Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan

Introduction Usually, employers offer retirement plans to their employees because the promise of a secure retirement represents an effective way to recruit and retain valuable employees (Garman & Forgue, 2009). Even though the Employer Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) does not require companies to offer retirement plans, it does regulate those plans that are provided. […]

Safety at the Construction Sites

Introduction Construction industry is amongst the largest industries in the world. It involves rebuilding of devastated areas either by natural or man-made catastrophes (E-facts 1). The industry incorporates man power, services and communications to meet the needs and expectations of people in the world. Even with the recent technological advancement, construction industry still remains number […]

Labor Laws and Unions

Job analysis refers to the information about the roles and tasks in performance of a given job. It ensures that the employees will be handling manageable tasks that are assigned to them. Job description refers to the written explanations about what a particular job entails in terms of the responsibilities and the results expected by […]

Employment Laws

(1). Chronology of employment laws The Clayton Act was enacted in 1914, with the intention of establishing legal protection for organized labor. There was a need to assert the position of labor in the face of antitrust legislations, and this is what the law was intended to achieve. In 1926, the Railways Act was passed. […]

Discrimination in Labor Processes

There is a tendency to eliminate the gender differences in al aspects of human life and consider men and women equal in their rights. However, looking at some particular activities it is still impossible to say that the rights and freedoms of men and women are equal there. For example, talking about labor processes and […]

Corporate social responsibility

The key elements of a pluralistic society are decentralization and diversity of power. The American Society consists of people from different races, nationalities and cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This means that the culture of the American society is a collection of different cultures and this brings about Diversity not just in the people but also […]