Media Paper Examples

Digital TV and Its Consequences: A Changing Media Industry

Literature review The main idea that is being promoted throughout the article by Gripsrud is that the very paradigm of TV-broadcasting, in the traditional sense of this word, is somewhat inconsistent with the discursive implications of the process of digital television replacing the analog one. As the author noted, “The present technological shift from analog […]

Instagram as Tool for Social Science Research

In the recent decades, advancements in technologies have dramatically changed the research process across all disciplines. Some of these innovations have revolutionized research with titanic and far-reaching implications. The internet, for instance, has made it easy to access information and communicate across long distances. Some of these innovations are slightly less revolutionary but with tremendous […]

Should Media be Censored by Government for Protecting the Society in Australia

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (2012) has the right to control Australian mass media. Speaking about mass media, the Internet, mobile phone content, TV, and radio are considered. Australia, like many other countries in the world, has faced the problem of the information spread and the problem of the need of the information filtering. […]

Social Media – Facebook

Facebook is among the most popular social media networking sites in today’s times. Facebook is highly popular due to its multiple applications and ease of communication it offers to the user. It allows users to share pictures, events and statuses in a single platform. Facebook has a number of benefits such as the ability to […]

Print Media Is Dead

Introduction Print media has been the most powerful pathway for the transmission of fashion, fashion designs and other elements of the fashion industry. In fact, fashion magazines have been the key to the fashion industry (Stone, 2004). For several centuries, the fashion industry has increasingly taken the modern advantage of technological advancements in printing. In […]

Old Media and New Media

Introduction Lots of people are now talking about new media as opposed to old or traditional media. However, there is still some uncertainty as regards the distinction between new and old media. Flew (2008) notes that the idea of ‘newness’ is rather subjective and relative as television and the Internet have become accessible almost simultaneously […]

Media in the society

Introduction Media is a communication network through which news, theatre, education and messages are dispersed. It comprises of distribution mediums such as, magazines, television, posters, cell phone, facsimile, and the internet (Fox & Ramos 2011, p.125). Media events are developed from the media and are considered to be motions that are created for publicity purposes. […]

The Global Media is All about Money and Profit Making

Introduction The global media is all about money and profit making. Media companies implement diverse strategies in order to expand their operations and the ability to obtain additional profits. Furthermore, the global media strategies for generating profits almost surpass the film industry. The different media such as radio, television, newspapers, and online news sources are […]

Data Capture & New Media

As it would be observed, modern technology has brought certain advantages to the current human generation in all aspects of life. Communication sector is indeed one of the major beneficiaries of this outstanding transition. One really can’t be wrong to imagine the immense wonders which the modern technology has brought into our lives as something […]

The Comparison Between the Two Different International Editions of Vogue Magazine

Due to the ongoing process of Globalization, the contents of the most popular media-products are now becoming increasingly uniformed. This simply could not be otherwise, because the earlier mentioned process presupposes standardization. In its turn, the latter allows companies to substantially increase the extent of their commercial effectiveness. As Vrontis, Thrassou and Lamprianou pointed out: […]

Media Censorship. Wikileaks

Introduction Wikileaks has faced a dilemma whether it should be censored or not since the very first day of the website appearance. Scholars, authorities and simple people offer their visions of the situation, provide their arguments, and try to prove that their facts are the most relevant and convincing. Since the first day of official […]

The Role of the Media in Spreading Violence, Horror, and Pornography

Introduction There is a wide range of media resources in the modern society, including television, radio, and advertisements, which are probably the major media manifestations present in a rich diversity. The most popular and consumed type of media is the television due to its easy access. Moreover, television does not require additional knowledge or skills […]

Strategic Plan – Social Media in Women and Child Hospital

Introduction Instagram is a service that is quintessential to all companies and individuals in the globe. It offers its users online photo-sharing and social networking services, such that they can take photographs and apply digital filters to them (Tutaj & Reijmersdal 7-15). Thereafter, they can share these pictures with their friends and colleagues in other […]

Internet Communities and Social Networks

Introduction The global technological advancement has led to many changes in the ways of interaction among people. The advancement in information technology, which led to the development of social networking websites, clearly evidences this fact. There has been a gradual yet significant development of social networking sites. The development of these sites started with ‘Friendster’ […]

Impact of Free News on Print Media and Readers’ Preferences

Executive Summary The print news industry has been the mainstream news provide among elite communities mostly in developed countries until the emergence of free news media which seems to have taken center stage among the young people and slowly finding its way to the older generation. Generation Y is fulfilling their surveillance needs in the […]

