Nuclear Energy Report

Nuclear energy is a source of sustainable electricity and power. Globally, nuclear energy accounts for six percent of energy used for various purposes. For instance, studies indicate that nuclear energy generates approximately 14 percent of electricity used in the world. Very few countries in the world have the capacity to harness nuclear power and utilize […]

Chesapeake Bay Environment Protection Case Study

Introduction The world is a host to many different types of people with different backgrounds and holding different cultural views. Therefore, it necessitates formulation of rules and regulations, which are intended to help these individuals to conduct them in a way that will maketheir life simpler and sober (Kerwin & Scott, 2010). This is done […]

Global Warming and Natural Disasters Report

Global warming has been perceived to increase flooding effect across the continent. The previous research analyzed the causes of global warming, and its cause, whether by human activities or natural occurrence. The research failed to address whether global warming increased the natural disasters in the society. This research will enable the government institutions to enact […]

Ideology of Economic Discourse in Climate Change Research Paper

Findings Section While developing a rhetorical genre-based approach to analyzing coalitions’ ideologies, it is imperative to define how specific social functions of environmental and economic views are realized in terms of discourse structure. At this point, the ideologies of a climate change advocators and climate change skeptics are disguised by rhetoric devices that serve to […]

Technology and Colonization: Columbus Discovers the ‘New World’ Essay

Christopher Columbus was a colonizer, explorer, and navigator. He was born in the republic of Italy (Gies & Gies, 1995).He was one of the greatest explorers of the 15th century from Europe. He managed to complete four journeys across the Atlantic Ocean. He is credited for having discovered the American continent. The mission to the […]

Environmental Assessment – Environmental Management Systems Essay

Introduction Environmental Management Systems have been identified as a means of encouraging environmental sustainable work practices and process improvement. Nevertheless, others have suggested that EMS is nothing more than an environmental compliance tool that may be useful to demonstrate compliance but in reality, provides little more. This analysis focuses on these views through concise literature […]