Journalism Paper Examples

Kuwait’s Opposition and the Freedom of Expression

Introduction In many countries around the world, there have been attempts to champion for the freedom of expression. According to Kai (2007), countries in the West have achieved this freedom in accordance with the international standards. However, other countries are still struggling to achieve this freedom. In Kuwait, opposition leaders have criticized the government for […]

“Human Wrongs Animal Rights: Introduction to Moral Philosophy” Article

Introduction Animals live in a moral world hence are morally upright towards other animals. It is the human beings who constantly try to infringe morals on animals. Human beings more often than not abuse the rights of animals, whether domestic or the wild animals, the rights are being abused in several ways. They use animals […]

Ideologies in Newspaper Writing

Literature Review Ideology is a rationality of thoughts that presents a foundation for structured political action. Ideology determines the ability of achieving projected conservation, transformation or toppling the available system of power. According to Mannheim (1996), people’s ideas, are fashioned by their material and social statuses. Ideologies have a belief system that serves to preserve […]

Societies’ Concern about Sensationalism, Media Ethics, and Practices

Abstract In the contemporary world, people handle things differently because of their desire to earn massive profits. The media executives aspire to generate huge profits, and therefore, they have taken a different approach in handling the junior journalists. Journalists, who ought to exercise an authoritative role in giving reliable information, are acting under the influence […]

Structured and Semi-structured Interviews

Interviewing is one of the methods used by researchers to obtain primary information from the source. Interview methods have been described in many ways. Cohen and Manion (2000) define interviews as a verbal exchange, usually perpetrated by two individuals, guided by the interviewer whose primary objective is to obtain the appropriate information necessary for the […]

“Some Effects of Lead Contamination on Liver and Gallbladder Bile”

Article Summary Lead poisoning is one of the common health problems affecting mankind today (Bhagwat, Patil, & Sontakkem, 2008). The article “Some Effects of Lead Contamination on Liver and Gallbladder Bile” explores the toxic effects of lead on the human liver. According to the article, lead “results in weight loss, poor liver functioning, and abdominal […]

The Conflict-Positive Organization: It Depends Upon Us

Introduction The paper represents the summary of the article “The conflict-positive organization: It depends upon us” by Dean Tjosvold published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior in 2008. The author investigates the issue of the conflicts and the conflict management. Tjosvold (2008) emphasizes the significance of managerial approach towards the conflict situations within the organization […]

“Clarke: Transformation for Environmental Sustainability” by Laszlo, McCabe, Aheam and Ghatde

Issues Despite the fact that the tidal wave of environmental concern, which started in 1990s, seems to have died down in 2010s, the recent introduction of the sustainability principle into not only management of various natural environments, but also the field of business and economics, has provided the premises for an innovation approach in the […]

“Jaguar Land Rover and HSBC using CSR to Ensure Brand Success in China” by Andy Rice

The selected article, titled “Jaguar Land Rover and HSBC using CSR to Ensure Brand Success in China”, demonstrates how international corporations the world over are increasingly using the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to win the market share for their brands in international markets by funding charitable activities that support the corporations’ commercial expansion […]

The Vision of the Iranian Females of the Muslim Culture

The interview with the Iranian female can provide the significant information on the Iranian culture, on the particular customs and traditions, and on the woman’s role in the country. The answers to the questions on the cultural aspects are helpful to learn specific details about the Iranian culture because they are presented from the perspective […]

Enterprise Resource Planning

Abstract The article revolves around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and its importance in organizations. Additionally, the article presents the components that make up the ERP system and the methodology that organizations can use to implement it. From the article, change management, process flow, customer mindset, and software are components of ERP that need integration with […]

China’s Media Regulations and Its Political Right to Enforce: Conflict with Foreign Correspondents

Abstract In China, foreign journalists are never given sufficient freedom to cover issues related to the state and government. Foreign journalists have always demanded for freedom but the government of China has been reluctant to grant them the right to freedom of the press. In China, the government has the right to enforce laws barring […]

Internet Filtering: Debating the Positives & Negatives

Presently, it is evident that the Internet has achieved momentous growth and now surround children and teenagers in the modern household (Livingstone & Helsper 2008), but concerns about unhealthy use of this invention continue to hit world headlines with heightened vigour. These concerns have elicited debate on the viability of Internet filtering to not only […]

You Cannot Live Without Mobile Phones

While communication technologies have penetrated to the lives of contemporary society, it does not positively contribute to its adequate cultural, psychological and social development. Ladies and gentlemen, today my team plan to prove the affirmative speaker’s argument is not well-grounded because it distorts the current data on negative influence of mobile phone use. My argument […]

Lance Armstrong Gets Dumped by R. Albergotti, V. O’Connell and S. Vranica

In the article Lance Armstrong Gets Dumped Reed Albergotti, Vanessa O’Connell and Susanne Vranica (2012) describe the actions against the famous athlete Lance Armstrong by such companies as Nike or RadioShack. In particular, the authors report that these organizations cancelled commercial contracts with this athlete because he was found guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs (Albergotti, […]

A New Role for Contrastive Analysis

Language issues seem to have been the stumbling block for people’s communication for centuries. In his article “Cross-Linguistic Awareness: A New Role for Contrastive Analysis,” Carl James discusses the question concerning the contrastive analysis and its application for the comparative studies of two or more languages. Considering the following quote from Fries’ paper: “The most […]

