Investment Paper Examples

Overall Attractiveness of China as Potential Markets and Investment Sites

Introduction The People’s Republic of China initiated far reaching reforms in its external sector in 1978. The country instituted broad based macroeconomic reforms and restricting programs. This has contributed to the rise of its GDP, global share of trade, and investment in the last two decades (Kraay, 2000, pp.545). There has been rise in productivity […]

Benefits and Pitfalls of Investing in a Unique Supplier of Vendor-Managed Inventory

Contemporary information and communication technologies (ICTs) are today, more than ever before, connecting organizations in new and novel ways and, as a direct consequence, allowing them to develop new and time-tested competencies for competing successfully in the ever turbulent business environment. ICTs make it possible for organizations to corroborate not only on designing and improving […]

Qatar Airways Ltd. Plans to Invest in California’s Byogy Renewables Inc.

Introduction Stringent competition in numerous industries forces most organizations to create new business plans in order to enhance their competitiveness. This helps them to stay afloat in the market while attaining considerable market presence. Evidently, this is an important phenomenon as shown by the Qatar Airways Ltd.’s intent to invest in Byogy Renewables Inc. The […]

Greenfield foreign investment

Introduction A large Australian manufacturing firm is keen to internationalise by a Greenfield foreign direct investment via sole ownership in Sri Lanka as a developing country and Taiwan as a developed nation. The essay focuses on advantages and disadvantages of investing in each country, legal systems, and political, cultural, and economic risks. It concludes by […]

Return on Investment

Return on Investment (ROI) refers to a well-known financial metric commonly used to analyze the financial results which arise from personal investments as well as deeds. A number of varying metrics are basically known by the same definition. However, the most popular refers to a metric that I seek to discuss in this paper known […]

Problems of Insider Trading

Insider trading takes place when a few individuals make investment decisions based on exclusive information that is not in the public domain. Depending on the prevailing market conditions, the information can either lead to profits or prevent individuals from incurring losses. Insider trading was not initially considered morally wrong, until the excesses of 1920 happened. […]

Hellenic Community Trust: Investment Proposal

Context Hellenic Community Trust was incorporated in 1991. It is a charitable company whose main activity is providing a community center with recreational and leisure facilities. In addition, the company also provides public education on the traditions, culture, religion and history of the Hellenic community. The company is also involved in numerous activities to generate […]

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Fama asserts that in modern financial economics, efficient market hypothesis is perceived as a cornerstone theory. In fact, Fama (1970) in his financial literature defined the efficient market term as one where the security prices ideally reflects each of the accessible information (Fama & French, 1988, p.249). That is, a souk is deemed efficient when […]

Investing in Indonesia

The general climate of investment in Indonesia is attractive for both international and local investment. Fiscal incentives have contributed to increased number of foreign investors. The country has simplified the process of approving those who want to invest in the country and there are no limitations to the investment value. Investors can wholly own their […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Poland and Czech Republic

This paper evaluates the competitiveness of Poland and Czech Republic as potential hosts of a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) project involving automotive assembly. The potential investors are from the US. FDI contributes to the globalization of businesses. In addition, it acts as a channel for the transfer of certain technologies and capital. Besides, FDI allows […]

Divestment Strategy

Introduction In the modern world, so many organizations are using several strategies to enhance their performance and improve their competitive advantages. Some of the mostly relied on strategies are divestitures or mergers & acquisitions. The two though somehow different have some similarities. Mergers and Acquisitions refers to two companies combining together to form a single […]

Strategic Investment in Information System

Introduction In the current business world that is typified by relatively high levels of competition, firms are investing in various information systems (Stair & Reynolds 2013; Hodge, Kennedy & Maines 2004). An information system is a collection of people and digital processes, which are important in handling information of consumers (Laudon & Laudon 2011). Strategic […]

Shell in Russia

The energy demand has been on the increase in many countries around the world including Russia and other oil producing countries. The international market for oil and gas has different regulations and market dynamics (Grace 2005, p. 35). The oil and gas market has been affected to a large extent by the regulatory pressure. The […]

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment

Introduction There is a widespread belief among policymakers and analysts that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) provides host countries with opportunities for growth. A host country increases its capital formation when it encourages foreign investors to undertake business ventures in the region. In this case, a host country increases its savings significantly. Some researchers stipulate that […]

The Extent to Which FDI Inflows have Influenced GDP Growth in China

Abstract This paper examines the relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Gross Domestic Product or economic growth of China. To establish the relationship between the two variables, the paper analysed concluded research works, carefully examined the country’s FDI trends and linked them to the country’s GDP growth over the last 15 years extending from 1990 […]

