Industrial Relations Essay

Introduction The following essay is on the need for flexibility of labour in the Australian context. This essay will discuss the role of flexibility in the Australian context. There will be evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of flexible work arrangements from the perspective of the employer as well as employee. The essay will look […]

It has been legislation and not common law that has effectively advanced the interests of employees Essay

In the attempt to ensure fairness and the humane treatment of workers in an organization, both legislation and common laws have played a vital role. The term common law, as used in most cases, refers to the law that is expressed in decided judicial cases while legislation refers to the laws created by the country’s […]

The Fair Work Act in Australia Essay

Synopsis The implementation of the Fair Work Act has provided the industrial sphere with a great number of contradictions. Specifically, the newly introduced system has failed to enhance productivity due the removal of individual agreement and widespread use of pattern bargaining. Although the Act reduced discrimination and introduced more opportunities for the employees, no improvement […]

Occupational Health and Safety Report

A description of the accident using the Accident model Health and safety are crucial aspects in the life of a human being. There are usually many aspects that comprise an individual’s health and safety, for instance, accidents such as fire, machine-related among others. Despite the fact that accidents seem to be unavoidable and they normally […]

Smoking Report

Smoking is a habit developed by most people but the problem with it, just like any other drug, is addiction. Consequently, people addicted to smoking find it difficult to go for long periods without smoking. This has led to people smoking everywhere; public areas such as buses, restaurants and workplaces. For non-smokers, this habit is […]

Revenue Policy Term Paper

A sound revenue policy is considered an essential component of any strong fiscal management practice. Notably, the revenue policy outlines proper controls for use in budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, the revenue policy outlines how budgetary reconciliations are to be attained. To ensure this is done effectively the government ensures that there is good and proper […]