Marketing environment forces

Economic factor This is the most important aspect of the marketing environment. It entails all the aspects that impact on consumer’s patterns of spending (Silk, 2006). Marketing managers of Oatmeal must, therefore, pay attention to the various developments in the economy. The key elements to be considered under economic forces include the following issues. Inflation […]

The Range of Data Needed to Be Collected

Trying to understand which Smartphone brand and model is the most popular among students, and why this specific brand and model is the most popular, it is essential to conduct a research applying to the questionnaire. The questionnaire should contain the questions which are essential for the research and some particular questions which may help […]

Marketing Opportunities

Introduction Quaker Oats Company is the leading supplier of food and breakfast cereal products in the US. The company has a long history, dating back to as far as 1901. In the current competitive markets, market segmentation is one of the strategies which can ensure that the company positions itself well so that it improves […]

Assesing marketing opportunities

The marketing strategies used by an organization play a pivotal role towards determining the success or failure of the organization. In order for an organization to market its products and services successfully, it must research and understand the needs of the consumers, and use this information to develop products and services that satisfactorily address those […]

Microenvironment and the Macro-environment

Marketing form an essential part of all business ventures. The Kentucky Fried Chicken is one such commercial undertaking that fulfils society needs through merchandizing fast foods and side dishes. Their delicacies attract the milieu and numerous persons outside Australia. n an industrial setting, a quality SWOT analysis is advisable (Segal-Horn, & Faulkner, pg. 28). The […]