Long-Term Investment Decisions

Every company strives to establish, ratify, and attain its long-term investment decisions. These types of decisions need patience and first-rate business strategies. Additionally, such decisions are compelling because they allow room for consultation. In a large or well-established business corporation, there are various departments that monitor or take care of other activities in the company […]

Investing in the UAE

Introduction The United Arab Emirates has caused a stir in the Middle Eastern region due to increased attention from foreign investors based on its investment potential. It is critical to look at the reasons behind this tendency through theoretical lenses as well as specific case studies. Economic environment for FDI in UAE Growth and direction […]

An analysis of the best investment decision by Jim-care medical venter

Introduction This paper, as indicated in the abstract discusses the financial viability appraisal methods that were used to advice the management of Jim-care medical centre on which of the two capital investment options to make. The hospital is a medium, but growing health centre that has a strategic plan to expand to attain a level […]

The overall attractiveness of China as investment sites

Summary The London Company’s China investment can significant increase the global demand for the company’s cloth products. The PEST analysis proves China is a profitable global investment choice. Transferring the cloth company’s production facility to China’s Export Processing Zone will increase the company’s global market share. The low salaries and other production material costs will […]

Financial Direct Investment

Executive Summary A country’s attractiveness to financial direct investment reflects the confidence international financial institutions have in its governance. A nation that has implemented a sound political, economic and social policies all anchored to the rule of law attracts FDI more than the one with weak governance structures. External investors cannot entrust their resources to […]

South Africa Investments

The corresponding principles of the utilitarian benefits of Caltex plant creation was reckoned to be a violation of rights of some particular layers of the society of the past century. Racial prejudices became the greatest obstacle not only in interpersonal relations but also in the rapid developments of the building of the plant. The management […]

Potential Investment in Georgia

Abstract Georgia’s economy is emerging from the 2008 internal displacements and is currently being supported by the international community to improve its economy, thus, providing potential investment opportunities to investors. This document discusses investment opportunities in the tourism and agricultural sector in Georgia. Introduction Agriculture plays a significant role in Georgia’s economy, and according to […]

Capital Asset Pricing Model

Role of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in modern portfolio management In modern industrial economies, business owners aim to maximize on their returns while the managers want to minimize risk on their hands. This provides a typically very different opinion between the management and ownership about risk and returns. With this issue, most of the […]

Islamic Indexing and index related investments

Islamic indexing was first introduced by Dow Jones in Bahrain in 1999. It was meant for investors looking for investment opportunities which comply with the Muslim sharia ethics principles. The Dow Jones Islamic Market Index (DJIM) regulations have been approved by Standard 21 of the Auditing & Accounting Organisation of Islamic Financial Institution (AAOIFI). The […]

Justification for Investing In Wellness Programs

Introduction Financial investment plays a significant role in determining the success of every organization. Investment decisions can either lead an organisation to success or dip it into losses. In order to achieve positive results from financial investment, an organization must consider the implication of such decisions on its financial status. Some investment may even lead […]

Private Equity Firms

What is the private equity firm? A Private equity firm can be defined as a company that invest huge amounts of capital known as the private equity fund in the stakes of a private firms. In other words, private equity firms invest in classified equities of working companies through application of various investment strategies. From […]

How Multinational corporations would respond to risk involved when investing in Sri Lanka?

Introduction It is known that economic and technological forces greatly impact global production. Global economic growth is now positively impacted by liberalization of trade policies and the introduction of Foreign Direct Investment in several developing countries. In this regard, the ongoing process of globalization provides immense growth opportunities for developing countries and enables faster growth […]

Chinese Economy: Issues and Policies

Introduction A country can stimulate its economic growth through different avenues. Some of these avenues include increasing government expenditure, stimulating the level of consumption, and managing its net exports. International trade plays an important role in the growth of a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for example, by increasing the volume of foreign currency (Wilson […]

Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme

Individuals and organizations look for areas where they may invest their money to get good returns. However, all investments carry some degree of risk. The level of risk is the major factor that determines the investment decision. High-risk investments usually have high returns. On the other hand, low risk investments have low returns. The profit […]

Investment Opportunity in American Fried Chicken Restaurant

Introduction The company will focus on determining the profitability of investing $500,000 in the fried chicken restaurant business. The purpose of the research is to persuade the investors to infuse funds into the proposed fried chicken restaurant business for five years. The New York entity name is “American Fried Chicken”. The researcher authorizes the administration […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

Foreign direct investment is an establishment of a long-lasting relationship by an investor of one economy in an enterprise owned by another economy. For the relationship to exist both parties must agree on certain terms of operations and the relationship starts with an initial transaction between investors and the enterprise of interest and among affiliated […]