Employment Relations Issues: Discrimination in New Zealand’s Work Place

Introduction Over the past few centuries, the human civilization has advanced tremendously giving rise to significant social and economic changes. This has resulted most notably in the creation of a large group of working class members of the society and their employers. It is this class that has been primarily responsible for the creation of […]

Occupational health and safety

Introduction On 13th April 2006, an upset occurred at Fosters Australia Limited. A 58 year old member of staff by the name of Cuu Huynh was crushed involving a handrail and a machine door operated pneumatically. This machine takes bottles from pallets prior to their filling. Mr. Cuu Huynh died six days later in hospital. […]

The Motivation behind Employer-Offered Healthcare in the US

Although the American healthcare system has undergone a number of transformations ever since its inception, its present-day state is to a large extent a reflection as well as the product of the country’s own sociopolitical, economic, cultural, technological, and organizational history and tradition (Litman, 1997). A multiplicity of players, including the government, healthcare institutions, insurance […]

Legal issues: Wal-Mart’s employee compensation system report

Legislation overview The federal labor regulations generally cover relationships between an employer and employee; the pay regulations usually take care of relationships between an organization and its workers. However, the labor acts are applied interchangeably, which are more regularly utilized. The labor acts are difficult to implement in the area of workplace environments and remunerations. […]


Sweatshops refer to working conditions that are dangerous and unhealthy for any human being to work. People working in sweatshops are forced to work for long hours without receiving adequate pay regardless to the laws enacted to govern the workplace. Though the employees work for long hours which may exceed the normal working hours in […]

“Employment-at-will” Doctrine

“Employment-at-will” (EAW) legislation provides regulations and rules that govern private employment. Its provisions ensure minimal regulation of employment practices such as termination and dismissal of employees. According to the doctrine, an employer may terminate an employee without a proper explanation or reason. On the other hand, an employee may quit a job at any time […]