Advertising Paper Examples

Advertising Effectiveness in the Business Environment

Introduction The business environment has become increasingly competitive as a result of the increased number of organizations venturing into business, as well as the advancement of technology that has been so rapid for the last couple of decades. As a result, organizations have been finding ways they can increase their performance. One such way would […]

Advertising and Body Satisfaction in Women

Introduction The role of women in advertising has remained a contentious issue in the contemporary society. For many years, advertisers have used women as advertising objects thus triggering debates and research interest to unravel the unknown truth behind women and advertising. With most adverts carrying the image of women, it is clear that they usually […]

The Influence of Consumerism on 7-11 Years Children

The contemporary business environment is becoming very competitive, thanks to globalization and technological advancement. The increased competition is now forcing organizations to adopt powerful strategies in order to gain competitive advantage. It is for this reason that consumerism has gained popularity, with business enterprises investing heavily in promotion of their products in order to influence […]

Advertisement «Refresh on the Coca-Cola side of life»

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among advertisers to go about increasing the commercial appeal of the advertised products by the mean of emphasizing the pathos and ethos related subtleties of these products’ discursive positioning. The reason for this is simple – by taking advantage of this specific advertisement-strategy, advertisers are able to ensure that […]

Advertising Strategy for Cartier Bridal

Introduction Cartier is one of the largest companies that engage in the manufacture of jewellery. Wedding and engagement rings are the major products of the company. However, stiff competition in the industry necessitates the company to engage in extensive advertising campaigns. Tiffany is one of the major competitors of the company. Cartier uses multichannel advertising […]

Advertisements Analysis and Comparison

When it comes to ensuring the commercial/aesthetic appeal of an advertised product, it is crucially important to remain thoroughly aware of what accounts for the specifics of the targeted audience’s consumer-behavior. In their turn, these specifics are best discussed within the context of how the targeted consumers’ cultural affiliation affects their cognitive leanings/existential attitudes, in […]

The Sexualization and Objectification of Young Female Musicians in Print Ads

Introduction Sexualization and objectification of women in the mass media has been a common practice by majority of the media outlets in the Western world. This practice has been fueled by the perception that sex sells. Sexualizing images have therefore become prevalent in corporate advertising and popular media. A significant industry that has capitalized on […]

Co-operative Advertising

Co-operative advertising is one of the advertising tools that have received much recognition from many industries in the contemporary society. It involves the sharing of the advertisement costs among different parties. There are two main types of cooperative advertising (Trehan, and Trehan 15): Vertical cooperative advertising: just as the name suggests, different channel members share […]

Promotional and Advertising Strategies – Automotive Industry

Introduction This paper compares and contrasts the marketing and advertising strategies of Audi and BMW. Both companies are German-based and sell their products in the luxury car market. The two companies have a history of marketing and advertising rivalries that have manifested through public advertising wars (Kumar 9). The same rivalry has manifested through the […]

Framing and its Role in Social and Political Marketing Campaigns

Introduction There are numerous definitions of the term ‘framing’ in social sciences. The many definitions arise from the fact that the term is used in various aspects of life. Framing is not only commonly used in social sciences, but it is also used in communication, marketing, business, and advertising. Hurlstone et al. (2014) explain that […]

Eye-path and Memory-prediction Framework

Introduction Online marketing and advertising actively develop nowadays, and modern advertisers need to focus on the customers’ attitudes and behaviours in the context of the effectiveness of the advertisement’s location on the web page. Thus, it is important to answer the questions on how customers look at advertisements, focus their attention, and how their eye […]

Advertisement Theory

According to Weilbacher (2003, p. 231), “many advertisers have ignored the theories and ideas supported by different cognitive psychologists”. Scholars and analysts believe that adverts should widen the people’s ideas about every existing product. The article is appreciable because it explains why advertising should create bearable representations. This practice is appropriate because it produces the […]

The 7Up Advertisement

One of the categories that Erving Goffman used to describe gender roles in advertising is the family. According to Goffman, proper positioning of the different members of a nuclear family can be used as a symbolization of the family’s social structure. As far as the presentation of family in commercials is concerned, Goffman concluded that […]

The Marlboro Ads as a Propaganda Advertising

Propaganda advertising refers to the process of advertising, which is aimed at influencing consumers towards the consumption of products through the presentation of one side of an argument. Advertisers cautiously select information to present to the public by omitting counterproductive information. As such, the target of information presented is to alter the attitudes of consumers […]

Advertisement Recreation: The Black and White Hand

Introduction Based in Italy, the Benetton Group is a fashion brand that is recognized in the global apparel industry. In the past, the company was associated with very controversial and silent advertisements consisting of pictures meant to send messages to clients. Specifically, in the year 1990, the company spent more than $8 million in advertisement […]

