Labor Law Paper Examples

Labor Law and Policies in Bahrain and Turkey

Introduction Labor laws also referred to employment laws, are laws that protect the legal rights of employees and their organizations. These are aimed at solving disputes that exist among workers, employers, and unions. Labor laws are divided into two broad categories. The first category is referred to as collective labor laws. These are the laws […]

Labour Regulation in The Clean Air Act

Introduction A law regarding labor finds its approval from the state legislature or congress. At the local level, this law is usually termed as an ordinance. Such laws are either based on the chronological facts relating to period passed or according to topic. This paper serves to explain the more on the Clean Air Act […]

The Removal of the Compulsory Retirement Age to Employ People Between the Ages of 65 and 80

Compulsory retirement age, is the age at which employees in particular positions, by law are no longer eligible to continue working. Since this practice is unlawful, many countries have instituted laws to discourage it. However, the truth is that despite these measures, aged workers continue to experience discrimination; for example, they are least preferred for […]

The Legal Issues of the Traditional Workplace

Introduction Occupational health and safety laws coupled with human resources laws ensure that the workplace is ideal for the modern-day worker. Such laws guarantee a safe environment that is devoid of any discrimination, which is a shift from the traditional workplace where labour laws did not consider the plight of employees. In this essay, five […]

Child Labor Issue

Introduction Schmitz and fellow author define child labor as “the employment of children at regular and sustained labor”1. The issue of child labor has been a source of heated debate in many countries. While critics argue that it is an inappropriate and exploitative act, a few of the people who support the act think it […]

Gilliland-Moore Wines. Legal Advice

Introduction Testing and measurement is an organized advance of collecting information concerning individuals with the aim of recruiting the best and it could be employed to create employment or profession-related judgments regarding applicants. Evaluation is carried out for some particular purpose. Gilliland–Moore wines must ensure that it recruits the most efficient workforce that has the […]

The Position of Wage Labor in the United States

Introduction The transformation from an agrarian society into a contemporary industrial state had deep effects on wage labor in the United States. Despite America being mainly an agricultural nation, Kremer (1993) reveals how the unskilled, semi skilled, as well as skilled workers lived and worked in relatively poor conditions during the early economic times (p. […]

Value of Employer-Employee Relationships

Comparison & Contrast of Employees-at-Will and Right-to-Work Employer-employee relationships refer to a professional way in which an employee receives orders from the boss. An employee-at-will has the right to work. However, an employer can terminate the services such an employee offers at any time. In some cases if there are certain rules that should be […]

Labor Dispute between the Board Of Education and the Union Representing the Teachers in Danville, Illinois

Introduction In 2010, there was witnessed one of the biggest labor conflicts in history. Public school teachers and support staff of public schools in Illinois state, the city of Danville went on strike. The conflict was between the Danville Education Association (DEA) and the Danville Consolidated School District 118 Board of Education. The main reason […]

Power Harassment: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Introduction Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual behaviors or advances. In a workplace, sexual favors or related behavior is also considered sexual harassment. The use of sexual words as well as physical advances of a similar nature, qualifies as sexual harassment. According to Snyder, Scherer & Fisher (2012), sexual harassment is considered as oral, […]

Coca Cola in Colombia Case

The case of the activities of the Coca Cola Company in Colombia is one of the biggest thorns in the flesh of the conglomerate. The allegations against the firm are quite serious, and they may prove that multinationals can go to great lengths to attain their goals. These are some of the most selfish acts […]

The Use of Video Surveillance Cameras in the Workplace Should Be Abolished/Reaffirmed

Introduction The use of video surveillance cameras in the workplace is a controversial issue that has elicited mixed feelings in different people. The issue has both opponents and proponents. Opponents claim that the use of surveillance cameras in the workplace is unethical because it violates the right of employees to privacy (Weckert, 2005, p.35). In […]

The Issue of Workplace Equity

Introduction Work equity is a major issue affecting most organizations around the world, regardless of whether they are public or private institutions. While everybody prefers being treated equally at workplace, there are numerous cases when employees are not treated with fairness, to a level of public concern. Such cases have prompted the formulation of laws […]

Summary: “Social networking v. the employment-at-will doctrine” by Catherine Crane

The article “Social networking v. the employment-at-will doctrine: a potential defense for employees fired for facebooking, terminated for twittering, booted for blogging, and sacked for social networking” evaluates the legal challenge that the pervasive nature of social networking activity by employees into workplaces pose. The key issue in the controversy social networking between employer and […]

