Pedagogy Paper Examples

The Learn English Website Evaluation

Introduction With the current technological advancement, the number of internet websites and their users has increased significantly. Many people create different web pages for various purposes such as trading, teaching and learning. Scholars in the education sector have launched numerous sites to aid in the learning and teaching of different subjects. The Learn English website […]

Education: Bilingual Kindergarten

Introduction While possessing proficiency in one language is enough for communication purposes, having multiple language abilities has more advantages. In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to effectively communicate in at least two languages is very beneficial. Educators and policy makers have acknowledged that a country can attain many benefits when students are bilingual. This […]

Creativities and Boys Involvement

Introduction The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) noted that the creativity among children has to be enhanced by supporting their curiosity, exploration and play. It is also important to provide them with opportunities for exploring and sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. This can be achieved through art, music, movement and dance activities among others. […]

Supervision in Public Schools

Public schools can be categorized into primary, secondary schools as well as post secondary institutions authorized for or open by the government to all children. Supervision is a vital activity that public schools management ought to practice in order to ensure smooth running in the school (Christian 1987). In the public schools, supervision is a […]

Hearing Impaired and Education

Defining Characteristics of Hearing Impaired The characteristics of hearing impaired can be categorized as behavioral or motor characteristics. The various behavioral characteristics of hearing impaired is a bad attention to what is being said by another person. This condition makes the victim appear as absent minded. Another characteristic of hearing impaired is the fact that […]

The Instructional Power of Game-Based Learning and Simulation in Education

Abstract Psychologists have often emphasised the need to incorporate games in school curriculum as a way of giving learners opportunity to develop in all aspects of the curriculum. According to them, these games offer learners an avenue to release their mental tension resulting from rigorous academic engagement. Previous studies have also indicated that the learning […]

Teaching in Middle Schools

In the recent past, teaching in middle schools has been a complex undertaking. Numerous innovations have emerged due to remarkable restructuring that has taken place in the education sector. One of the most important innovations in the sector is integrated curriculum. Teachers in middle schools can decide either to adopt single-subject curriculum, in which they […]

What Comes First, Topic or Pedagogy?

Introduction A teacher determines the strategies to apply when teaching a topic. Probably, the teacher could decide to develop a strategy in which the students determine the topic they will study. Basing on this critique, it could be deduced that pedagogy comes first. It is crucial to point out that establishing instruction strategies arm student […]

What are the Best Practices for Reading Instruction in Secondary Schools?

Introduction Poor reading skills prevent many students from graduating from high school, completing college, and dealing with challenges in the work place. Developing students’ reading skills should be the first priority for the middle grades and high school, because it defines learning in every subject including mathematics and sciences. Since, reading with comprehension varies in […]

Curriculum Investigation: Colorado Mountain College & Mt. San Antonio College (California)

The US offers a variety of educational programs to the general populace. Different states offer different curriculum and students can choose colleges based on their specific needs and requirements. There are a number of choices available for students seeking two years associated degree programs. Students can choose between online and campus education. The Colorado Mountain […]

Team Organization in Middle School

Many individuals consider interdisciplinary team organization an important organizational element in middle schools. An interdisciplinary team consists of a group of students and teachers. Teachers in these interdisciplinary teams represent different curriculum disciplines such as sciences, arts, social studies, special education, and languages among others. When attending to the students, these teachers share the same […]

Teaching Course about Excretion in Animals

Introduction Organized teaching strategies are featured by credible learning tools to facilitate effective perception. We can attribute the attainment of knowledge to proper instructional design. One key and fundamental component of these designs involves the establishment of a course outline. Consequently, this project targets on establishing an effective outline to guide the teaching of a […]

Education Practices in Penslivania

Introduction In the recent past, many organizations have come up with policies that foster the welfare and the general well-being of children and the underprivileged in the society. These groups are well established and have a good network that reaches as many people as possible. The groups are funded by the government or they may […]

The Establishment of an Immersion Program at a Prep Elementary School in Saudi Arabia

The rationale for the choice of the model The rationale for the establishment of the partial immersion program at an elementary school in Saudi Arabia is based upon the benefits of this model for the students’ cognitive abilities and proficiency in general and political and educational advantages of this model of bilingual education within a […]

Assessment and Differentiation

Introduction Greet the learners The presenter introduces him/herself and the learners do the same. The participants give their name and their expectations concerning the lesson. This will ensure that the learners are comfortable and they can freely share. Capture the whereabouts of items like cloakrooms and restrooms and the time for break. Objective The learners […]

Gifted Student Identification Procedures, NAGC Criteria and the Texas State Plan

Comparing and contrasting the relationship of Broward county gifted student identification procedures to the NAGC criteria and the Texas state plan. In children education, identification of the gifted children plays a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of learning in different groups of students. Gifted students vary widely from non gifted students. The way gifted students […]

Pedagogy in Cultural Communication

Language is the medium through which people use for communication in a bid create understanding. Different people have different languages they use to communicate with one another. However, cultural differences may hinder effective communication. This paper relies on Hofstede and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions while using three decisive scenarios to explain the various misunderstandings that are […]

Creativity and Gifted Students

Introduction Creativity refers to the ability of a person to bring something ‘new’ or simply one that did not exist before into being. It can also be defined as finding new applications for ideas or things that previously existed. New in this case is used relatively to refer to new ideas as is in the […]

Development of a Systematic Perspective on School Based Management Policy and Implementation

Introduction The research paper is a critical examination of the concept of school-based management. It is no doubt that public schools have in the recent past rethought and redesigned the manner with which they opt to operate effectively and efficiently via the process of restructuring or systematic reforms (Fiske, 1995). To show that the matter […]

