Criminology Paper Examples

Juvenile Delinquency: Criminological Theories

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to explain juvenile delinquency using three criminological theories. These include the broken windows theory, the culture of the gang theory and the social disorganization theory. Criminological Theories Shaw and McKay (1942, pp. 89-102) developed the social disorganization theory, which explains crime in terms neighborhood dynamics. According to Shaw […]

Solving the issue of crime

The subject of crime is one of the most contentious issues in the society that permeates every aspect of human identity such as age, gender, race or tribe (Anderson, 2009). As a big problem in the society, the concept of its solution calls for adoption of cost effective strategies (Anderson & Taylor, 2010). Therefore, the […]

Patterns at Crime Scenes

Pattern evidence is one of the physical evidence that can be found in a crime scene. Forensic scientists are at times accused of neglecting pattern evidence, because they view it as being “non scientific.” This type of evidence has proven to be extremely valuable during reconstruction of crimes and the various activities that might have […]

Cybercrime – Pentagon

Abstract With the progressive advances in technology, incidences of cybercrimes are also on the rise. Preventing these cybercrimes requires organizations to develop knowledge that can help them form psychological profiles of the perpetuators of these crimes. This would subsequently help organizations install appropriate controls in order to effectively deal with cybercrimes. It is the lack […]

Criminology: What is the Solution to the Prison Problem?

Introduction The work of Angela Davis in her book, “Are Prisons Obsolete?”, introduces readers to the current state of the U.S. system of imprisonment and rehabilitation. She reveals the correlation between corporate interests, racial profiling, current laws and how such factors have contributed to the growing population of inmates within U.S. penitentiaries. Her book reveals […]

The Case of Hernando Washington’s Trial

The article written by Lisa McIntyre discusses the case of Hernando Washington who was convicted of rape and murder. The author looks at the actions of this individual from a sociological perspective. Moreover, she discusses the work of defense attorneys who are often blamed for protecting people who are supposedly guilty of serious crime such […]

Mexican Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking

Mexico is located in Central America and this geographic location has made it a favorable staging and transshipment point for drugs and human trafficking to US from Mexico, South America, and elsewhere. Mexico has been a major supplier of cannabis and methamphetamine, though it also traffics other drugs like heroin and cocaine to US. According […]

Corporate White Collar Crime Analysis

Introduction White collar crime refers to peaceful offense committed with an intention of gaining unlawful monetary gain. There are a number of white collar crimes that can be committed. They include extortion, insider trading, money laundering, racketeering, securities fraud, and tax evasion. This paper carries out an analysis of the Enron scandal as an example […]

Best Interventions for Convicted Sexual Offenders and Integration into Society

The Intervention for convicted sex offenders and integration into the society has become an intensely studied criminal justice and correctional issue over the last two decades. The state has raised the intervention programme from purely correctional issue to a broad public wellbeing issue. Different researchers in different states have revealed very crucial findings about sex […]

Cause of crime

Man and crime have coexisted throughout history. Nonetheless, traditional patterns guiding the transition from childhood to adulthood have changed. Moreover, there are limited opportunities for young people to explore. For instance, unemployment rates have skyrocketed. As a result, many youths are unable to cater for their basic needs. Poverty is, thus, one of the major […]

Problems of Juvenile Delinquency

Executive Summary The main aim of writing this paper is to carry out an examination of a juvenile delinquent in order to understand what pushes them into doing the act and applicable solutions which can be applied to correct the person. The behavior of the person will be compared to one of the theories used […]

A Study on Serial Killers: “Encounter and death: The Spatial Behavior of U.S. Serial Killers”

The article “Encounter and death: The Spatial Behavior of U.S. Serial Killers” by Canter and Godwin (1997), is a research article that examines the locations where serial killers first met their victims, where the victim’s bodies were dumped, and the residence of the killers. The aim of the article is to test three separate hypotheses, […]

Critical analyses of the Climate of Fear report from southern poverty law center

Introduction The climate of fear report was a report prepared by the southern poverty law center following a pattern of hate crimes against Latino Immigrants in Suffolk County. This report revealed the continuous hatred and prejudice against the undocumented Latino immigrants culminating in the murder of Marcelo Lucero. The report also revealed how this pattern […]