Occupational Health: Safety and Human Resources Law

Introduction Professional development and management have constantly been among the hotly contested matters by organisations across the globe for decades now, and since all are equally paramount to the success of businesses, there has been considerable concern on the same. For any organisation to rank among top achievers of corporate growth and champions of corporate […]

Liabilities and Remedies for a Ship Crewmember

A crewmember who sustains injuries while at work is at liberty of being given “maintenance and cure” for the injuries suffered. The terms cure and maintenance are, in most occasions, used together even though they have varied benefits. Maintenance, in this context, may be defined as the allowance paid to any crewmember for lodging and […]

Minimum Wage in Saudi Arabia and Other Countries

Introduction The national wage structure influences socioeconomic indicators such as poverty and unemployment levels. It specifies the statutory minimum wages for the low-tier workforce in commerce, industry, and other sectors. Nations that have ratified the ILO conventions have mechanisms and procedures for setting the minimum wage in line with their socioeconomic development policies. The minimum […]

Industrial relations-Evolution of labor movements

Introduction The change in focus towards the transformation and fundamental role played by labour movements have largely been attributed to the emergence of new social-cultural, political and economic delineations of trade unions. The metamorphosis experienced in trade union movements especially in United States of America and some parts of Western Europe served as indicators of […]

The Effects of Labor Unions on Employees

A labor union also sometimes referred to as a trade union is an organization that is made up of workers who come together with the main aim being working toward ensuring that the working conditions are improved. They not only advocate for sufficient pay for their members but conducive working environment and protection while at […]

Negotiation Analysis Paper – Verizon Wireless

Introduction Over the past two decades, there has been a rise in the number of issues facing firms in different economic sectors. According to Gitman and McDaniel (2008, p.34), changes in the external and internal business environments affect the ability of businesses to achieve their objectives. Human resource managers face diverse challenges in an effort […]

The Confederation of Ontario University Staff Associations and Union

Background information about COUSA The Confederation of Ontario University Staff Associations and Union (COUSA) is an umbrella union that was formed in 1974 by a group of unionized employees working at Ontario University in Canada. COUSA is made up of workers from clerical jobs, administrative, technical and professional occupations. There are different types of groups […]

Domestic Worker in Kuwait

Executive Summary Kuwait is one of the Middle Eastern countries that have benefited from foreign domestic workforce. It is estimated that the foreign domestic workforce forms a third of the country’s total workforce. Despite the essential role these foreign domestic workers play in the lives of the Kuwait citizens, still, they are inhibited from important […]

Italy benefits and compensation

Introduction Compensation is defined as the wages, salaries and bonuses that an employee gets while in employment. On the other hand, benefits describe the extra consideration that the employer offers to the employee. However, the employee is not expressly entitled to benefits. Benefits include health care packages, life insurance and any other form of payment […]

The relationship between employees and employer

Abstract In every organization, the relationships created during employment term can be either healthy or detrimental to corporate function. In fact, from the beginning, an employer or the firm sees an employee as an individual agreeing to the employment terms including work rates, commissions, salaries, and wages. Such employees can be grouped as either part […]

It has been legislation and not common law that has effectively advanced the interests of employees

In the attempt to ensure fairness and the humane treatment of workers in an organization, both legislation and common laws have played a vital role. The term common law, as used in most cases, refers to the law that is expressed in decided judicial cases while legislation refers to the laws created by the country’s […]

The Fair Work Act in Australia

Synopsis The implementation of the Fair Work Act has provided the industrial sphere with a great number of contradictions. Specifically, the newly introduced system has failed to enhance productivity due the removal of individual agreement and widespread use of pattern bargaining. Although the Act reduced discrimination and introduced more opportunities for the employees, no improvement […]

Fosters Australia Limited Accidents

A description of the accident using the Accident model Health and safety are crucial aspects in the life of a human being. There are usually many aspects that comprise an individual’s health and safety, for instance, accidents such as fire, machine-related among others. Despite the fact that accidents seem to be unavoidable and they normally […]

Smoking’s Ethical Problem

Smoking is a habit developed by most people but the problem with it, just like any other drug, is addiction. Consequently, people addicted to smoking find it difficult to go for long periods without smoking. This has led to people smoking everywhere; public areas such as buses, restaurants and workplaces. For non-smokers, this habit is […]

