Classical and Modern Music

The Role of Music The world is constantly evolving and the world of music is no exception. Music has always been with people as it does not simply entertain, but it provides “insight into human experience as it extends over time” (Kerman & Tomlinson xxvi). From tribal dances to medieval clerical choirs and from refined […]

How Digital Technology Influences Art

Introduction Digital technology has become part of the everyday life in the world. Various sectors such as music industries have faced the problem of responding to the speedy developments in digital technology. In the world of arts, digital technology changes every day especially in media convergence technologies and digitalisation of production. Gündüz (2012, p. 202) […]

Australian National Identity as Portrayed in “Love the Beast” and “Unfinished Sky”

For most foreigners, Australia seems a weird world that exists within its own realm of unique reality, a specific Wonderland, per se. While the given assumption does sound very poetic and inspiring, it does not come any close to what Australia actually is. A country with a unique history and a distinct tendency in its […]

Kandinsky’s Improvisation 28: What Lurks Beyond the Abstract

Abstract art has definitely shaken the world, reinventing people’s perception of what reality is (Walther, 2000); and, talking about abstract art, Kandinsky and his daring experiments should be mentioned first. By far the most famous, the most frequently researched and the most often misinterpreted, his Improvisation 28 deserves a close attention. Despite the fact that […]

2-D artwork appreciation: Analysis of painting “The kindred spirits” by Asher Brown Durand

Step 1: Identification The painting “Kindred Spirits” is one of Asher Brown Durand’s most attractive pieces of art. The 1849 painting was made with “oil on canvas”. It belongs to the era of modernity (Frank 21). It depicts Thomas Cole and William Cullen Bryant (renowned poets). It is an appreciation of the two American poets, […]

Watching the World Fall Apart: A Post-WWI Vision of the World in the Works of Otto Dix, Max Beckmann and George Grosz

War is one of the most hideous concepts that the humankind has ever come up with. While it is quite understandable that at the current stage of the development of humankind, some conflicts still have to be resolved with the use of coercive methods, war as a massive homicide still remains a truly revolting idea; […]

Daguerreotype and Cyanotype

Statement of purpose The history of photography cannot be complete without the analysis of the efforts of Daguerre and Herschel, the men behind the processes that revolutionized photography in the mid 19th century. These processes are daguerreotype and cyanotype. This paper on photography will focus on the Daguerreotype and Cyanotype process in terms of the […]

Dance Education and Culture

Executive Summary In contemporary sociological usage, the term culture refers to the sum total of all knowledge, customs, beliefs, attitudes and values shared by a large group of individuals with other common linkages. Theories formulated by David Carr suggest that culture can also be described from an evaluative point of view as the things that […]

Peculiarities of Using Drama, Improvisation, and Creative Approach

Introduction The contemporary society faces the concept of globalisation. As every issue, globalisation has its advantages and drawbacks that cover all sectors of human activity. Cultural issues should be taken into account as well as peculiar features of every language including teachers who would teach certain languages and approaches applicable to different categories of students […]

Role of the Subtext

There are a lot of particular techniques which help the movie makers to create specific structure of the movie, to make it interesting and capturing. Moreover, many directors refer to the special way of telling the background information about the characters, substituting the boring flashbacks and description with the subtext. Subtext is the specific technique […]

The Cinematic Signifier

Introduction Christian Metz was a very important film theorist who made a significant contribution to the art of cinema by his theories on cinema studies. He defines the cinematic signifier through a thorough analysis of the imaginary signifier. This is a broad topic that he set out to analyze in order to explain the elements […]

ART-nonwestern culture

Devi is literally considered to be a great goddess found in Great India and also known to have many guises. She has a feminine divinity. Most people regard her as a gentle mother who is tender and approachable. She is perceived as the mother of the universe. Moreover, she performs cosmic roles such as destroying […]

The Landscape Reader

Landscape is the skill or art of organizing horizontal surfaces. It has emerged as a model for urbanization in the past few years. The architect behind this concept of urban model was James Corner. It is worth noting that this concept has greatly benefited from the intellectual and cultural revitalization. It has also become the […]