The Road to PPB: The Stages of Budgetary Reform

In his article “The Road to PPB: The Stages of Budgetary Reform” (1966), Allen Schick focuses on the aspects of the effective budgetary reform which could provide the significant positive changes in relation to national budgeting and the role of government in the process. However, instead of discussing the innovative approaches to budgeting, Schick pays […]

Article Critique: “Sprinkler Systems Have Had a Long, Strange Trip”

Introduction The aim of the paper is to critique the article “Sprinkler Systems Have Had a Long, Strange Trip” by Ronny Coleman. Contrary to the popular belief that the risk of a fire outbreak is highest in hotels, schools, and other public facilities, residential homes have the highest probability of catching fire. Although the plan […]

Critical book review of privileging the press

Introduction Journalism is as highly perplexing career that involves rubbing of shoulders with the law in both positive and negative ways. This has brought about confusion over its relation to courts and witness protection. Journalists have a responsibility to protect their sources when it is deemed necessary. However, the law also works to ensure that […]

Drones for Newsgathering & Surveillance

One of the most notable aspects of post-industrial modernity is that, as of today, the pace of the ongoing technological progress attained a clearly defined exponential momentum, which in turn challenges the validity of people’s conventional outlooks on what the notions of ‘privacy’ and ‘journalism’ stand for. The soundness of this suggestion can be illustrated, […]

“Why Congress Should Legalize Pot” Article

Introduction The article written by Jeffrey Miron presents a persuasive argument in favor of the legalization of marijuana. Miron successfully employs logical appeals and style to convince his readers that marijuana should be legalized. The style and appeals, which he uses, are consistent with the context of the article. Background Jeffrey Miron, the author of […]

International Legal System as Initiatives to Enhance the Umm Qasr Port Security

The article under discussion is called “International Legal System as Initiatives to Enhance the Umm Qasr Port Security”; it represents a study report prepared by Iranian researchers Hassan Jafari and Somayeh Dehdari. The paper under discussion is devoted to the examination of the port security problem in the framework of the Umm Qasr Port. The […]

Criticizing the article “Franchise firm entry time influence on long term survival”

Introduction The article “Franchise firm entry time influence on long term survival” by Juste et al. (2008) presents a rather interesting outlook on franchise firm survival by focusing not on the market forces of supply and demand or even on methods of sustained development through management innovation, diversification and subsequent product development but rather it […]

“Are You Hiring High Performers?”

The article “Are you hiring high performers” focuses on the way new employees are hired at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville. Its author, Matthew Weinstock, claims that annual nurse turnover reduces when efficient personnel is employed, and patients become more satisfied with the care they receive. The hospital president and CEO emphasize the squishy stuff as […]

“With Training and Development for All” by Goodman and Preston

In their article, Goodman and Preston discuss the achievements of a team of Florida Hospital leaders and consultants, who have to consider the latest changes in the Affordable Healthcare Act and the necessity to meet the needs of multicultural and multilingual customers and introduce the conditions under which the hospital staff can provide high-quality services […]

Team Turnarounds: A Playbook for Transforming Underperforming Teams

Teamwork is becoming an increasingly important concept in the business world, as many organizations move away from traditional hierarchical structures to more cross-departmental team-centered workplace designs. However, it appears that not all teams are created equal: some experience significant organizational and performance issues. Precisely this issue is the focus of a recently published book by […]

Career profile of Piers Morgan

Journalism is greatly affected by perception which individuals and general public have on a journalist. According to Weingarten, both journalism as a career and journalist as an individual may be ruined or built depending on brand (par.9). Weingarten points out such factors like branding and self promotion as integral considerations when building a robust career […]

Virginia Tech Shooting

Introduction Virginia tech shooting was an incident that occurred in the year 2007 in which a number of students were shot dead within the premises of the institution. This paper seeks to establish the fact that “the media coverage of the event was considerably commendable since they dissented to the scene immediately and exposed to […]

Workplace Social Capital and All-Cause Mortality: Public-Sector Employees in Finland

Summary The study was carried outwith the aim of examining the association that existed “between the social capital and all-cause mortality in a large in a large occupational cohort in Finland” (Oksanen et al, 2011, p.1742). Moreover, one of the hypotheses that the study sought to test is whether low workplace social capital exposure and […]

‘Generational buying motivations for fashion’ by Laura Portolese Dias

Summary of the article As it was stated in the introduction part of the article under analysis, a study was conducted to test one hypothesis whether buying motivations of representatives of generation X and generation Y are identical when they reach a particular age. Providing clear definitions of the two generations, the article discusses the […]

The Economist

Introduction The Economist is a weekly publication that has been in production since 1843. Though its editors refer to it as a newspaper, it is produced in a magazine format and type of paper. It is based in London and is owned by The Economist Group, which is owned by the Financial Times, a subsidiary […]

Spirals of Silence: Expression of Opinion When the Climate of Opinion Is Unambiguous

Summary The article acknowledges that media plays a major role in determining the people behavior in expressing of opinion. The article states that evidence for Noelle-Neumann theory has not been in agreement with the theory itself due to the differences in public assessments of climate of opinion or rather the prevailing feelings of the people. […]

Top ten reasons why large companies fail to keep their best talent

Brief Article Overview The article “Top ten reasons why large companies fail to keep their best talent” by Jackson Eric sets out to highlight the reasons why major companies find it hard retaining staff. The article begins by stating that while large organizations have vast resources that they can use to retain their best staff, […]