The UN and Global Security: Is It Able To Tackle New Threats? Essay

Introduction The United Nations (UN) was born on June 26, 1945 after fifty nations from around the world including the US, UK, USSR, France and China signed the Charter of the United Nations in San Francisco. Official ratification by the five states which were also permanent members of the UN Security Council occurred on the […]

Iran’s influence and balance of power in the Middle East Proposal

Introduction The structure and balance of power that was established and amended in the Middle East after the Cold War has been greatly affected with Iran becoming a principal player influencing balance of power in the region. Studies indicate that the increasing levels of unrests in the Middle East play a pivotal role in transforming […]

Down the Road Uncharted: The Path of a Leader, Ali Aujali Term Paper

Among the most complicated tasks, diplomatic mission is the most demanding and the most complicated, since it presupposes not only the interaction of different cultures with completely different pictures of the world, but also the solution of the conflicts which arise as a result of the above-mentioned discrepancies. However, with the help of an appropriate […]

The Outcome of the Regime Change in North Korea and the Role of South Korea during the Regime Change Essay

“I think it’s time we talked about regime change in North Korea, and I do not mean military action, but I do believe that this is a very unstable regime,” Sen. John McCain said. Indeed the question of the regime change in North Korea is an urgent question of the modern international security politics. The […]

A Research Proposal on Multilateral Diplomacy in the 21st Century Proposal

Abstract The current unilateral challenges that face the world necessitate the need for multiple relations among different nations. Some of the challenges and problems of the 21st century include human rights, environmental issues, labor rights, and humanitarian assistance (Muldoon 62). A research on the need for multilateral diplomacy in the 21st century is significant in […]

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority Essay

The key ambition of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority is making its area of operation safer by facilitating efficient, safety measures. The authority responds to fire fighting, floods, traffic accidents, incidents such as lift trapping and those involving hazardous materials such as petroleum, gas, and electricity. The authority conducts education on matters relating to […]