Report on California High-Speed Rail Project

The construction of the California High-Speed Rail will solve the problem of ever-growing demands in transportation sector. The project focuses on building first the routes from San Francisco to Los Angeles and later constructing the railway from Sacramento and San Diego. The planned routes can be used as environmentally friendly alternatives for passengers by taking […]

Professional Advice on a Project in Post Contract Stage

Introduction The construction of 80 housing units by OAS Development is a mammoth task that ought to have gone on smoothly. However, project stopped immediately it started and thus left the contractor and client in a tussle. This was propelled by delayed payments as the chief reason for work behind schedule, late administrator’s instructions and […]

Project Management and Operations

Introduction Operations management deals with management of a production process of goods and services in an organization. Operations function is central to any business because it deals with merchandise. As a whole, operations management contributes to the organizational strategy through cost reduction, customer satisfaction, reduction of risks resulting from operation failures, reduction of the amount […]

Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project

Advanced Project Management: Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project Management Approach of GGOWL Mega Project Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project is a massive project that sought to make massive contribution into the energy sector. The management approach taken in this project would dictate its success or failure. As shown in the case study, this […]

Project Management: Project Life Cycle

Introduction Projects are temporary endeavours. They are constrained by time, scope, and monetary resources. Projects must fulfil specific goals and objectives as explained in various phases that constitute the project life cycle. A project life cycle begins with scope definition followed by planning, execution, and finally delivering (Cadle & Yeates 2001). An important aspect of […]