Computer Science Paper Examples

Improving the Security Levels of Software

Introduction With the modern uncertainty in information and physical safety, even computer programmers who understand the inner technical operations for software admit that there is no single way to eliminate computer security threats. However, software developers struggle so hard to improve the security levels of existing software. As a result, the constant improvement allows more […]

The Multics Operating System Project

Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service) was a time-sharing operating system developed by MIT, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and General Electric Company since 1965 (Saltzer, 1974, pp. 8-24). Multics last known installation was shut in 2000 in Canada. Features Multics had some unique features. Multics had a program that controlled all hardware elements by relying on […]

Computer Security – Information Assurance

Introduction The present epoch of computer technology has come with a number of challenges. One of the challenges is in safeguarding information stored in computer systems. To make sure that only authorised persons have access to the stored information, organizations come up with authentication and authorization procedures, which assign unique login details to each person […]

Analysis of improving ATM services

Data gathering Data gathering on ATM services will apply a qualitative research design. This is the most appropriate method for the report. It will involve collection of data from various users and ATM service providers. The data gathering technique will involve collecting information from various countries and preparing semi-structured questionnaires. The this method is applicable […]

Network Securities Management

Nowadays there has been a great advancement in information technology. This has resulted in many people incorporating information technology in their businesses and organizations. The advancement of information technology has enabled the learning institutions, hospitals, businesses as well as government agencies to employ information technology in their day-to-day activities. This has resulted to increased performance […]

Competitive Strategies: Apple and Microsoft

Introduction Apple Inc. was initially referred to as Apple Computer, Inc. It is a global corporation from America and engages in personal computers, computer software, and consumer electronics. Steve Jobs established the company in 1976. According to the Fortune Magazine, Apple was United States’ most admirable company in 2008. Beginning from 2008 to 2012, Apple […]

Computer Technology in The Last 100 Years of Human History

The debate about the most significant creation within the last 100 years of human history is not straightforward because different people base their augments on various criteria leading to oppositions about the topic. To address this debate, this analytical essay will try to persuade a mixed audience in terms of gender and age. The audience […]

Google Docs Challenges and Opportunities

Problem Statement Most businesses depend on technology in their everyday tasks. From email and phone sessions to websites, there is almost not a single activity which does not involve technology. These technologies, which are now taken for granted, have bridged some great holes in business communication. As businesses grow geographically and internally, there is a […]

The Revolution of Digital Technology

Introduction Digital Revolution refers to the change in technology that has been going on in the last 40 years from analog technology and mechanical technology to the digital technology. The revolution have been characterized by rapid developments in the information technology with the computers becoming,faster,cheaper,powerful and smaller and this has information technology to be part […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the latest and greatest trends in technology. It provides the end users with an opportunity to store data, as well as access numerous application and services, reducing costs that they usually spend on new software licenses. However, with cloud computing, there also comes a potentially heightened level of risk both […]

Computers and Information Gathering

Introduction Computers are computing devices that are used in receiving, storing, transmitting, and retrieving information in a business. Computer application knowledge has become one of the best skills to acquire in the modern society. Notably, computers are used in every sector for a variety of reasons. For example, gathering information, storing information that would be […]

The Future of Software Development

Software professionals continue to face various complex challenges while implementing Scrum. In a bid to seek answers to this difficult situation, software professionals have shown realistic approaches that have helped various software industries make Scrum an Agile progress. The previous progress on software development will continue as long as software professionals and stakeholders do not […]

Cyber Security Technologies

Abstract Advanced cyber attacks that target both public and private sectors at the international level have provoked an increase in research and funding for the establishment of novel cyber security technologies. Government and private institutions are investing in technologies that dynamically appraise networks through real-time and remote agent forensic investigations. Besides, organizations are coming up […]

Evaluation of the BackTrack Software Suite

Advanced Research is an actively developing medical research company, and it needs to test and promote the corporate network security in order to avoid cyber attacks and losses of the corporate information. Advanced Research’s main requirements to the security testing software are the ability to identify vulnerabilities, prevent attacks by unauthorized sources and the cost-effectiveness […]

Cloud Computing

Cost reduction AWS offers a lot of economic benefits to Ericsson Company by reducing its expenses. Ericsson derives operational advantages including quicker setting up of infrastructure and convenient cost effective finishing of huge computational projects (Malaher, 2009). Amazon provides a free tier which allows Amazon EC2 to get started at no charge. AWS does not […]

Is Thunderbolt the Real Deal?

