and services to customers. Thus, CRM applications or software can enhance effective management of customer relationships. This article focuses on how the airline industry can apply […]

The F&B Restaurant

Introduction The F&B Restaurant is a unique restaurant in Leysin that is expected to provide students with a wide selection of quality beverages at affordable prices. The restaurant will be open weekdays, from Monday to Friday, and specifically during lunch hour and dinner time only. It expects to attract as many students as possible and […]

DPI Strategy Implementation in the Present-Day Environment: Disruptive Innovation Saves the Day

Introduction: Disruptive Innovation as the Path to Ultimate Success It has already crossed the minds of the most prominent people, not only in the field of business and management, but also in other areas, that the learning process is, in fact, unceasing; starting from the point of one’s birth, the process of gaining and processing […]

Emirates Airline Marketing

Abstract/Summary Emirates Airline is currently the largest airline company in the Middle East. This company was founded in the year 1985 (“Emirates Airline Profile”, 2012). The company is the “flagship and national airline of Dubai, United Arab Emirates” (“Emirates Airline Profile”, 2012, p.1). It is based outside the Dubai International Airport. Emirates Airline Company undertakes […]

Marketing Management in Hong Kong

There are growing concerns on the need to conserve the environment at national and internal level. The world has undertaken numerous environmental conservation measures. The effects of global warming are increasingly affecting people, plants, and animals negatively. One of the major emitter of green house gasses is burning of fossil fuel. The automobile industry is […]

Adidas Marketing

Executive Summary Adidas used to be the most dominant sportswear manufacturer in Europe. This success it achieved through production of performance-geared shoes. High profile athletes in both track athletics and soccer used these shoes, making their fans want to be associated with them. Many athletes have shown just how much they trust Adidas shoes, for […]

Theoretical Understanding and Practical Applications of Marketing

Introduction Marketing is an important organisational function that aims at informing potential consumers about the value of products and services. Strategic marketing requires the application of a successive marketing mix, which results in excellent sales of products of a business establishment (Kotler 2011; Menkveld 2013). Improved product sales correlate positively with improved financial performance outcomes […]

The Case of the New Apple Incorporation

Is Apple’s brand in danger following Steve Jobs’ death? Steve Jobs was a successful entrepreneur and innovator. Many people across the globe admired his innovations. He made Apple’s brand spectacular and powerful. The death of Steve Jobs was something unexpected. The new challenge after his death was to keep the corporation cool in the coming […]

Marketing Plan for Quikfix Integrated Glucose Meter and Insulin Pump by Medtronic’s Inc. Company

Executive summary The following is a report that presents information on the best marketing plan for the Medtronic’s Inc. company. In addition, it will provide a detailed description of the selected company, Medtronic’s Inc that needs a marketing plan to sell the new product. It is also aimed at presenting details on the new product […]

Marketing Strategies for Certain Markets

Sanguine mangers characterized by a keenness of understanding of market forces know quite well what to expect when launching a new product in a new market that is characterized by a multicultural environment. They know that issues such as cultural differences, product branding, norms, values, beliefs, perceptions, distribution channels, communication strategies, market expectations, and satisfied […]


Abstract The airline industry has witnessed increased competition in the last few decades brought about by realignment of the key players in the sector. Airbus relies on a unique business model that aims in providing cost effectiveness through engineer to order systems while Boeing places more emphasis on the interests of the customers during production. […]

Orlando International Airport

A SWOT analysis of Orlando International Airport SWOT analysis is a framework that is utilised by strategic management teams of business organisations to identify factors that could impact the performances of their organisations (Sevkli, Oztekin, Uysal, Torlak, Turkyilmaz & Delen 2012; van Wijngaarden, Scholten & van Wijk 2012). Sevkli and colleagues (2012) argue that the […]

Adaptations and Marketing Strategies Used by Oil Firms in Nigeria

Introduction Nigeria has plans for increasing the production of oil to about 40 million. Nigeria is the chief oil producing country in Africa and is ranked the seventh internationally (NNPC 2004).The federal government aim at achieving 50% of the constituents in oil by 2010.Oil and other natural recourses are seen as national assets. However, research […]