“Erin Brockovich”

The movie, “Erin Brockovich”, is based on a real life story and stars Julia Roberts (known as Erin Brockovich) as the main character. Erin has been divorced twice and has three children. She experiences a streak of bad luck. However, she finally manages to browbeat her lawyer: Ed Masry, who had seen her lose a […]

Joan Miro’s Self Portrait I

Introduction A self portrait encompasses an artist’s representation of himself. This paper’s major subject encompasses a 1917 self portrait by Joan Miro1. This portrait encompasses one of his earlier works that were produced before his first exhibition in 1918. The identification of themes is essential before the painting of a self portrait. The painting’s major […]

Oceanic Art Objects

The foremost stylistic commonality between Matua, Abelam and Baining people’s masks account for the fact that all three of them emanate the unmistakable spirit of aesthetic primitiveness. In its turn, this spirit is being reflective of the designers’ of all three masks tendency to hypertrophy their masks’ facial features. For example, Matua mask features the […]

The Weeders By Breton And Women Picking Olives By Van Gogh

The two paintings under consideration, Van Gogh’s Women Picking Olives, and Breton’s The Weeders, have much in common, despite choosing dramatically different techniques, reflecting a change of approach, but achieving equally lovingly appreciative results. These works, roughly 20 years apart in time of creation, are similar in that they portray women engaged in agricultural labor, […]

Linguistics in Opera and Libretto

Introduction Opera is performed using theatrical scenes where the art involves a combination of singing and dramatization. This kind of text is referred to as the libretto. It was a very popular form of art in early Europe. Opera remains popular today in some quarters of the society. The art brings together singing, speaking as […]

Dance and Autism

Introduction The Miami Dance project headed by Barbara Delgado is a new and innovative way in which dance is being used as a method of encouraging children with autism to better express themselves and develop more confidence in social situations (Martinez, 1). What must be understood is that adults and children suffering from autism are […]

Severn Tunnel

Historical Development This is an underwater tunnel that links South Gloucestershire to Monmouthshire in the UK (Fahey, 2010). South Gloucestershire is located on the west part of England while Monmouthshire is located on the southern part of wales. The tunnel construction began in March 1873. However, the actual tunneling of this project had to wait […]

Video Reflection

Introduction Michael Moore’s documentary Bowling for Columbine and Elephant is a quasi-satirical revolving around gun crime culture in America and aggression. The documentary is entirely on the infamous killings that took place at Columbine High School. These killings revealed extreme forms of aggression prevalent in an industrialized society. The killings were among several gun sprees […]

Serenissima Trend: Spring-Summer 2016

Identify trend name, and give a brief description of the message behind this trend Serenissima (“the most serene”) represents an atmosphere that is romantic yet modern. The color palette of this trend primarily consists of purplish pinks, mint green and turquoise hues that remind a state of calmness. These colors can be applied to various […]

Early African Arts

Introduction Early African arts have some of the most diverse collections in the world. This is because African continent has societies, people, and civilization with diverse cultures. Styles also differ depending on the origin of the art. However, some pieces of art materials have common trends to indicate their regions of origin. For instance, sculpture […]

Edwin Forrest

Edwin Forrest is arguably one of the greatest performers in the American-theater history. Forrest was born in the city of Philadelphia in the ninth day of March 1806. His father was a Scotchman who had immigrated to America at the end of eighteenth century. Forrest’s father died while he was still a young boy. This […]

Hip-hop music

Introduction Hip-Hop is perhaps the form of music that has attracted the most controversy. Many people have blamed hip-hop for a number of societal issues like violence, promiscuity, bad language, etc. Whether or not these people are right in blaming hip-hop for these societal problems is still a matter of heated debates among interested parties. […]

Realism as portrayed in the plays An Enemy of the People and A Taste of Honey

Introduction Henry James in 1884 stated that, the supreme virtue of fiction is to produce an “air of reality” or an “illusion of life” James like many other writers valued and embraced an aesthetic of realism (Wharton 3). This form of art valued accurate representation of the psychological and material realities of life. Realism came […]