Range of Champagne

Building a strong customer relation with a product requires competent personnel to enable it thrive in the present dynamic and competitive business settings. For continuous and sustainable brand success, specialists should carefully select and position the products to the target market. The Champagne house has many skilled brand managers; they took different approaches and attempted […]

Advertisement Examples: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser

The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser can be discussed as a bad example of the advertisement which is broadcasted with the help of such social medium as the video-sharing website YouTube. The advertisement was presented for the first time on January 18, 2012 (The bark side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day commercial teaser […]

Integrated Advertising: America Alcohol Industry Case

Introduction Integrated Advertising refers to the promotion of a certain product using a variety of media. Since the inception of Internet and the subsequent generational change, there has been tremendous change in the manner in which companies place their advertisements. The use of mobile advertising is quite popular with studies showing that it will be […]

Advertising, Publicity, and Public Relations

Introduction The ultimate goal of every business is to sell its products to as many customers as possible in order to make high profits. To achieve this goal, businesses employ various strategies, which include advertising, public relations, publicity, and direct salespersons to market their products. This paper will discuss the importance of each of these […]

Online Advertising: Facebook and Twitter

Introduction Online advertising has been one of the leading marketing strategies for most organizations in the recent past. It is proper to mention that organizations have had a great time engaging their customers online especially through social media like Twitter blogging, Facebook pages, Google pages and online television services. The moment a new product is […]


Billboards also commonly referred as hoardings are large structures used for outdoor advertising/ marketing (Katz 12). In most cases, billboards are found on streets and busy roads especially highways (Illegal Tender). Billboards are placed in high points where they can be easily viewed by passing pedestrians or drivers. To attract people, billboards are designed in […]

Cross-Media Communication in Advertising: Exploring Multimodal Connections

Article Summary This article initiated by scientists from Aalborg University, Denmark provides the reader with the information on the research of cross-media communication in advertising. The research was inspired by latter studies connected to this area. It focuses on the television commercial and the website as two separate advertisings connected with each other. Three dimensions […]

How are notions of masculinity represented in advertising

Introduction Diverse notions on masculinity aspects are significantly represented in advertising and promotional campaigns of various products. This is due to their effectiveness in promoting sales of products that in turn leads to high profitability in various institutions. As noted by scholars, the evident notions that appertain to masculinity are credible and relevant since most […]

The Issues of Privacy, Targeted Advertising, and Consumer Trust

Today the successful development of many modern industries depends on the effective advertising. That is why advertisers try to use all the opportunities to present the information about their goods to the public. Tendencies of using the Internet resources as a source for setting ads are in a constant progress. Thus, the Internet and online […]

Online Advertising

Apply a theoretical framework for explaining how sale promotions work in your case study Scientific and technological innovations and invention have devised new marketing, communication, and selling strategies; to remain competitive in modern business environment, a company need to adopt modern systems of operation. Sale promotions are used as promotional strategies whereby customers are persuaded […]

Power Mixed Martial Arts School for Kids advertising plan

Executive Summary Martial art has become very popular with many people because of various reasons, some of which include: physical fitness, defending oneself against an attack and spiritual reasons among others. Initially, many considered this practice to have the sole purpose of self defense but since it emerged that it could be used for other […]

Proposal for Advertisements Strategies for Introduction of a New Product into the Market

Introduction E-reader technology is growing at a fast rate, whilst its consumer base is increasing as new technological advancements come up. In the next couple of years, colossal amount of income is expected to originate from digital published-related business. Among the most popular digital publications are the electronic books. These books contain both graphics and […]

Absolut Vodka

Executive Summary The report entails an analysis of how Absolut Vodka which operates within the spirits industry intends to succeed through creation of effective market awareness. The report illustrates the advertising plan that Absolut Vodka intends to utilize. An analysis of the external business environment is conducted using the PESTLE model. A competitive analysis is […]

Advertising to Children

Introduction The goal of every business organisation is to maximise profits through the sale of products or services. To achieve this goal, most organisations employ different promotional mechanisms for their products, and most organisations have employed advertising as one of their major promotional tools. Advertising refers to a non-personal communication of information, which is normally […]

The Tenets of a Successful Advertising Campaign: Understanding the Role of Good Ideas & Creative Minds

Introduction Today, more than ever before, academics and practitioners are coming to terms with the increasingly complex nature of marketing and advertising brought about by media fragmentation and varied viewing and purchasing habits across consumer groups (Soberman, 2005). Indeed, according to this author, media fragmentation has made it extremely hard to cost-effectively inform a mass […]

How Advertising Persuasion Techniques Influence Consumer’s Behavior

Advertising remains a powerful provision in the marketing realms. As consumers, the importance of advertising in influencing purchase decisions remains critical. Various advertising techniques enable consumers to change their purchasing habits and adopt the usage of new products (Randfish, 2010). Of particular interest is the manner in which appealing advertisements of drugs manipulate the consumption […]