Family Law Paper Examples

Judicial Views about Polygamy

Introduction The discussion of Polygamy in America has caused a great judicial debate regarding its legal status. Now, with the changing societal perceptions regarding same-sex marriages, many people question the illegality of polygamy (Irwi, 2004).1 This chapter investigates the judicial background informing the illegality of polygamy and the circumstances that led to its prohibition, throughout […]

Foster Care in the Criminal Justice System

How Foster Care affects the criminal justice in the United States A detailed history of the creation of the social agency Historically, the destiny of dependent children has been put on adult’s contributions and goodwill where adults were expected to look after the dependent children. Throughout the history of the United States, the children welfare […]

Defense of Marriage Act

Definition of Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) On September 21, 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) into law. This law has faced opposition on numerous occasions since its introduction because it authorizes unequal treatment of lawfully married same-sex couples. In essence, it discriminatingly deprives such couples over 1,100 protections entitled […]

The Flaws and Gaps of the Divorce Reform

The topic of the article: many faces of divorce Although traditionally, it is considered that marriage is a sacred union that is supposed to bring the wife and husband together “until death do them part,” in reality, choosing the right life partner is not that easy. As a result, many couples make a mistake, realizing […]

Divorce made easier

Initially, marriages were designed to last forever, but in the recent past, divorces have become norm. This is facilitated by courts and legislatures that have made it simple. The legal processes are reduced and anyone filling a petition to seek divorce can be granted without explaining in details the reasons as to why he/she needs […]

Gay marriage as a civil rights issue

Gay marriage is indubitably the greatest civil rights issue facing the United States today. Despite the fact that gay activists have been able to get many influential people to back gay marriage, gay couples are still being discriminated in many states in the U.S. The President and vice president have come out openly supporting gay […]

Exploiting Nazism in Abortion Debate

Introduction In his essay “Exploiting Nazism in Abortion Debate,” Colleen Connell argues that the recent Supreme Court ruling that abortion and family planning should be left to be decisions of an individual and not the state is a good step towards respecting human rights by giving women the freedom to decide what is good for […]

Biological Surrogacy in the United States

Research Paper Thousands of women in the United States face difficulties with fertility. They suffer from numerous health problems, because infertility always leads to a huge moral pain. Society often views women, who cannot have children, as men-like and incomplete. Even the most expensive reproductive technologies do not help to solve female infertility problems. In […]

Anti-same-sex marriage laws and amendments violate the constitutional guarantees of equality for all citizens of the United States.

Introduction Over the years, marriage has been thought to be a private affair between two partners who express love and commitment to each other. However, this has grown to be referred to as a public institution. Marriage originates from time immemorial where the Christians profess that God created man and woman and put them in […]

The Review of Madeline Neumann Case

Introduction Madeline Neumann was an 11-year-old daughter of Dale and Leilani Neumann. She was suffering from diabetic Ketoacidosis and later died because of being neglected by her parents (Jessica 6). It was an illness that could have been treated if the child had received medical care. The Neumanns did not take her to hospital despite […]

Domestic violence law

Introduction The domestic violence cases that have been experienced in the past have led to the belief that men are always guilty in domestic violence cases. This is a stereotype that has made a score of men to be innocently victimized for domestic violence since it is always presumed that a man is guilty until […]

Daniel Valerio Child Abuse Case Study

Daniel Valerio was born to Cheryl Butcher and Michael Valerio in 1988 at Victoria, Australia (Goddard and Liddell 1995). He was the fourth kid born to Cheryl Butcher but the second to Michael Valerio since they had met when Cheryl had already two kids of her own. About one year later on October 1989, Cheryl […]