The Effects of Television on the Way People Understand Themselves

Ever since the activity of watching TV became an integral part of people’s lives, it started to become increasingly clear to sociologists and psychologists that individuals’ exposure to TV programs has a strong effect on their cognitive predispositions and on their behavioral patterns. In its turn, this prompted some researchers to suggest that this particular […]

Race in Media

Introduction White privilege is the importance attached to the being white. It is about the concrete benefits of access to resources and social rewards and the power to shape the norms and values of society that whites receive, unconsciously or consciously, by virtue of their skin color in a racist society (Adams, Bell & Griffin […]

How is Silvio Berlusconi Perceived and Portrayed by the International Media?

Introduction Born in 1936, Silvio Berlusconi has become one of the most controversial leaders in Italy’s government, in recent times. Initially, Berlusconi was a businessman with large business holdings and substantial influence in international media. To many, he was regarded as a political amateur who achieved his political office through his influence on the media. […]

Social Media Analysis for Qatar Airways

Executive Summary Business organizations regardless of the industry are subjected to micro and macro-environmental factors. These factors play key roles in the determination of various operational aspects of any firm. In this case, Qatar Airways is dedicated to develop a social media, which allows the company to improve its airlines services and general customer communications. […]

Beavis and Butt-head

Introduction The role of television is crucial for many reasons: people get access to a new source of information and decide to follow or argue the practices showed. Pfefferman (2013) admit that there are no new lessons or facts, just new faces that make people treat the same things in a different way. Some ethical […]

Social Media and Social Relations

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the ways in which social media are contributing to changing social relations. This issue can be illustrated by examining profound transformations that were brought by new technologies, especially Web 2.0. For instance, it is necessary to mention that currently people representing different social classes, religious groups, or cultures […]

Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies

An Audience Study on the Effectiveness of Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies to Target Local Emirati Females Living in Dubai. Introduction Research question and sub-questions Social media influence many aspects of the people’s life, including the persons’ purchasing behavior. In this context, it is important to conduct a research on the role of Facebook […]

MySpace Overview

Introduction The social media has experienced a massive growth in the recent past. According to Ryan (2011, p. 78), when it started out through social sites like MySpace, many people dismissed it as a platform for gossips that had no serious future in the world of communication. However, this is no longer the case. The […]

Carolina Pad and Bloggers

Abstract April Whitlock received emails from bloggers requesting cash payments for product reviews. She was not sure about the bloggers’ quality and professionalism but found the deal to be very cheap compared to professional journalists and advertisement companies. Whereas she did not find a reason to pay for reviews, she recognized a longstanding relationship with […]

“Web site credibility: Why do people believe what they believe?” by Marie Iding, Martha Crosby, Brent Auernheimer and Barbara Klemm

The Internet has already entered the life of people. Having a great amount of different information, it supplies people with knowledge in different spheres. It is not necessary nowadays to go to the library or to look for some information in books. The only thing people should do is to type a question and wait […]

Print Media versus Digital

Introduction The rapidly growing business world that technology seems to renovate each subsequent day is experiencing changes in business trends, especially in the marketing where consumer preferences have transformed accordingly (Jones, Pentecost, & Requena 2005). Among others, the global graphic industry seems to experience unprecedented changes since the emergence of modern computer and phone technologies […]

The Role of Social Media

Introduction Social media is becoming a major force in the world of business. Human beings have created social networks to exchange ideas, views, concepts, and information (Bradley & McDonald 2013). Social media increases the level of interaction among individuals in many societies. Social media platforms ensure communities, organisations, and individuals create and share user-generated ideas […]

Social Media Strategy – eTourism

The notions and principles of eTourism and e-commerce become closely connected while referring to the use of social media platforms for different marketing projects. The effectively developed social media strategy provides the framework for completing the project’s goals with the help of social media platforms. The social media strategy report on virtual tourism includes the […]

Observance, Privacy and Law

It is important for social media users to realize that social networks are not fully concerned with the probability of misuse of their personal information. Social media sites release personal information to the market without the permission of users. They use the personal information of their customers without their consent, which is illegal as stipulated […]

Television in Emirati Culture

Introduction Among the GCC countries, the UAE is the pioneer to safeguard the national interest with forward looking strategy to preserving natural resources for the future generation; their ancestors dealt with great wisdom and invested their early efforts and resources for reorganizing the nation in order to make benefited the Emirati citizens to sharing the […]