Definition and Role of the Revenue Policy in Economy

A sound revenue policy is considered an essential component of any strong fiscal management practice. Notably, the revenue policy outlines proper controls for use in budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, the revenue policy outlines how budgetary reconciliations are to be attained. To ensure this is done effectively the government ensures that there is good and proper […]

A Practical Proposal Addressing a Local Problem

The following is a paper on a practical proposal addressing a local problem. This paper is a summary of my research on the employees’ rights violation at the giant Wal-Mart retail stores. The paper has information on how the rights of the employees have been violated (low salary, poor working conditions, employee discrimination and inadequate […]

Employment Law Cases Analysis

Introduction This report captures Turner v. Uniglobe Custom Travel Ltd., 2005 ABQB 513, Vrana v. Procor Limited, 2004 ABCA 126, Donavan Bravo v. Etobicoke Ironworks Limited, and David E. Glover Plaintiff and SNC Lavalin Inc. in the court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta. The report will first summarize all the cases and compare them based […]

Unemployed Insurance in Social Security

Unemployed insurance is a program whereby qualified individuals who are not employed earn cash benefits for certain duration of time. The funds paid to these individuals are gotten from contributions made by employees, employers and other contributions from the government. It helps workers who have lost their jobs as a result of faults that are […]

Custom labor relation policy

In legal terms breaching can be explained as the violation of legal obligation by an individual or a group of people. The following cases will further explain how the offence can be carried out. In a case presented in Phoenix, Arizona from September to October of 2004 before the National Labor Regulation Board, Marcela Johnson […]

Concept of Industrial Accident

Introduction Industrial accident implies a sudden and unexpected event attributable to any cause. It happens to an individual or a group of people arising from their work thus resulting to an employment injury or work place accident[1]. Construction, mining and transportation industries require heavy machineries for their work and thus they are associated with the […]

UK management in the built environment

Introduction Built environment refers to the man made structures. The structures can range from small tools to the large buildings, towns and cities. One of the fields in built environment is construction. This paper seeks to discuss occurrence of accidents in the construction industry in the UK with respect to the causes of the accidents, […]

Right to Work Laws

Introduction Debates on the rights to work laws have been intensifying each day especially now that competition in the business world is increasing drastically. The topic of rights to work laws I, therefore, very significant in many organizations in the globe. This is because the laws define the rights of all employees and offers security […]

Employment Relations Issues: Discrimination in New Zealand’s Work Place

Introduction Over the past few centuries, the human civilization has advanced tremendously giving rise to significant social and economic changes. This has resulted most notably in the creation of a large group of working class members of the society and their employers. It is this class that has been primarily responsible for the creation of […]

An Upset at Fosters Australia Limited

Introduction On 13th April 2006, an upset occurred at Fosters Australia Limited. A 58 year old member of staff by the name of Cuu Huynh was crushed involving a handrail and a machine door operated pneumatically. This machine takes bottles from pallets prior to their filling. Mr. Cuu Huynh died six days later in hospital. […]

The Motivation behind Employer-Offered Healthcare in the US

Although the American healthcare system has undergone a number of transformations ever since its inception, its present-day state is to a large extent a reflection as well as the product of the country’s own sociopolitical, economic, cultural, technological, and organizational history and tradition (Litman, 1997). A multiplicity of players, including the government, healthcare institutions, insurance […]

Legal issues: Wal-Mart’s employee compensation system report

Legislation overview The federal labor regulations generally cover relationships between an employer and employee; the pay regulations usually take care of relationships between an organization and its workers. However, the labor acts are applied interchangeably, which are more regularly utilized. The labor acts are difficult to implement in the area of workplace environments and remunerations. […]

Sweatshops Working Condition

Sweatshops refer to working conditions that are dangerous and unhealthy for any human being to work. People working in sweatshops are forced to work for long hours without receiving adequate pay regardless to the laws enacted to govern the workplace. Though the employees work for long hours which may exceed the normal working hours in […]

“Employment-at-will” Doctrine

“Employment-at-will” (EAW) legislation provides regulations and rules that govern private employment. Its provisions ensure minimal regulation of employment practices such as termination and dismissal of employees. According to the doctrine, an employer may terminate an employee without a proper explanation or reason. On the other hand, an employee may quit a job at any time […]

The “Occupy” Movement

The changes that people implement shape and determine societies. Governments run countries and nations but there are moments when people rebel against authority or the regime that has been set by those in power. For as long as there have been governments, there were people who wanted to set a new world order and cause […]