Pipeline Installation Elements

Introduction Pipeline installations have relied on a number of strategies depending on the location. This article provides a brief description of some of the methods used in pipeline installations. The article reviews the following pipeline installations: Pig traps Block valves Offtakes Compressor stations The designs of these pipelines are not standard. Instead, they depend on […]

Virtual Reality Versus Augmented Reality

Definition Virtual Reality (VR) refers to a high-end user computer interface involving real-time interactions and stimulations that use several sensorial channels which include visual, auditory, tactile, smell and taste. Virtual Reality should not just be taken as a high-end user interface or a medium. This is because it includes applications that help in providing solutions […]

Construction Safety and Accidents in Latino Community

Introduction Workplace safety has been an issue of regular discourse, especially in the building and construction industry, which normally entails several precarious engagements (Roelofs, Martinez, Brunette, & Azaroff, 2011). American immigrants have persistently been complaining about social prejudice and workplace discrimination, with majority of them working in a more risk environments than the Native Americans […]

Fire Safety in the Health Care System

Abstract It is critical for all healthcare facilities to have in place an intact fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Healthcare facilities are at a greater risk of experiencing fire incidences because of the highly inflammable substances that are used in hospital laboratories. Automatic fire alarm systems have either smoke or heat detectors that sense the […]

Explosion Suppression Systems

Introduction: Explosion Suppression Explosion protection is one of the most complicated areas of safety provision, partially because of the numerous sources that can lead to an explosion, and partially due to the massive effects that an explosion leads to, especially in a building. Therefore, the use of explosion suppression systems is essential for ensuring that […]

Ways of Strengthening Reinforced Concretes

How does the reinforced concrete become strong? Among the most celebrated writers on material strength and construction integrity, readers find Edward G. Nawy’s “Reinforced Concrete A Fundamental Approach” as an invaluable reference. In this discourse, Dr Nawy’s perspectives on structural engineering provide resourceful insightful, with regard to material strength involving reinforced concrete. The main content […]