Rhetoric Paper Examples

Critical Thinking Memo

Abstract This is a memo from Ms. Mary Ford to Mr. Hector Fuentes. In this essay, this memo has been analyzed following the steps of critical thinking outlined in various books that have been read. Mary’s letter considers these steps in relation to the issue in question. She rejects the governor’s offer of privatizing the […]

Apology and Euthyphro

The Apology by Plato is mainly an account of Socrates speech at trial where he was defending himself against all the accusations put on him by Athenian leaders. Socrates was charged for corrupting the minds of the youths in Athens, for inventing many divinities in Athens and also for not recognizing and believing in the […]

What is Critique?

“It seems to be condemned to dispersion, dependency and pure heteronomy” (Foucault, p.42). It is therefore a reaction to an external force. But it has to be pointed out that this force must be significant and powerful enough to create discomfort and by creating this high-level of unease people learns to be critical This supports […]

The Origin of Rhetoric

Introduction The origin of the rhetoric theories is rooted back to the times of Ancient Rome and Greece. Though Aristotle is recognized as one of the first philosophers who raised the question of rhetorical art and coined the notions of ethos, pathos and logos as the main components of effective persuasion patterns, some researchers point […]

Organizational Discourse of Social Activities

Introduction Communication is an essential part of everyone’s life, both in daily activities and in the workplace. Therefore, applied linguistics has started to take an active interest in identifying the recurrent patterns of language usage by people in various contexts, with various backgrounds, and in different professional settings. The issue of institutional discourse has come […]

A Leadership Briefing by General (Ret.) Collin Powell

A leadership briefing by General (Ret.) Collin Powell, Secretary of State titled “Colin Powell Leadership Primer” gives eighteen lessons that are of essence in an organizational leadership. The first lesson that is important is lesson 1: “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off” (Harari, 2007, para.1). This lesson is important in the context of organizational […]

Rhetorical Effectiveness

Steven Dowshen’s “How TV affects your child” is an article designed to enlighten parents about a social issue that can alter their children’s health. In this article, the author sensitizes parents about the likelihood of coping with obese, aggressive and drug-dependent (alcohol and cigarettes) children due to too much television-watching. Ethos and pathos are some […]

Rhetoric Philosophy and Shapiro’s Criticism on the Dworkin’s Work

Introduction In the following essay, the first part will compare and contrast, the rhetoric of legal philosophy as described and exemplified by legality and normative jurisprudence. The answers will focus on the double meaning of rhetoric philosophy, audience common ground, topics, methods, and the intended effects. The second part of the essay will examine the […]

Analysis of Political Discourse

Introduction Political Rhetoric: Brief History Many ancient kingdoms such as the Egyptian Empire and the Mesopotamia Empire highly valued eloquence. A leader would address the public and he would be expected to convince it over various issues. In order to achieve this, such a leader would be expected to be appealing in his speech (Bolman […]

Comparison of the Terms in Debates

There are many concepts that are frequently used and misused by people in debates or conversations. Among them one can single out such terms as facts, information, data, knowledge, and understanding. Some of them such as facts and information are often viewed as interchangeable notions, even though they can have significant differences. This essay will […]

The Foucauldian concept of discourse In book Social Constructionism by Vivian Burr

In Chapter four of her book, Social Constructionism, Vivian Burr discusses the Foucauldian concept of discourse. The author infers that we are created through knowledge. It is often argued that the knowledge we encounter (our experiences) defines who we are. If this is the position, would it not be in order to infer that those […]

The Ideal Beauty in the American Society

Conventionally, beauty is a phrase, which the society associates with femininity, age and tenderness. In the American culture, the ideal beauty relates with youthfulness, physical appearance and delicacy. Almost everybody struggles to appear young. In her masterpiece, the cute factor, Natalie anger identifies features or qualities of cuteness versus beauty. She associates beauty with tender […]

Mill’s On Liberty

Liberty can be defined as the freedom to do whatever one wishes without control from external forces such as the government. This means that people have the freedom to carry out their activities without restrictions from others. For instance, human beings at liberty are expected to make independent decisions since their thinking is not controlled […]

Perspectives of death

Introduction Death in the current world has received various perceptions and even different meanings. According to Levete (2010), death is described as a one of the many stages of human life. In the different interpretations of death, there is a section of people that believe death is the final stage in the life journey of […]

People Are Too Dependent on Computers

Computers are an essential part of everyday life. They are useful in carrying out various tasks and jobs and have infiltrated almost every aspect of people’s lives. When computers were invented, a little over half a century ago, they were a technological innovation mainly for industrial use. Computers were primarily used for scientific purposes (Ifrah, […]

Rhetoric as an Art

Introduction Rhetoric during the pre-Socratic time was seen as the art of discourse aimed at broadening speaker’s and writer’s horizons and developing their good communication skills. During that period, rhetoric provided heuristics for understanding, discovering and developing arguments as a way of winning audiences’ appeal. For example, sophists created five laws to guide the study […]

