Criminal Law Paper Examples

Police Abuse and Laws Against It

Introduction Abuse involves wrongdoing by a public official while in the line of official duty or simply misuse of power vested on him/her. In our case, we are focusing on police misconducts, which they exercise while carrying out their duties. Police forces tend to lack trust and impartiality, which is a severe offense that may […]

Criminal Law: Child Protection from Pornography and Labor

Introduction The problems facing the children internationally include internet child pornography and child labor. These are problems widespread across the globe because of abating of the vices by government officials of various states and instability of various policy frameworks set by the governments. Also, the social malpractices like bribery have also led to the laxity […]

The Effects of the American Correctional Policy

Evidence-Based Correction: Definition and Significance Before going any further, it is necessary to introduce the phenomenon of evidence-based correction. Evidence-based correction is defined as a system in which “data, not mere opinions […] play the central role in guiding allegiance to any given correctional theory” (MacKenzie, 2012, p. 1). In a nutshell, the phenomenon of […]

Criminal justice system. Deterrence and incarceration

Introduction The functioning of the criminal justice system is aimed at preventing people from committing offences and protecting victims. This goal shapes the strategies of many governmental organizations. There are several questions that are debated by lawyers and policy-makers. In particular, they attempt to determine whether deterrence or the threat of punishment can impact the […]

The Problem of Child Molestation

Introduction Many people find it hard to discuss issues related to child sex abuse. What’s more, it is even hard to admit the fact that children of all ages (including babies) are sexually molested on daily basis. Sexual abuse has become a hot topic among many communities and a number of professional programs and legislations […]

Capital Punishment in United States

Introduction Capital punishment refers to execution of individuals found guilty of first degree murder. A murder is considered first degree if the prosecution establishes that the accused had clear intent of carrying out the crime otherwise referred to as malicious aforethought1. The methods of execution have varied overtime and from one jurisdiction to another but […]

Transnational Organized Crime

Introduction Transnational organized crime is a big business in the current international system. It takes place when individuals engage in the sale of goods without acquiring necessary documentation. This affects the operations of the state because individuals conduct business without paying taxes to the state. For instance, they import goods that are of low quality, […]

Law: Civil Procedure Hypos

Hypo 6.1 Plaintiff Maria filed a suit against Judy under Virginia wrongful death statute. The plaintiff accused the defendant of submitting a statement to a local gang insincerely accusing Maria’s son, Ed, for stealing some of the gang’s property. It was clear that the gang would react by assassinating Ed, and this came to a […]

Criminal Law: Human Trafficking

Despite frantic efforts by human rights activists, human trafficking remains as one most recurrent criminal activity in the global society. It has its roots is Mesopotamian environs and has continued to spread to other countries through different mechanisms. A formal definition of this vice is the recruitment and transportation of persons under either duress or […]

Criminal Justice

Introduction The contemporary society experiences a huge burden that is linked to crime and violence alongside the negative consequences on the quality of life that people live. There are several impacts of crime such as reduced lifespan, intense fear of insecurity and lack of social comfort as well as reduced working hours due to less […]

Cyber-Attacks and the Laws of War

Cybercrime is one of the fastest rising crimes in the world today. It has been described as an illegal activity that is perpetrated through the Internet. However, there is no universally accepted definition of cybercrime. This paper is a literature review that will analyze several concepts revolving around cyber-attacks. Numerous definitions of the term cyber-attack […]

Moving Beyond Simple Conflict of Interest

Introduction This paper discusses some issues related to the Greber case. Greber was a physician and was the owner of Cardio-Med, Inc. The company assisted physicians by making available certain medical equipments to record the cardiac details of patients. The physicians were paid a certain amount for every patient that they referred. The case deals […]

Inmate Rights in America’s System

Introduction Like other criminal justice systems around the world, America’s system has undergone significant changes to become what it is today. During the 19th century, the “hands-off doctrine” described the relationship between American courts and the correctional system of the country (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2012). Prisoners were largely viewed by the law as slaves of […]

