Silent reading skills Essay

Introduction A fluent reader has automatic word recognition, which promotes phrasing and intonation. Automatic word recognition enhances smooth, fast and expressive reading. Consequently, a student will develop silent reading skills, which is a fast reading method compared to oral reading. Good reading approach requires comprehensive gradual learning steps. This paper outlines a three- day fluent […]

Institutional implementation of technology Coursework

The interviewee, an instructional technologist, works in a training facility that provides instructions to teachers on how to incorporate technology into their class plans. From the interview it was established that the major forms of technology being put into use are computer systems and networking facilities. The interviewee trains teachers on how to use computer […]

Cooperative learning Research Paper

Introduction Cooperative learning is a grouping strategy that is designed to increase student participation by capitalizing on the social aspects of learning. In mathematics, students cooperate while working together on a geometry puzzle, measuring the playground, or reviewing for a test (Good, Reys, Grouws, & Mulryan, 1990). Spencer Kagan (1994) identified basic principles for implementing […]

Application of Skills-Education Evaluation Test Administration Assessment

Introduction Test administration is meant to conclusively help the teacher gauge the level of achievement and skills learnt by the student in the relevant area. Mathematics and reading are the two areas of learning upon which this test is to be administered. In the assessment of the skills attained, the tests are formal with the […]

Nursing study Term Paper

Within the recent decades, the principles of learning styles theories have been implemented in a number of academic disciplines, and nursing is among them. With the shift to the student-centered nursing education, the curriculum is adapted to the results of the learning styles inventories (LSI) for the purpose of creating the appropriate clinical and classroom […]

Skills that make teachers effective Essay

Skills that make teachers effective Teaching is a task that can be entrusted to any determinant person. Teachers should be passionate about their job. This can motivate them and hence make them achieve success in their teaching profession. Most developed countries have many educated persons because most teachers in these countries use effective teaching strategies […]