Positioning and Differentiation

Introduction Positioning and differentiation are essential elements to any institution that aims to market its services and goods to potential clients. Furthermore, these two concepts play a crucial role in ensuring the marketing process of an organization’s product succeeds. The hospitals under evaluation are Massena Memorial Hospital, which is housed in New York City and […]

Adidas Marketing Plan

Executive summary The marketing plan relates to Adidas Company which intends to launch a new product called Adidas Score. The new shore is targeted to non-players. A Situation analysis evaluating the market condition and the firm’s performance is given. In addition, the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are given through a SWOT analysis. The […]

Ducati Marketing Department

The article affirms that, Ducati an Italian based firm focusing on motorcycle manufacturing announced the elimination of its marketing department. In its place, it came up with a community driven system. Hence, the company makes decisions on important issues concerning their products basing on the reactions from the community. In addition, it has developed, […]

Medtronic, Inc. Marketing Plan

Background and Goals Medtronic Inc is the leading medical technology company in the world, controlling more than half of the world’s annual revenue on the heart-pacing market (Anonymous, 2010). Its headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it operates in over 120 countries. In addition, around sixty-six percent of its revenue is generated locally, twenty percent […]

Different Types of Business Communication

Introduction To operate effectively within the industry and markets, businesses should focus on developing the effective communication channels in order to control the organisational performance and support relations with the partners and suppliers. From this point, different types of business communication should address the variety of the businesses’ needs associated with the business contacts and […]

Industry Forecasting

Factors that Impact the Industry This is an analysis evaluating the Ford Motor Company (FMC) for a period of over five years. The company is established on the automotive industry providing services in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling motor vehicles. It brings a lot of revenues, which make it one of the world’s most […]

Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is a relatively new marketing concept that aims at making changes based on the reactions from customers. The overall goal of interactive marketing in the film industry is to make changes that could result in more attraction with regard to films. Interactive marketing is essential because it makes marketing personnel react to prospects […]

Failure of Internationalization Strategy in BestBuy in China

Introduction Best Buy was founded by Richard Schulze in 1969. The company was first established as a car audio and a single room store and later developed into an international retailer of electronics, entertainment products and home office products. In 2001, Best Buy Company was considered as the best company that supplied electronics in the […]

The Future of the New York Times

The New York Times market and financial performance depends on how the publishing company conducts its marketing, value creation and customer service. The proprietor of the publishing company has a choice to ensure that marketing becomes a core philosophy in achieving organizational goals. In this regard, the company’s new perspective on marketing should refocus in […]

No-Goat Smelling X5

Situational analysis SWOT analysis is the most viable tool for analyzing the situation and developing a marketing plan. Strengths The company has a strong financial position and an active research and development department. The strengths of the proposed deodorant include being the first in the market. There is good scope for scalability of the product […]

The Impact of Bad Planning on Customer Perception in the Dubai Real Estate Industry

Introduction Real Estate Industry in United Arab Emirates has been experiencing growth of 20% per annum since the year 2010 (Lasalle, 2012). As demand for housing increases, the industry strives to meet the demand by rolling out multimillion apartment projects such as the one in the Greens at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai. However, such […]

Organic Agriculture

Introduction This paper will provide a detailed business plan for establishing an agribusiness company. The company will focus on production of organic foodstuffs in the United Arab Emirates. The business plan will shed light on the business idea, the value proposition, and the technology that will be required to operate the business. A detailed marketing […]

BlackBerry Ltd

Synopsis of the Situation The BlackBerry Ltd, formerly known as research in motion, has not been doing well in recent past compared to its competitors. This has been as a result of inappropriate steps taken in the marketing and branding department. This paper, therefore, analyzes the situation of BlackBerry Ltd in an attempt to identifying […]

Strengths and Weaknesses of Joint Venture over Licensing as a Foreign Market Entry Mode

Introduction According to Fischer (2003, p. 5), the process of globalization that has been taking place in the recent years is usually intricate and many-sided. There are several economic and non-economic challenges that businesses have to deal with satisfactorily to ensure that their systems continue operating as expected in order to achieve their fiscal objectives. […]

Process Innovation

Technology and Innovation This paper is about how collaboration technology and innovation has been embedded in the cultural and creative industries in recent years. In order to provide a concise report on this subject matter, we first of all need to understand what is meant by cultural and creative industries. Cultural and creative industries simply […]