Sentencing For Murder

Introduction Research entails systematic investigation with an aim of establishing facts or collecting specific information. Researchers use varied research methods based on the nature of the research, availability of resources, and time. Research objectives act as the guideline throughout the research. The method of data or information collection used determines the credibility of the study. […]

The Justice System: Prison Congestion

Introduction The justice system has experienced substantial organizational growth and improvement over the years. This growth promoted individualized treatment of offenders achieved through institutionalization which led to establishment of prisons, juvenile courts among other rehabilitation facilities. These institutions serve the purpose of rehabilitating prisoners as well as instilling desirable values among them. Over the years, […]

Computer Forensics

Conducting investigation of computers does not differ much from traditional public investigation. It also implies search for material evidence, including word documents, photos, pictures, or graphic data. The only difference lies in methods of extracting these computer artifacts (Nelson & Phillips, 2010). In this respect, to disclose the facts of kidnapping, computer forensics could be […]

Crimes, Homelessness, Mental Disorders

Introduction The health and well being of the youth are vital to a country’s future. The Australian government’s efforts to build an improved society are ambitious. Australian policy makers have set determined targets for a better future for its young populace with the help of policies and initiatives (AIHW, 2011). Numerous initiatives are in place […]

Capital Punishment

Introduction Capital punishment refers to the act of killing an individual who has been found guilty of committing a certain crime (Gottfried, 2003, p.35). Capital punishment is a severe form of punishment because a victim cannot repeal a death sentence. A less severe alternative to death sentence is life imprisonment. Despite its existence, some countries […]

State Responsibility Theory

The theory of state responsibility relates to laws and principles that control when and how a country should be liable for a breach of international law. DJ Harris shows that the theory of state responsibility is general and not specific to any particular obligation. Thus, it only applies when a country breaches provisions of international […]

Poor, Minorities & Justice

Introduction The issue of the poor, minorities and justice has remained as a source of controversy in the American society. With the country having witnessed high levels of segregation and discrimination on the basis of gender and race among other identity parameters, this issue remains debatable in the American justice system. The interplay between minority […]

Law: Case study

Procedure the Trial Court Used to Make Judgment The trial court relied upon two procedures. First, there was Chouinard v. New Hampshire Speedway where the defendant owned a racetrack and the plaintiff was supposed to attend a race. She purchased a ticket, which was not immediately available. Hence, she was to pick it on an […]

Megan’s law and Adam Walsh Act

Introduction The phenomenon of sexual violence is considered to be one of the main health problems in the United States. With the present day shift in social consciousness and criminological analyses, the new approaches have been implemented in an effort of crime-reducing and preventing. Requiring registration, public notification and following GPS monitoring of the ex-criminals, […]

Is the Death Penalty Effective?

Introduction Although the number of countries that still use the death penalty as a form of punishment has drastically reduced, some countries such as Saudi Arabia and China and some states in the USA still use it. As per Amnesty International’s research reports, over 90% global states have completely abolished this form of punishment and […]

Scientific Approach of Collecting Biological Evidence in Criminal Investigation

Forensic science is one of the accurate methods of collecting and analyzing evidence from a scene of a crime. Since courts require substantial evidence, investigators ought to use the most accurate forensic equipments and to follow all the necessary steps. Investigators use different approaches to collect biological evidence at the scene of a crime. Chisum […]

Forensic Evidence in Criminology

Footwear Evidence Footwear evidence as the name suggests, is the foot impressions that used in connecting the culprit to the act of crime. Properly collected and analyzed footwear evidence normally leads to the culprit (Domnauer, 2007). If the shoe or foot impressions do not bear inimitable patterns or marks, they are null and void evidence. […]

Death Penalty: Ryan Mathews Case

Introduction Studies suggest that the American death penalty is in a crisis. This is because of the emerging evidence, which indicates that convicts may be innocent from the charges. According to Dieter, the courts have exonerated “116 people from the death row after dropping their charges” (Dieter, 2004). This number includes “16 people in the […]