Behaviors Associated With Giftedness

To some extent, students differ significantly from each other. Some of them are fast in learning while others are slow. There are two broad categories of students. These include gifted students on one side and those who are not gifted on the other. In general, all gifted students demonstrate some unique abilities in various grounds. […]

Response to Intervention Model

Bibliographic information about the program and costs Initially, the Response to Intervention (RTI) model was adopted in 1970s as a tool for assessing learners with potential learning difficulties. Such learning challenges covered various areas in acquiring instructional information. It aimed to replace the conventional model of ‘wait to fail’. The RTI model moved away from […]

Adaptive Hardware and Assistive Technology

There are many students in the US with different forms of disability. The presence of such learners in any learning environment shows the need for educators and other stakeholders to accommodate diverse requirements of such students through adaptive hardware and assistive technology in the classroom. Previous studies have established that the best approach for the […]

Gifted Children

For a long time in history, test-taking and lesson-learning methods have been used as the standards of measurements of a student’s abilities. They have been used to determine cut-off points for students who will make it to the university or four year colleges. However, it is not those who consume knowledge but the creative and […]

Tangible Video Bubbles

Introduction The field of human-computer interaction is an ever-expanding field occasioned by daily leaps and bounds in the information technology landscape. The information technology explosion of the twentieth century brought with it the perennial challenge of how to interact with computers. With advances in computer processing speeds and with the desire to connect all people […]

Adult Learning Assumptions

Six Key Assumptions Provided by Knowles Knowles’s work is narrowed to the analysis of theories of adult learning. His concept of andragogy is the most well-known theory of adult development. Hence, the scope of Knowles (2005) model is based on the six basic assumptions concerning adults and their attitude to learning: Adults are more self-directed […]

Andragogy: A Reflection on Adult Teaching and Learning

Introduction Andragogy refers to the various strategies used to enhance teaching and learning among adults (Boshier 87). The strategies are often aimed at engaging the adult learners. The students are given the opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of their learning experience. Andragogy is important for both adult learners and teachers. The main reason behind this […]

Diversity Training and Promotion among Learners in Class

Promotion of diversity is an essential step towards efficient learning (Ehevarria & Graves, 2007). By introducing diversity to class, teachers not only promote a better understanding of specific cultures among learners, but also foster a range of essential qualities in students, such as tolerance and cultural awareness. Seeing that the setting, in which Karen works, […]

Testing in Language Teaching

Language testing stands for the identification of the level of a learner’s preparation to use their language skills and knowledge in real life situations and environments. Testing is an essential part of teaching a language and should not be viewed as a separate activity. Since the result is crucial in teaching, an educator is to […]

Second Language Learning

Introduction The process of designing language-learning programs requires the participation of different individuals. Designing language-learning programs also requires the input of individuals involved in policy formulation. An example of a subject is the teaching of English as a second language. English is taught as a second language to individuals who immigrate into areas where this […]

School Library

Abstract The report was commissioned by the School Principal to document how the school library will be used as a learning space and resource centre to accommodate twenty-first-century learning. It was informed by the ongoing technological changes in the information age and their impacts on learning and reading. A careful review of pedagogical developments, changes […]

Power and Agency in the Classroom

Summary The article, ‘Betwixt Safety and Shielding in The Academy: Confronting Institutional Gendered Racism’ by Cobb-Roberts presents an experience of cultural diversity of one African-American lecturer who teaches in a white student-dominated institution. According to Cobb-Roberts (2012), the story is about a white student who complains of disapproval with the way the lecturer and his […]

The Impressions of Emirati Youths on ISIS

Introduction Research background The ISIS crisis is in its fourth year despite several efforts by the international community for reconciliation. It is necessary to establish the impression of the Emirati youths on the ISIS, since they are indirectly affected by the current military activities of the group in Syria and Iraq (Al-Jenabi, 2008, p. 15). […]

Evaluation of Novels ‘Every day’ and ‘I am Malala’

Introduction Education is a very important aspect in the life of a person. Through education, individuals become enlightened and gain the ability to undertake their activities successfully. Remarkably, education employs several techniques and strategies, which include the use of novels and storybooks. Out of novels and storybooks, young adults receive insights concerning the importance of […]

Autism Effect on Children

Introduction Autism is a neurodevelopment condition that lowers several mental capabilities of individuals. Children suffering from autism have reduced social interaction skills and become slow learners. Numerous cases of autism are reported all over the world, but people living with autism have become integrated well into the society due to the scientific advancements in medicine. […]

English Language Learners

English language learners have a diverse range of needs that should be met by educators. This paper is aimed at examining the way in which my school supports these students as well as their parents. In particular, it is necessary to compare the current strategies against the best practices recommended by researchers. Overall, it is […]

How Computer Based Training Can Help Teachers Learn New Teaching and Training Methods

Introduction The introduction of technology in various aspects of the day to day activities in administration, government, business, and education, among other fields has brought about both new opportunities and challenges in the twenty first century. The incorporation of technology in the academic setting has rattled the conventional teaching and learning paradigms. This use of […]

Why Educators Should Do Research

To adapt to the requirements of the constantly developing school environment, it is necessary to be a reflective practitioner who is able to rethink and analyze the achievements and weaknesses in conducting the definite teaching strategy in order to be more successful or improve the results in the future. From this point, the reflective practitioner […]

Mobile Learning in Pedagogy

Introduction Mobile learning (m-learning) is a current development that supports pedagogy. It enables students to learn in environments that do not necessarily have formal structures. The current student is more experiential hence seeks to relate with the physical environment. Mobile learning enables students to learn in any environment they maybe in- a bus, park, or […]