Workplace Social Capital and All-Cause Mortality: Public-Sector Employees in Finland Essay

Summary The study was carried outwith the aim of examining the association that existed “between the social capital and all-cause mortality in a large in a large occupational cohort in Finland” (Oksanen et al, 2011, p.1742). Moreover, one of the hypotheses that the study sought to test is whether low workplace social capital exposure and […]

President Reagan’s thoughts on abortion Essay

The abortion debate has raged on for a long time generating controversy after controversy. Abortion revolves around the sensitive issue regarding the life of the unborn. So acrimonious is the debate, that it has attracted the attention of popular figures such as the former United States President Ronald Reagan. In his opinion, Reagan states that […]

‘Generational buying motivations for fashion’ by Laura Portolese Dias Essay

Summary of the article As it was stated in the introduction part of the article under analysis, a study was conducted to test one hypothesis whether buying motivations of representatives of generation X and generation Y are identical when they reach a particular age. Providing clear definitions of the two generations, the article discusses the […]

Spirals of Silence: Expression of Opinion When the Climate of Opinion Is Unambiguous Assessment

Summary The article acknowledges that media plays a major role in determining the people behavior in expressing of opinion. The article states that evidence for Noelle-Neumann theory has not been in agreement with the theory itself due to the differences in public assessments of climate of opinion or rather the prevailing feelings of the people. […]