General Plan: Land Use in the City of Sunnyvale Essay

The City of Sunnyvale, California has a general plan that controls the city through various stages of changes and developments. The general plan focuses on the physical growth of the City. In some cases, it may work alongside other City Council policies to offer a direction for critical decision-making processes on utilization of City services […]

Chinese culture Essay

Chinese culture is one of the most ancient and unique cultures that exist in the modern world and can be thought of as a continuation of an ancient civilization. The traditional beliefs, norms and separation of gender roles have been always prevalent. For a long time, there has been a gender difference between men and […]

A One-Second Frame Worth a Million: A 2010 Perspective on the Algerian War Movie Review

Representing history is the least gratifying task. No matter what media is used, there will always be numerous inconsistencies, exaggerations and subjective evaluations. While Outside the Law does not exactly fall under the category of documentaries, it still tackles a very complex issue; more to the point, the movie offers a rather unusual perspective to […]

Hana-bi Essay

This paper is aimed at discussing the last scene from the film Hana-bi. It depicts Nishi and Miyuki who stand near the sea and look at the girl playing with a kite. This clip is immediately followed by the suicide of the main characters. One can say that this clip perfectly fits the climax of […]

Top Ten London Undergraduate Degrees in Graphic Design Essay

University of the Arts London: BA Graphic Design (the first place) Currently EU students, who want to receive an undergraduate degree, are supposed to pay £9,000, provided that they start their studies since 2012. In order to be eligible for this program, an applicant should meet several entry requirements. In particular, he/she should have 1 […]