Speech Genre

Introduction A speech genre can be defined as a relatively stable type of expression that matches a specific characterized situation. Speech genres consist of daily communication activities like greetings, conversations, military commands and many more. Most speech genres are based on social, economic and relationship status between the sources of the speech and the target […]

Comparing and contrasting Rhetoric: Tabbi and Thomas Friedman

With regard to the issue of globalization, there have been a number of metaphors that have been used to describe this important phenomenon (Adams 29-32). Thomas Friedman is probably the most popular and maybe the most authoritative author on globalization, especially with his bestselling book, The world is flat. Thomas Friedman uses his own life […]

People’s Psychological Atavism, as the Actual Cause of their Gender-Related Intolerance

When it comes down to discussing what prompts people to commit particularly despicable crimes, such as carrying out terrorist attacks, psychologists commonly approach the task that within the context of what they believe accounts for the particulars of these people’s mental inadequacy. Nevertheless, there is plenty of evidence as to the fact that, contrary to […]

Rhetoric Situation in Articles

Lloyd Bitzer explores the concept of ethics. His article examines the dilemma that is associated with ethics. It is in this dilemma that the rhetorical question arises. The effect of the rhetorical question on the audience is examined. In this case, the rhetorical question is examined in the realm of art and literature. Bitzer suggests […]

“Quiet” By Susan Cain

This reading is part of a book called “Quiet” by Susan Cain. In this book, she explores the dynamics surrounding introverted and extroverted personalities. The first part of the book discusses various subjects that revolve around different forms of personalities. Some of the issues addressed by this book include the myths surrounding the superiority of […]

Analysis Essay: Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

Introduction Over time, language has played a fundamental role in various societies across the globe. From enhancing simple things like general communication to creating a viable environment for social, economic, political and economic growth, language and literature have become very crucial tools in the growth of human life through constant progress. It is based on […]

Speech Analysis: “How to Live before you Die” by Steve Jobs

The foremost aim of Steve Jobs’ speech How to Live before you Die, delivered before Stanford University’s graduates in 2005, was to motivate audience’s members to never cease exploring the full extent of their lives’ potential. As a person, who embodies the validity of an idea that a particular individual’s endowment with a strongly defined […]

Environmental Ethics

Introduction “Christianity bears a huge burden of guilt. Hence we shall continue to have a worsening ecologic crisis until we reject the Christian axiom that nature has no reason for existence save to serve man”1. The above statement summarizes Lynn White’s argument on why the environment is constantly being mismanaged (today). Most of White’s contribution […]

Comparison of the inaugural speeches

Introduction Nations from different parts of the globe have gone through certain stages before reaching their current state. The inhabitants of other countries have colonized the citizens in most of the nations because of their resources. The acts of colonization were accompanied by several negative impacts on the colonized countries. Among the serious impacts were […]

Edmund Burke: Reflection on Liberty and the French Revolution

Liberty is a concept that every independent nation has to embrace. As countries transfer from the era of colonialism to freedom, both personal and public liberties are among the first things every constitution addresses. However, many times these liberties remain a constitutional matter when they are supposed to become realities. The important question, as far […]

Do the Essays “Arriving at Perfection” and “The Gettysburg Address” Provide the Reflections on the Essential Wisdom to be Deemed?

THESIS: Arriving at Perfection by Benjamin Franklin and The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln can be considered as the examples of reflections on the essential wisdom to be deemed. I. The personal improvement and unity of nation as the basic aspects of the essays of Franklin and Lincoln II. Literary techniques of the texts of […]

“BullShit” Meaning in Modern Society

  Overview Bullshit is the most outstanding cultural feature in our society. Unfortunately, most people associate the term ‘bullshit’ with abuse but as Frankfurt indicates, there is more to the term ‘bullshit’ than its misuse and rhetorical use. He defines bullshit as an inevitable public life byproduct where individuals are provoked by other people’s demands […]

Why Chinese Parents Are Superior

Introduction The question of what the best parenting style entails is one of great controversy. This is especially so whenever western and eastern styles are being compared since the two are perceived to be antithetical. Western styles are thought to be permissive while eastern ones are perceived as authoritative. It would also seem that great […]

Rhetorical Stance Of Articles

Different rhetorical stances are expected whenever different writers from different backgrounds write about the same topic. This is because the writers view similar matters from different perspectives. These perspectives are greatly influenced by their surroundings and the way they have grown up. Therefore, it is common for such writers to take conflicting rhetorical stances when […]

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Introduction The world is growing too fast in terms of technology since the emergence of the internet. The internet remains important in bringing about technological change, thus influencing changes in human behavior. In the view of many, the internet has greatly contributed to the growth of knowledge and research. However, although the internet has greatly […]

Pursuit of Ideal Body Image

Introduction In Pursuit of Ideal Body Image, both women and men take drastic measures to achieve the desired body image. In a society obsessed with weight loss or gain and physical beauty, people use various mechanisms such as the use of steroids, diets and surgery, among other mechanisms, to attain attractiveness. In addressing the body […]