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Psychology Essay Examples and Topics

Types of Learning Theories and Models

With regard to the case studying the problems of memorizing and rejecting the experience, it is purposeful to study Freud's regression theory of human behavior and Skinner's theory of behavior science, particularly the study of [...]

Borderline Personality Disorder

Better still, if a person is identified as being in the process of developing BPD, he/she should be advised accordingly and facilitated to avoid developing the disorder.

Music Therapy: Where Words Cease

In spite of the fact that, as a rule, one indulges into art to find the shelter from the reality, the author of the book called The Soloist explores quite a different issue of the [...]

The Relevance of Evolutionary Psychology

Typical to right wing authoritarianism are the following three aspects: Authoritarian submission which defines a fanatical submission to legitimately installed authorities within the society. Accordingly, the optimism concerning authoritarian as posed by Altemeyer as a [...]

Work Related Stress

Considering the detrimental nature of stress on individuals' well-being and level of work performance, it is crucial for individuals and organizations to adopt appropriate and practical stress management methodologies The level of job stress primarily [...]

Cognitive Development

At children's play time, a therapist notes some of the feelings and expressions of a child and uses them to perform the therapy.

Psychological disorder

This is an abnormal behavior but to qualify it as a psychological disorder, then it must cause distress to the person in question or those in the vicinity.

Thinking, Language, and Intelligence

One factor that makes individuals to be able to learn language is the fact that the brain has the capacity to change the neural networks on bases of experiences, for instance exposing a child to [...]

Development Theories in Child Development

According to the theory, the mental representation of the initial mother-child relationship is stored in one's memory and serves as a filter in all future relationships that the child has.

Multicultural Psychology

Over the past 30 years, the study of culture minority issues in the field of psychology has grown to what can now be seen as a significant and dynamic subspecialty in the context of American [...]

Multicultural Competency

The research paper discusses some of the biases, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs that I hold about groups of people of different cultures and how they have shaped my interaction with these people.

Teenage Smoke Addiction

What is causing even further worries is that the addiction is reported in the teenagers too, contrary to the common assumption that smoking addiction is evident in the adults.

Video Games Addict

Addiction is associated with the need of substance while in some cases a behaviour which someone finds hard to move on without it, where the unavailability to a way out leads to abnormality.

Analyze Psychology Aritcles

Article four In the article, "The Effects of Stress on Mental Health" by Paul Hata, the mental effects that stress can manifest in a person are seen to be the major underpinning for the article.

The Theory of Human Change and Growth

The theories of how human beings grow and change are several with each trying to explain how we all grow and react differently to diverse situations that we are exposed to, in life.

Family versus Individual Therapy

Whereas individual therapy lays focus on changing the individual only, family therapy considers the needs of the whole group and actually integrates the whole family in the recovery process of the affected individual. It is [...]

Issue Analysis: Pro-social Behavior

In its general sense, altruism refers to the selfless concern for the welfare of other people; the unconditional giving to others, for instance the giving of alms to the poor.

The art of failure

The errors that she made could not reflect the professional know how of tennis that had propelled her all the way to the conclusion of the championship.

Critical Thinking

This essay is going to apply the elements of critical thinking to the report of September 11, 2001 concerning the attacks on the United States.

The History of sexuality

Therefore the history of sexuality can be said to have started long ago as people tried to find out more about the creation of God.

The Self Concept of Individuals

The relationship between self concept and self-esteem is clearly pointed out in the paper. It discusses how an individual's self-esteem and behavior is influenced by the perception of the self.

Simple Stimulus Learning

The ultimate outcome of any meaningful learning is the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, abilities, value systems, and the development of new personal ways of relating with the environment.

Learning and Performance

Concept learning is extensively influenced by certain types of knowledge, i.e, the casual and the schemas. It plays a fundamental role in influencing the investigation and scrutiny of the learning process.

Do People Inherit their Personality?

Further, as psychological research studies show, although some aspects of an individual's personality traits, for example, intelligence are purely products of genetic inheritance, the ability of individuals to act in a certain ways depend on [...]

Psychodynamic Approach Survey

In general, the results of the survey underline that I may have all the necessary qualities of the leader however, I need to work more on the improvement of decision-making process and train myself to [...]

Objective Personality Tests

Objective personality testing is "use of assessment methods that use a restricted response format, and which contain extensively tested validity scales to determine whether the person taking the test is responding truthfully".

Abraham Harold Maslow

The second layer of the pyramid is the need for safety and security. People in this level are motivated by the need to grow and 'being' needs.

Gambling in four perspectives

A gambler faces the challenge of imminent effect of addiction to the effects of gambling every time he continues with the exercise of gambling something that may take long to drop.

Exhaustion in Victim Care Professions

Compassion fatigue is therefore as a result of individual reaction to a trauma situation. Compassion fatigue and burnout states are related to individual consciousness in a crisis situation.

Disguise and Sociaty

The effort that I have to put in as I pretend to actually enjoy the dressing code of my friends is also a lot and sometimes not worth the compensation that I receive in the [...]

Influences Of An Adopted Child’s Behavior

There are consistent research findings that the heritability influences adult behaviour while the environmental factors mainly affect the behaviours of the children and adolescents.this is because the adult has the ability to logically reason and [...]

Patricia and Her Family

Maybe, it is high time to help Patricia to demonstrate that her past mistakes should be forgiven, and relatives are one of the first people, who have to give this forgiveness.