Music downloads and the ethics of piracy

Introduction Music piracy is the unlawful access to an artist’s music through either physical or internet means. Internet piracy is the illegitimate posting and access of music using websites or email services while physical piracy is the illegal copying of music to CDs, DVDs, flash disks or external hard disks. Usually music piracy can be […]

How to Protect your Intellectual Property

It is the responsibility of every person to protect their intellectual property from counterfeiters. Registering intellectual property gives an innovator the necessary protection that he or she needs incase of any infringement (National Association of Music Merchants par. 1). Innovators can only defend themselves in a court of law if their intellectual property is registered. […]

Apple Lawsuit against Samsung

The value of Apple and Samsung smartphone and tablet market is estimated to be $200 billion. Apple is a dominant player in the smartphone market. However, Samsung has devised strategies which have enabled it acquire a significant share in the Smartphone and tablet market. This state of affairs has made Apple to experience a significant […]


When the government of the United States of America grants intellectual rights to an individual, it issues him or her with a patent. The USA government issues patents to prevent infringement of an inventor right to a novel idea thus, promoting science. A patent is a monopoly to the inventor of an original idea. According […]

Intellectual Property

Discussion Board The information article Intellectual Property, written by a group of authors under direction of Evan Davies, aims to define the concept of intellectual property (IP) and identify its key characteristics. Secondly, the authors give a brief overview of legal means that help to protect the right for IP. According to the scholars, intellectual […]