Project Management Paper Examples

Project Management Assessment: Green Park Development in Madrid

Scope Statement The city of Madrid uses landfills as part of its waste management efforts. After landfills fill up, they require rehabilitation. This project relates to the construction of a sustainable green park in Madrid as part of a land reclamation program on a decommissioned landfill. The city council of Madrid is in charge of […]

Reflection of Consultancy Project

This document has been created to acknowledge the completion of the project, which focused on brand development opportunities and alternative market strategies for the national banjo manufacturing company. The project specifically targeted its subsidiary. It is a premium quality British manufacturer. Its brand name is known as the ‘The Shackleton Brand. Following a brief summary […]

Project Management Processes that are Common to Technology-Intensive Organizations

Abstract Changing the operation environment of organizations such as competition and technological developments compels such organizations to seek new, efficient, and effective ways of maintaining competitive advantage. In technology-intensive organizations such as IS and IT-based organizations, altering organizational operations to be project-based has made them increase their performance by ensuring that they meet deadlines for […]

Constructing a Bridge to Link the Riverina Highway to the Hodge Island Reserve

Introduction The Murray River is one of the most important waterways in the entire Australian continent. The river is the lifeline of hundreds of thousands of people who live along its banks. This proposal presents the requirements for constructing a bridge to link the Riverina Highway to the Hodge Island Reserve. The Bridge will open […]

Project for the Design and Construction of a Bridge across the Murray River

Introduction Project Aim The aim of this project is to provide an alternate route from South Wales to Victoria for pedestrians, motor vehicle users, and cyclists through the Murray River. Project Objective The principle objective of this project is to enhance travel to and from South Wales across the Murray River using the easiest and […]

System Engineering and the Positive Role it has in the Military

The design and management of complex engineering projects requires a combination of different disciplines to facilitate their implementation. System engineering is a very fundamental branch of engineering that is essential in project management. It is not an easy thing to coordinate teams and logistics in complex projects without adopting system engineering concepts. The work processes […]

Technology Plan for W.T. White High School

Executive summary The use of modern technology is increasing in all sectors of the economy. The technologies are in business organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the learning institutions to perform different operations. In a learning institution, the technologies can be used for communication purposes, storage of information in form of databases, retrieval of information […]

Project Management: Sydney Water Company

Introduction The essay is a case study analysis for project management of Sydney Water Company. The company decided to develop a project that would improve its customer services. The first section entails the pre-contract planning, business and functional requirements. The second part highlights the tracking of the project against the business case. The third part […]

Project Management – The Development of Hotel X

Introduction The development of a hotel is a critical initiative. Particularly, this relates to its effect on the tourism sector. Usually, such development projects require a comprehensive analysis. Adequate investigations are necessary in these initiatives. These assist in the processes of decision-making and policy formulation. Therefore, for projects to create the desired effects there is […]

Project Collaboration Portal

Challenges and Opportunities On the background information about the problem, the JVIE was first employed in managing complex projects to solve imminent challenges, which are associated with their implementation and exploit the available opportunities. The early purpose of JVIE was to solve the challenges associated with the project and utilize the opportunities, which it brought. […]

Project Management Methodology

Introduction Project management involves securing, scheduling, supervising and organizing organization resources for achievement of specific project objectives in order to attain the overall goal of the company (Gareis, 2006). The project management aim is to attain all the project goals and objectives within the constraints of budget, scope and time (Gareis, 2006) while optimizing the […]

Social and Organisational Issues in Project Management

Introduction Extant literature demonstrates that the past several decades have been manifested by rapid growth in the exploitation of project management as a viable means by which contemporary organizations the world over realize their set objectives (Meredith & Mantel 2011; Piyush, Dangayash & Mittak 2011), as well as their competitive advantage (Jones 2008). As acknowledged […]

Pontrelli Recycling Inc’s Project Management

Introduction The successful implementation of projects requires efficient management. Project plans are normally applicable in guiding the project execution process. This case study describes seven planning activities and evaluates the Pontrelli Recycling, Inc’s project implementation, efficiency, and alignment with the company’s economic strategy. Furthermore, it discusses how project controls are useful in mitigating risks associated […]

How to Define Project Success?

Introduction Projects pose new opportunities and new challenges that are defined by their peculiarities. Projects as a phenomenon could be described by the following words: “limited, temporary, innovative, unique, and multidisciplinary” (Ika, 2009, p. 6). It is not surprising that a whole branch of management is nowadays devoted to this phenomenon. One of the related […]

Project Color™ by The Home Depot

Application Overview Project Color™ The application helps the user to complete the paint job without any additional efforts. According to the description, it “allows you to see, match, or find the perfect color for your interior or exterior paint or stain project” (“Project Color™” par. 1). Key features of the app and overall impression Project Color™ […]

Apollo Program Details

Introduction The Apollo Program was one of the most famous and effective projects managed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) existed from 1960 to 1973. This program was characterised by one of the highest profiles with its total governmental funding of about $20 billion. Some researchers admit that this program was just another stunt […]

The Apollo Program

Introduction The Apollo program can still be seen as one of the most ambitious and costly programs of the US government. The program’s overall cost was over 20 billion dollars that was spent within a decade (Gisler & Sornette 2009). Many people argue that its negative effects undermine the positive impact. However, many researchers agree […]