Howard Becker’s Labelling Theory

Introduction Since the beginning of human civilization, criminal activity has plagued human society. Over the centuries, the society has taken steps to respond to this vice that threatens the moral fabric of the society. The most significant step in combating crime has been in the establishment of a criminal justice system that deals with criminals […]

Computer Forensics

Introduction The main objective of computer forensics is to examine the validity of electronic evidence in a manner that is acceptable in a court of law. The basic procedures involved in computer forensics are the identification, preservation, recovery, analysis and preservation of digital evidence gathered. Computer forensics does not play a significant role in alleviating […]

Politicization of Criminal Justice & its Influence on Penal Policy: A Critical Discussion

Drawing on theories of moral panic and punitiveness, and relying on relevant contemporary examples, this paper purposes to critically discuss how politicization of criminal justice influences penal policy. Perhaps the best theoretical approach that could best expound on politicization of criminal justice, a process through which the political class snatch the opportunities to make use […]

The case of Charles Laverne Singleton

The case of Charles Laverne Singleton is often debated by journalists as well as medical workers. It should be mentioned that this person was sentenced to death penalty, but the execution was delayed because he was diagnosed with a mental disorder. In turn, it is important to speak about the court decision according to which […]

Crime and Victimization

The data received as a result of the crime and victimization surveys state that the rates of crime and victimization in the United States are different depending on many factors which are the demographic factors, the size of the communities and population, the economic factors, and the role of federal, state, and local agencies to […]

Assessment of Criminological Theories

Assessing why people commit crime is essential in developing mechanisms for handling and preventing crime. Criminologists explore different theories, as they try to find the most appropriate methods of reducing rates and categories of crime. Notably, criminal justice administrations use theories to explain the causes and nature of crime that commonly face the community. Experts […]

Antisocial Personality Disorder

This disorder is classified as an Axis II disorder. It is a common personality disorder that sometimes leads the affected individuals into criminal activities (Davison, 2002). This disorder results into persistent disrespect and infringement of the rights of other people. This disorder develops during childhood or adolescence and it continues to manifest itself with increased […]

Ethics in Technology: Cyber Crimes

Citation of the case Ethics denote unwritten rules that people in a certain professional sector should follow. In the cyber space, many users have overlooked ethical values. This has culminated in cyber malpractices and vices. Some of the frequent cyberspace vices include hacking and bullying (Curtis 34). Owing to the increase in cyber crime, many […]

Campus Crimes Types and Causes

Over the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of crimes associated with college students. By comparing the current crime rates in all our college campuses, experts have indicated that campus crime rates have risen exponentially over the last century (Flowers 23). Psychologists have blamed this unprecedented increase on stress, romantic obsession, […]

Crime & The Media

This essay focuses on the depiction of law and agents of law in the American films Young Mr. Lincoln and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. These are films with legal concepts in representation of the law. These films depict drama within courtrooms during the delivery of justice. Law films may provide some fundamental insights […]

Cyber Bullying Issue

Cyber bullying refers to threatening, lying or harassing a person through various electronic communication devices such as cell phones or computers. Cyber bullies harass their victims through emails, instant messages, text messages, blogs, and posting embarrassing information about a person to a website. Today, the issue of cyber bullying is treated as a serious problem […]

A Marxist Approach to Global Crime

Introduction Global crime is one of the most important problems facing the world and most governments have taken steps to deal with it. These form of crime results in enormous costs to the society and the economy. An understanding of the causes of global crime can be helpful in mitigating this detrimental practice. Criminologists have […]

Differences between Jails and Prisons

The terms “jail” and “prison” refer to two different correctional facilities even though many people use them interchangeably. These two facilities have the same goals and objectives but differ in the means that they use to achieve them. They both fall under the correctional facilities umbrella and offer different services that are meant to help […]

The Curious Case of Gary McKinnon

Introduction It is apparent that the book entitled Understanding & Managing Cybercrime by Samual McQuade, takes a multidisciplinary approach in an attempt to address the concept of cybercrime and how the vice has rapidly grown over the past few decades. In this case, the author uses the alleged computer hacker who was identified as Gary […]

