Can Green Consumerism be anything more than a Band-aid Solution?

Introduction Green consumerism entangles placing enormous focus on the consumption of products, which people deem as environmentally benign, with the intensions to save the environment from harm or damage. Campaigns to inculcate the concepts of green consumerism are on and echoed in an abundant way all over the world but the question as to whether […]

Environmental Studies – Sustainable Development

1. Sustainable Development “Sustainability is refers to the indefinite use of available natural resources without ever causing depletion of the energy or material sources on which man depends; while, development is the continued improvement of living standards as a result of economic growth” (Dahir, 2010). “Therefore, sustainable development refers to the development that meets the […]

Advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

A source of energy can be described as a system from which electricity can be extracted or generated. There are a number of sources of energy, each with its characteristic advantages and disadvantages. Among the many energy sources is power generated from turbines tuned by wind. Wind energy is classified as a renewable source of […]

Water Crisis

Introduction It’s no doubt that the world is facing a topic of water crisis which has gone out of control and therefore raising a lot of concerns from the leaders and international organization who are trying to come up with ideas of solving this problem (, 2011). However, the root cause of this problem is […]