Business Proposal for the Launching & Commercialisation of Tropical Health Drink

Business Description Since it was founded in 2005, Tropical Coffee House (TCH) has become one of the most preferred small-sized establishments for people who like to blend unique leisure experiences with the art of healthy living. Headquartered in London, TCH operates several other outlets in Essex, Kent and Surrey in line with its core mission […]

The Iridium Constellation Project

Introduction and Summary At the end of the 20th century, when the impending alterations to the existing concept of communication seemed inevitable, the Iridium Project was conjured. In order to advance the specified realm and promote more efficient communication, the project creators attempted at building a satellite network that would permit telephone transmission of all […]

Management of Projects

This paper is aimed at examining several questions related to project management. In the first section, such a concept as stakeholder is examined. Furthermore, this section includes a strategy for communicating with different stakeholders. Additionally, this paper highlights the differences between agile management and PMBoK. Furthermore, it is important to evaluate their applicability to a […]

E-Commerce System for a Clothing Company in Abu Dhabi

Executive Summary This paper provides a detailed review of the stages of project management for the triumphant execution of an e-Commerce system for a clothing company in Abu Dhabi, the Unites Arab Emirates (UAE). Project management is a vital process in ensuring a successful implementation of projects since it allows a room for proper planning […]

Solar Energy Installation Project Management

Introduction Establishment of renewable energy resources to curb global warming is receiving immense support from a majority of the governments (Atkinson 2001). Atkinson claims, “People have used non-renewable sources of energy like coal and petroleum for a long time” (2001, p. 45). These sources have significantly contributed to the emission of greenhouse gases, prompting the […]

Caribana Parade Project of the Toronto Sun

Introduction Despite the fact that project management is an art and a science, the backbone of a successful project lies in application of soft skills in deliverable variables. These variables authenticate project leadership and management science, risk assessment, and analysis which are basically the soft skills in project management. Project Management is done to prepare, […]

Online Shopping Platform for La Donna Boutique

Subject of Course Project The subject of this course project is an online shopping platform for La Donna boutique. The boutique has no online marketing services. I will carry out investigations on this course project and my findings will provide solutions and create opportunities for La Donna boutique on using online services. Business problem statement […]

Project Management at MM

Ideally, technology should improve the competitiveness of a company. Therefore, from time to time companies implement IT projects to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of their operations. However, implementation of IT projects is a daunting task. Every year companies lose millions of dollars in failed IT projects. Failure of IT projects may bring a company’s […]

Report on California High-Speed Rail Project

The construction of the California High-Speed Rail will solve the problem of ever-growing demands in transportation sector. The project focuses on building first the routes from San Francisco to Los Angeles and later constructing the railway from Sacramento and San Diego. The planned routes can be used as environmentally friendly alternatives for passengers by taking […]

Professional Advice on a Project in Post Contract Stage

Introduction The construction of 80 housing units by OAS Development is a mammoth task that ought to have gone on smoothly. However, project stopped immediately it started and thus left the contractor and client in a tussle. This was propelled by delayed payments as the chief reason for work behind schedule, late administrator’s instructions and […]

Project Management and Operations

Introduction Operations management deals with management of a production process of goods and services in an organization. Operations function is central to any business because it deals with merchandise. As a whole, operations management contributes to the organizational strategy through cost reduction, customer satisfaction, reduction of risks resulting from operation failures, reduction of the amount […]

Project Management: Project Life Cycle

Introduction Projects are temporary endeavours. They are constrained by time, scope, and monetary resources. Projects must fulfil specific goals and objectives as explained in various phases that constitute the project life cycle. A project life cycle begins with scope definition followed by planning, execution, and finally delivering (Cadle & Yeates 2001). An important aspect of […]

HR, Communication, and Integration Management

Executive Summary On 19th July 2007, the Victorian government made a formal announcement that it intended to develop a 150-gigalitre desalination project. After feasibility studies were conducted, the project was declared feasible. The government made its final decision to commit its financial resources to develop the project scheduled for completion by December 2011. Although the […]

The Use of Sugar Wastes to Generate Electricity

Introduction Project Overview This project charter discusses the development of a project to generate electricity. The electricity will be harnessed from the wastes generated by the sugar cane after the milling and extraction of the sugar juice. These wastes are combusted and used to generate electricity. The main element of the project includes project planning, […]

Barbata Electronics – the Knock Your Socks Off project

In this case, the most appropriate project management structure for the ‘Barbata Electronics’ company is undertaking the KYSO project is the “dedicated team management structure”. The rationale for selecting the type of management structure based on the description provided in the question is the need for the company to invest in research and development of […]

Concept Development in Transport Safety

Introduction There are various methods that have been applied to save lives in road accidents. This is evident in the transport system especially involving drunk drivers (Hjelmeland, Beckelman & Wynne 1990). In Japan, some viable methods have been applied successfully to protect life. The strategies applied will be discussed in the following paragraphs. These methods […]

Preparedness Procedures and Methods for the UAE in Case of Nuclear Emergency

Introduction Despite the economic advantages of having the nuclear facilities there is a potential risk of accidents occurring at the nuclear sites leading to release of radioactive materials, which is dangerous considering the health of the people working in the nuclear plants and those living in the neighborhoods. There is the need to regulate these […]