Thunderbolt™ technology was developed by Intel® in collaboration with Apple® in order to transform the performance of PCs. The key features of Thunderbolt™ technology include optical or electrical cables, daisy-chained devices, dual-channel 10Gbs per port and compatibility with prevailing Display Port devices. Other characteristics include the use of both PCI Express and Display Port protocols, […]

People Attitude about Green Computing

According to OECD (2006), the demand for information technology keeps rising every day. Information technology is termed as the driver of business activities in economies. Business information technology tools are needed to enhance business operations in different organizations. The rise in demand for information technology products causes firms to invest hence producing information technology tools […]

Mobile Security

Introduction In the modern world, mobile devices are an important part of people’s lives. They include laptops, Personal Digit Assistants (PDAs), and smart phones. They offer a communication opportunity both in personal life and in business transactions (Furnell, 2009). In the recent past, there has been a notable growth in sales of smart phones due […]


Introduction Multimedia equipments are devices that enhance communication in diverse facets of operation. The IT infrastructural systems are critical pillars that facilitate effective transfer of information. Indeed, the equipments are instrumental in driving social activities and economic performance of individuals or institutions. They provide pertinent incentives that define the level of operations in institutions especially […]

Cloud Computing

Abstract Cloud computing is a relatively new approach of offering computing services on a shared hardware and software platform due to the benefits associated with the approach. That is the rationale for organizations such as Google and Amazon among others in shifting toward the cloud in their service provisions. Typically, the entire system of cloud […]

Computing Goes Green

Increased advancement in Information technology has enabled many sectors of the economy to adapt information technology in their day-to-day operations. Subsequently, many corporate have many clients as well as servers that they use in running their businesses. These computers consume a lot of electricity while operating as well as cooling. For instance, between 2000 and […]

Database Implentation

Tables in the Queensland state soccer carnival database are normalized to the third normal form meaning that they do not exhibit repeating groups, functional dependencies and transitive dependencies. To demonstrate this we consider the tbl_player and tbl_score tables. The tbl_Player table is created to hold information on the players participating in the Queensland state soccer […]

Human computer interface

Human computer interface development has brought considerable change in many sectors such as political, social, cultural and economically. Some of these changes have affected the community either positively or negatively. The continuous evolving of human interface computer highlights substantial changes that are certain to happen in the future. In entertainment one can do a lot […]

Video Game Effects

Barlett, Christopher, et al. “Video Game Effects–Confirmed, Suspected, and Speculative: A Review of the Evidence.” Simulation & Gaming, vol. 40, no. 3, 2009, pp. 377-403. According to Barlett et al., when it comes to discussing the potential effects of playing video games, it is important to understand how they can be properly categorized. The authors suggest […]

Theft of Information and Unauthorized Computer Access

Introduction Information plays a vital role in successful organizational management. Information management using modern information technology enhances organizational survival and decision-making. Individuals with ill intentions can utilize any security flaw existing in the organization’s information systems to pursue their selfish interests; this, in other words, can render an organization susceptible to risks, which are costly […]

IBM IT Security

Introduction Information security is a very critical issue as we grow towards the information and knowledge age. This is due to the very many security threats, in regard to information and technology, associated with it. The more there is advancement in technology, the more security threats faced in the modern information and knowledge based world. […]

The Use of Software Development Tools Always Increases Productivity

Introduction In the present competitive business world, it has become necessary for organizations to position themselves strategically so as to remain relevant to the needs of consumers and also to be better placed to fight the ever increasing competition form rivals in the same field. As a result, most business organizations are forced to turn […]

Tablet Pc

The most cost-effective Tablet Pc will be launched in Turkey in the near future. Tablet PC is a computing device that has a cheap price tag. However, it is loaded with unique features that are similar to other computing devices. Jones asserts that: Tablet Pc has the following advantages: it offers various learning styles; it […]

Computer Security and Its Main Goals

Computer security has three main goals; to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality is an aspect of security that ensures that access to data and other computer assets is limited to the authorized parties. To achieve confidentiality, access to computer resources should be controlled. Use of smart cards and passwords help control unauthorized access. Encryption […]

Mobile Computing

Introduction Mobile computing can be defined as the use of portable computers connected to the internet to receive and store information. According to Kumar (n.d.), mobile computing is a discipline that involves creation of information in an organization platform. The mobile computing device helps a person to access, process and retrieve information from anywhere at […]

Stratus and MS .NET

Introduction (Stratus and MS.NET) In order to support continuous processing and provide the maximum uptime possible, comprehensive server solutions are required to address areas such as hardware, software and service. Within the Windows market, it is reported that only Stratus technologies, together with its distribution channel partners offer this total solution (Sherman n.d.). The Stratus […]

Cloud computing in supply chain management

Cloud computing is one of the advancements, which have significantly transformed the manner in which several companies manage and access information within and outside the firm. In general, this technology allows an organization to access its information technology services like, applications and infrastructure through the internet. For this reason, companies adapt to ever-changing business environment […]

Software Piracy

Introduction The issue of copyright infringement and piracy in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector is as old as the sector itself. In order to appreciate the impacts of piracy of the ICT sector, it is imperative to understand the evolution of the vice from a complementary service into a fully fledged competitor in […]