Police Misconduct

Introduction Police misconduct refers to the awful actions taken by policemen while on their duty. This might compromise the aspects of justice. In order to prevent such misconducts, there is need for civil rights agencies to fight for the desired human rights (Streacker 1). In addition, they establish and propose disciplinary measures to be taken […]

The Cause of the Crime

Crime is a social phenomenon that is in existence in the world today. Crime entails having a defiant behavior that leads criminal failing to follow the acceptable norms. Not all crimes in the world today are covered by law, but at times people commit crimes without the knowledge that they are committing them. Those who […]

Use Criminological Theories to Predict Crime and Victimization in Your Neighborhood

Introduction Studies exploring the macro predictors of crime and victimization have been ongoing for quite a long time and experts in sociology, economics, criminology and other related fields have conducted many studies trying to identify the aggregate macro predictors and how they cause crime. Several theories have as a result emerged in this field all […]

Australian Street Crime

For a number of decades, street crime remains one of the most volatile, persistent and an undoubtedly intractable issue in our societies. Despite this imminence of the issue significance attached to it is negligible. From a superficial perspective, the problem may sound criminological but the reality is that all stakeholders have failed to keep the […]

Toolkits Used in Cybercrime

Mobile Devices Many organizations can access high-tech mobile devices today. This has improved the way they use internet in their operations. However, this has increased their vulnerability to internet crime. Mobile technology has enabled many organizations to carry out their activities via the devices. The mobile content in many cases has led to loss of […]

Criminology: Sex and Crime

Definition Consent refers to compliance or an agreement to do a certain action after engaging in a thoughtful reasoning achieved after considering various variables in existence. The term consent also can refer to a permit or approved set of actions preceded by a careful reflection of the same. Consent can be either implied or expressed. […]

Criminology Project

Introduction: Theories of Crime Causation An important goal for many criminologists is to develop valid and accurate theories that can be used to explain the major causes of crime. The theories of crime are usually used to explain the occurrence of crimes and what factors lead individuals to commit crimes. A theory is defined as […]

Scenario Project: Investigative Plan

Introduction In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of robberies undertaken in Brooklyn, a region that continues to experience high rates of daytime and night robbery crimes, mainly perpetrated by people armed with guns. The robbers target various people in undertaking their actions; for instance, they may target vulnerable people, mostly […]

Human trafficking

Introduction Human trafficking is a rampant crime in both the North and the South. Men, women and children are trafficked in this dirty activity. However, women and children are the most vulnerable when it comes to abuse of their human rights. The scale of women and children trafficking is very large but difficult to put […]

Cyber Bullying as a Virtual Menace

Introduction With the world turning into a global village, interactions between people in different geographical locations have been made easier by technological advancements. There has been increased internet usage and many people irrespective of their ages have been using it as a medium of communication and source of any information one may need. However, with […]

Juvenile Justices

Introduction Over the last decade, child abuse and neglect has been on the increase. This fact comes with its challenges and right now juvenile justice system is facing challenges and some unique issues that if not well addressed would plunge this system into crisis in future. It is unfortunate that, this system has not undergone […]

Substance Abuse and Crime

Introduction Psychological theories attributed to different psychologists provide the schemes for apparent actions which are involved in the criminal processes and procedures. In the course of comprehending the diverse humanistic actions as well as behaviour involving their motives and directives, psychological theories serve as an essential resource tool. An example of instances where these theories […]

Perception of Organized Crime

Organized crime, in my view, occurs when two or more persons form a rational, ongoing conspiracy to commit crime for reasons such as the desire to make a profit or religious and political extremism. The term can therefore be described as a continuing criminal undertaking that rationally works to benefit from illegal activities through the […]

Broken Windows Theory

Introduction Broken windows theory refers to a hypothesis related to criminology. The theory identifies, and explains certain observations on how to manage crime and explicit behavior in urban environments. According to the theory, proper maintenance and monitoring of urban areas plays a crucial role in providing security to people. James Wilson and George Kelling introduced […]

Criminal justice system

Introduction The criminal justice system of our country is one of the most important institutions for preserving the rule of law in our nation. This institution ensures that members of the society obey the law. Those who violate the law are punished by being taken to court where they might be fined or imprisoned. The […]