Taxation Paper Examples

Property Taxes for Owners of Habitat for Humanity Houses

Introduction Property tax rates are an essential source of revenues for the majority of local governments which ensure their local fiscal autonomy. The procedures of determining the property tax rates are complicated and extremely important for the functioning of the internal financial administration in general. In most cases, the property tax rates are calculated based […]

Tax Law Analysis

Introduction Tax return position is a position about which a receiver of tax services has an understanding of all material details in a tax return and on the foundation of those details has decided that the position is suitable (Murphy & Higgins, 2009). This essay explores the primary and secondary sources of tax law, substantial […]

The Mining Sector of Australia: New Taxation Arrangements

Introduction It is a long established fact that the extraction of nonrenewable natural resources is the major source of government revenue in many countries. Based on the relationship between the government and extraction companies, there are various legal and economic approaches that can be used to maintain equity in this relationship. For example, the company […]

Mineral Resource Rent Tax Policy

Introduction The global financial predicament affected several governments to search for new approaches of getting revenues. A prosperous nation such as Australia established a Resource Rent Tax in order to replace the Royalty Based Program. It was perceived as a prefect strategy which would enhance effectiveness of Resource Taxation. The Mineral Resource Rent Tax was […]

US Taxation System’s Features

Environmental pollution is one of the central issues discussed by professionals in many fields. Economists are also involved in this discussion as they try to react to challenges of the modern business world. Don Fullerton and Sarah E. West explore efficiency of the Pigovian tax imposed on individual cars’ emissions. The researchers stress that the […]

Taxation: Theory and Practice

Introduction Taxes are ‘necessary evils’ in the economy. They are harmful to growth and business sustainability. On the other hand, governments are not charitable organizations and therefore, they need taxes to enable them to provide essential services such as infrastructure, education and health services. Citizens pay most of the taxes directly or indirectly such as […]


After the 2007 economic recession, it is claimed that many people have defaulted in paying their taxes due to low returns and lack of jobs. The media has focused on the issue mainly because taxation is a sensitive issue to government. Anusha Shrivastava wrote that the Federal Reserve had not done enough during the last […]

Taxation in Asian market

Introduction Taxation can be described as ways that governments finance their expenses by imposing charges on individuals and business organizations. Most governments across the world use taxation to encourage or discourage certain economic decisions. It can also be described as the power vested in the government, to impose charges on persons and corporations in order […]

Mining Resource Tax

Executive summary In order to meet the challenges, overcome social outcomes and enhance its economic growth, Australia has to restructure its tax and transfer systems. As the nation keeps on restructuring its tax arrangements, it ought to make sure that its standards are unrelenting, strong points are preserved and all the pledges are accomplished. Indeed, […]

Financial Analysis in the articles Inquiries galore and A Long-term Plan for Australian tax Reform

In the article Inquiries galore Victoria Papandrea analyses the changes that may happen due to an effect of the commonly known the Ripoll, Henry and Cooper reviews that discusse the financial products, taxation and superannuation. Papandrea (2009) indicates that the main purpose of those reviews is ‘a profound effect on the financial services industry.’ Analyzing […]

Legal and Illegal Tax Shelters

Introduction Tax shelters refer to any technique of trimming down taxable proceeds or returns and this ends up in a decrease of imbursements to duty gathering organizations. These entities include civic, state and central administrations. The techniques used in carrying out this out differ in accordance to home and/or global tax regulations. The KPMG tax […]

Effect of tax on Vietnamese hangers

Introduction The U.S. government is very clear on the affirmative final determination on antidumping duty order on steel wire garment hangers from Vietnam. Although the legislation became effective on February 5, 2013, the act was published on December 26, 2012. The products affected include steel wire garment hangers that are fabricated, galvanized, painted, coated with […]

Economic effects of tax reform

Introduction Tax systems which are growth oriented are normally meant to reduce the influence that a tax system has on the market. Such systems are also designed in order to reduce as much as possible, the factors that hinder economic growth and development, investments, entrepreneurship and innovation of a country’s citizens. Various researchers have suggested […]

The Debate About Tax Cuts

The debate that tax cuts may increase disposable income or reduce burden and boost economic growth is controversial and unsettled. Some believe increasing tax burden on corporate inversely affect the social welfare of the economy while others argue that they enhance growth. Those who are not satisfied with the tax-cut arguments believe that the revenue […]

Germany and the United States Comparison

Introduction Taxation and expenditure vary from one country to another because countries have different tax legislations, economies, and forms of government. Since the government has the responsibility of providing its citizens with essential goods and services, different countries have devised various means of providing these goods and services based on the form of government, tax […]

U.S. Corporate Tax Havens

It is a well known fact that taxation is the lifeline of a nation. The US taxation system creates the mechanism for collecting funds that can be used to sustain and improve basic services (Barber 10). Roads, schools, hospitals, are built and law enforcement agencies are maintained through the efforts of the Internal Revenue Service. […]

The Issue of Huge Taxes

Recently, American citizens have witnessed a tendency of rising taxes (Blodget 1). This issue of rising taxes seems to have gained momentum, especially after the financial recession of 2008. Today, many Americans are concerned about the increasing tax levels. The issue of huge taxes can be associated with the reason as to why many people […]

Federal worker’s ‘tax’

Introduction: the proposed federal budget deficit cut In view of the ever increasing budget deficits, the federal government has developed an ambitious 10-year plan to help reduce government expenditure on welfare. This plan mostly targets federal employees, who will be required to double their contribution towards pension and retirement healthcare policy. Within the plan, the […]

The Significance of Lower Taxes to the average Canadian Citizen

Introduction Lower taxes, also referred to as a tax-cut, is the reduction in taxes levied over individuals and corporations. Lower taxation has varied implications on the economy, both positive and negative. However, the immediate effects of lower taxes are a decrease in the actual income of the government and an increase in the actual income […]

Taxation Article Review

Views of the Author The author of the article appears to be providing the citizens within the region with information that can assist them make proper choices in terms of facilities provided by the Government (Appelbaum and Gebeloff 1). In the beginning the author confronts Mr. Gulbranson, a local who owns a logo apparel shop […]

Australian Tax System

Executive Summary Cigarettes fall among commodities that are classified under the Australian tax system as luxuries. As such, they are charged a levy known as GST (Goods and Services Tax) which normally stands at 10% of the value of the commodity so charged and a further excise tax[1]. The GST system provides a lot of […]

The Fat Tax Concept

Introduction Obesity is becoming increasingly a major issue in the U.S. thereby necessitating a swift intervention by the government to bring the menace within controls. This paper will apply certain microeconomic concepts in conjunction with a cost-benefit system to investigate the impact of fat tax. The concept relevant to this theme involves, the rational and […]

Business Types Overview

Globally, the most common types of business ventures involve individuals. Most of today’s competitive sovereign firms begin as solely owned small or medium sized enterprises. People conceive the sole ownership as a common form of business type that almost anyone venturing into the entrepreneurship sector has the same concept in mind. According to Jones (p.1), […]

External Influences Affecting the Firm and Its Activities

“British Chambers of Commerce Get Gloomier about Growth” by Phillip Inman and Michael Carolan The main focus of this article is the eurozone debt crisis and how it affects Tesco, the UK largest supermarket chain. The problems in Europe connected with the mentioned problem managed to influence the company activities in the following way, the […]