Prison life in the United States

In the United States, the Department of Justice set up prisons and corrective facilities to promote correction and rehabilitation of offenders. The correctional system is established primarily to detain federal offenders while offering them rehabilitative services. The criminals are removed from the society for a period that is considered as feasible to transform them. However, […]

Abner Louima case and the outcome

The case of Abner Louima was one of the most brutal cases in New York, when a police officer brutalized the arrested suspect with a plunger. The arrest started when police were breaking up a fight between two women outside the club and two men intervened. Abner Louima interfered with the police and after the […]

Community Policing and Police Psychology

According to (CPOP, 2008, p.1), “community policing focuses on crime and social disorder through the delivery of police services that include aspects of traditional law enforcement , as well as prevention, problem solving, community engagement, and partnerships”. This approach calls for collaboration between police and citizens. This approach also “balances reactive responses to calls with […]

The Importance of Miranda Rights

All the persons’ rights and freedoms are fixed in the Constitution, and they are regulated according to the definite laws. In the USA, the rights should be considered as a form of protection for each person. However, when the issue of Miranda Rights is discussed many people do not know the real meaning of the […]

Steelhead Police Department

Organization Theories that relate to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies Various organization theories apply in the running of various organizations in the aim of improving efficiency. Organization theories apply to management of law enforcement agencies as detailed below. Weber’s Bureaucratic theory deems the organization as a component of the environment that gives it chance […]

Predictive Policing

Introduction The traditional police strategy was based on the three R’s: random patrol, rapid response, and reactive investigation (Beck, 2008).The strategy failed because it alienated the police from the community who viewed police officers as intruders and enemies. In response to the crisis, the concept of community policing developed. It helped to foster cooperation between […]

Juvenile Statistics in Criminal Activities

Introduction Juveniles consist of young children and youth offenders who have not yet attained the age of adulthood (in most cases eighteen years) while Juvenile delinquency is the engagement of children and youthful offenders in criminal activities. Crime is an aspect that has raised concern among individuals, groups and organizations especially due to its increased […]

Juvenile Justice and status offence: enforcement, sentencing and prosecution

Introduction Yearly, youths are arrested allegedly accused of committing status offences such as being incorrigible, truant, running away from home or involving themselves in underage drinking or drug abuse. More worse is that many of the juveniles involve themselves in violent criminal activities such as street gang, rape, robbery burglary and theft. They end up […]

Parole system in the United States

Introduction Parole can be seen as an arrangement or a situation where the prisoners are released before they complete their jail term for rehabilitation purposes. Prisoners under parole are usually supervised in order to see whether they are more likely to commit crime during this period. In case they happen to break the law once […]

Case of David Scott Mathers

Introduction This is a case of David Scott Mathers who suffocated his life partner after realising that her attempted suicide had failed. This is a case of euthanasia where help is given in dying so as to make the death more tolerable. It is also a case of assisted suicide because the deceased Eva Griffith […]

Juvenile Justice Case Management

Introduction When people who have not attained the age of majority commit crimes, they have to face the criminal justice system for justice to prevail. However, their treatment is somewhat different with that of adult offenders considering the age factor and the fact that some of them may not have the mental capability to perceive […]

Theories Required to be Successful in Supervisory Practices in the Criminal Justice Field

Introduction Criminal justice refers to the study and application of laws pertaining criminal behavior. It is usually studied by people and professionals who either defend or prosecute those accused of crime or people advocating for change in the prevailing criminal justice system. The major group in this case that is directly and more often involved […]

Criminal Evidence and Legal Issue

The principal restriction of impeachment, by the use of evidence of misconduct, can result in a conviction of a witness According to the principal restriction of impeachment, the use of evidence of misconduct can cause the conviction of a witness. Any misconduct that is compliant with the truthfulness of the witness’ evidence can result in […]