Censorship defeats its own purpose Essay

“The fact is that censorship defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion”~Henry Steele Commager Right from our childhood we are exposed to censorship though in varying degree and measure. Parents dictate what their children should or should not do stressing that […]

How we Know-and Sometimes Misjudge-What Others Know: Imputing One’s Knowledge to Others Article

Raymond S. Nickerson in his article, How we Know-and Sometimes Misjudge-What Others Know: Imputing One’s Knowledge to Others, reminds us that, “To communicate effectively with other people, one must have a reasonably accurate idea of what they do and do not know that is pertinent to the communication” (p. 737). Therefore, for effective communication one […]

Communications theory Report

Whether you are in America or in any other part of the world and working either in local police department or doing business, the way public organization manage information has an effect in every individual. Today, there are new technologies that used to collect data, store information, analyze it and publicize the information. However, the […]

Cosmopolitan comunication Assessment

How morality function affects cosmopolitan communications The firewall model as postulated by Norris and Inglehart holds that news media impacts on societal values and as such, they can actually initiate value change. Norris and Ingehart have noted that although such a scenario may not occur frequently, nonetheless, there is the risk that it can be […]

Effective Communication Methods Essay

Methods of Communications for Internal and Externals Groups Communication is regarded as the process by which individuals send and receive thoughts, ideas as well as feelings in a manner in which the recipient comprehends the message in its intended form. Thus, communication is taken as a two way process where the binding force is assumed […]

Impact of Telecommunications on the Arab Society Essay

The paper under consideration dwells upon the role telecommunications has played in the development of the Arab world. It is argued that telecommunications has played significant role in the development of many Arab countries. These changes can be found in different planes: economic, social, political, educational, etc. Thus, it is mentioned that telecommunication services in […]