Intellectual Property Paper Examples

Copyright Law in UAE

What is Copyright? Copyright is a legal term under many intellectual property statutes. The term means that the creator of a work that must be original has the right to that work. The rights under copyright law are exclusive and last for a specified period of time. The right has many other rights that accrue […]

Law: Intellectual Property Rights

Pharmaceutical industries use intellectual property rights to ensure that they protect their products against counterfeits and recover the inputs that they incurred in the research stages. Precisely, these industries use the industrial property (IP) rights, a category of intellectual property rights, to meet their demands. The managers, in these industries, should recognize the industrial dynamism. […]

Copyright Laws Definitions

A copyright is a law that protects the ideas and expressions of people from being stolen or used by other people. Copyrights are usually prepared for literary forms of works, photographic material, musical or song compositions, films or motion pictures and sound recordings. Copyright laws are designed to protect the expressed idea in the forms […]

Exploitation of Copyrights, Trademarks and Intellectual Property Rights in Modern Day Business: An Examination of Adverse Practices in an Internet Dominated Era

The Internet and Intellectual Property Right Infringement Intellectual property rights are broadly defined as “exclusive rights pertaining to distinct intangible creations of the mind which range from music, designs and various artistic works to broad categories such as inventions, literature and even phrases” (Woker, 2006). The basis for intellectual property rights is to protect the […]

Egypt and Canada

The international community embraces presence of laws that protect people’s ideas, patents, copyrights trade secrets and plagiarism trademarks. Egypt and Canada are not an exception to these laws and are also bound to register the applications by their citizens protecting their intellectual properties against people who may use them to benefit themselves economically. Unlike Egypt, […]

Copyright and Piracy

Introduction The start of the current century saw innovation and adaptations on the part of fraudsters stealing other people’s work. Intellectual property theft and fraud continued to mutate over the decades. Intellectual property criminals continue to express privatized approach towards producing and selling other people’s creative work and properties. There exist various properties categorized as […]

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement refers to the act of using copyrighted works without the authority of the owner thus infringing their rights to reproduce or distribute the material (Campbell and Cotter 24). The intellectual owner of any material has a right to reproduce the work, distribute it, display it publicly, and to perform the work publicly. According […]


Introduction Plagiarism and other unfair practices are a problem for international students. This has resulted from increased use of other people’s inventions and ideas in learning institutions by lecturers without giving due credit to the sources of these ideas (Hall, 2004, para.1). Definition Plagiarism is described as a fraud in the sense that people obtain […]

Protection of Inventors Ideas

Introduction The product that comes from the mind of inventors is commonly referred to as intellectual property. Intellectual property is a distinct creation of the human mind or something which someone has invented and has exclusive rights to make or sell, especially something that cannot legally be copied by other people. The rights are a […]

Software Patents and Piracy in China

Introduction Background Information Technology (IT) is one of the most important elements in the development of the world economy. The software industry forms one of the most essential components of IT. The size of the global software market has undergone a significant growth over the past few years. According to a report by Gartner Incorporation […]

Intellectual Property

Introduction This paper discusses the inception of intellectual property (IP) and its associated features. The concept of Intellectual property emerged after the foundation of the “World Intellectual Property Organization” (WIPO) in 1967. There is increase use of this term by diverse groups seeking to safeguard their intellectual knowledge and cultural heritage. This paper also examines […]

How to Protect your Intellectual Property

It is the responsibility of every person to protect their intellectual property from counterfeiters. Registering intellectual property gives an innovator the necessary protection that he or she needs incase of any infringement (National Association of Music Merchants par. 1). Innovators can only defend themselves in a court of law if their intellectual property is registered. […]

Apple Lawsuit against Samsung

The value of Apple and Samsung smartphone and tablet market is estimated to be $200 billion. Apple is a dominant player in the smartphone market. However, Samsung has devised strategies which have enabled it acquire a significant share in the Smartphone and tablet market. This state of affairs has made Apple to experience a significant […]

Patent’s Essentials

When the government of the United States of America grants intellectual rights to an individual, it issues him or her with a patent. The USA government issues patents to prevent infringement of an inventor right to a novel idea thus, promoting science. A patent is a monopoly to the inventor of an original idea. According […]

Intellectual Property

Discussion Board The information article Intellectual Property, written by a group of authors under direction of Evan Davies, aims to define the concept of intellectual property (IP) and identify its key characteristics. Secondly, the authors give a brief overview of legal means that help to protect the right for IP. According to the scholars, intellectual […]

A case against Software Piracy

Introduction The significance of computers and subsequently computer software in modern lives is indeed unquantifiable. Teston asserts that software has become the building block of all major industries and as such, our very civilization (66). With this in mind, the issue of software piracy is of great concern since its impacts have a direct bearing […]

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents, is a phrase that is often used in reference to different unique kinds of creations of the human mind or intellect for which the creators are given certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets. The intangible assets include, but not limited to, musical, literary, various […]