Society’s Teacher

Do teachers like to teach? Teaching is arguably the oldest profession in the world. Regardless of man’s differences, each culture, race and community has been transferring knowledge and skills since the beginning of time. Today, this transference occurs mainly in learning institutions and is done by specific personnel, who are proficient in given subjects of […]

Teaching writing for submission

The first year college student receives mixed messages about writing. Consider some mutually incompatible phenomena they observe. They might infer that writing is terribly important. Their evidence for this is that freshman composition is almost universally mandatory. Simultaneously, students might infer that writing is exceedingly unimportant. Why, otherwise, would ‘mere’ graduate students and adjunct faculty […]

Contextual Factors Regarding the Classroom and Students

The atmosphere in the classroom and particular features of the necessary instructional planning and assessment significantly depend on contextual factors which are aspects of the community and district’s development, features of the concrete school, and students’ characteristics. To analyze how contextual factors can influence the teacher’s approach to realizing instructional planning and assessment, it is […]

Parent Involvement Interview

Belief about school-parent communication Effective school-home communication is essential and assists parents and teachers to do what is best for children with disabilities. The institution has various methods of communicating with parents, but it chooses to use methods that best suit parental and its needs. Generally, the school has a Web site for general information […]

Human Development and Learning: Analysis of the Lesson

Observation and Description The lesson is taught by Lisa Polacsek for the fourth-graders. As learning theories may have some aspects in common, it is necessary to take into account those that are more related to the lesson in question. As such, the learning theory observed in the video can be considered relevant to social learning […]

Philosophy of Teaching

Introduction Early childhood education, being the education and care to young children provided by people outside the family setting, is important in giving them a head start in education. Thus, conceptual framework has been developed to help educators facilitate proper learning in schools. Early childhood education covers any period to the time a child joins […]