The Impact of Nineteenth Century Photography on Visual Representation and the Development of Visual Culture Term Paper

The development of photography in the mid-nineteenth century marked a definitive transformation in visual representation. It also became a sign of the beginning of the shift toward the visual culture that we know in the 21st century. The advent of photography as an accessible art form and the rise of the amateur photographer represented the […]

Humanities – Photography Essay

Introduction After the major wars in the 19th and 20th centuries, museums were set up for photography and this trend continues even in contemporary times. Photographers started breaking free from the repressive structures of taking straight artistic and documentary expression pictures. The documenters then begun to probe the social landscape, which mostly mirrored their real […]

Mads Nissen Essay

Introduction Mads Nissen is a Danish photographer who has won several awards because of his talent in photography. He started photography at a very young age and he has developed his act over the years that he has been taking photographs. Mads has been focused on press photographs and he has won awards with photographs […]

Photography Culture Report

Executive Summary Photography is a culture that has been present since the 19th century. However, the advancement in technology has greatly changed the manner in which the society regards photographs. During the analogue era, photography was used to store family memories. However, in the digital era, photography is used as a means of personal identification […]

Visual and Contemporary Arts – My Bed by Emin Tracey and Nan and Brian in Bed by Nan Goldin Essay

Introduction The theme of identity explains how individuals view themselves as part of the wider society and culture. This is because people’s culture is all about connecting amongst themselves and with other members of the society. The works My Bed by Emin Tracey and Nan and Brian in Bed by Nan Goldin present the theme […]

Critical analysis of Barthes’s Camera Lucida-Reflections on Photography Critical Writing

Barthes, in his Camera Lucida-Reflections on Photography tried to bring out some unique meaning from a photographic image. In addition, his view was that a photograph could signify a very real scenario in life, a quality that he considered very distinctive in an individual interpreter. Following the death of his mother in 1977, Barthes wrote […]