Unemployment in California As a result of the current increase in the unemployment rate in California, this paper will discuss an article by Semuels (2011) on “California unemployment rate hits 12.1% as employers slash jobs” posted on the Los Angeles Times on September 17, 2011. Introduction On August this year, California’s employers slashed some jobs […]

Evaluative essay on article “To oppose WikiLeaks is to be against press freedom and free speech” by Chris Berg

Introduction This study evaluates an article by Chris Berg, which was published in a website titled, the Age. The article was titled, the Weight of the World. The article speaks against negative criticisms leveled against Wiki leaks and its founder Julian Assange (Berg 2010). The publication therefore advanced the fact that, wiki leaks was only […]

Drugs Usage in Sports

Introduction During a 30- minute interview, I sat down with a former coach of mine and discussed drug usage among high school athletes. The coach touched upon a few issues concerning drug testing policies, drug education and awareness programs for coaches and athletes used at high schools in Mississippi. INTERVIEWER: Are the incidents of drug […]

Upton Sinclair’s “Living and Dying in Packingtown, Chicago”

Introduction The article “living and dying in Packingtown, Chicago” is a representative story about life in a town that is much characterized by intense suffering of families and abuse of responsibility by the industries that are established there. This paper seeks to write a summary of the article. The paper will look into the major […]