Utilitarian Moral Theory

Characterized as a teleological theory, utilitarianism is used to test the morality of an action based on its consequences, but not its motives. This theory is premised on the principle of maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. The rightness of an action is therefore justified if it results into maximizing human welfare (Singer 325–337). Utilitarianism is […]


Introduction Tsunamis have gained worldwide notoriety following the two devastating tsunamis that have occurred in the course of the last ten years. These natural catastrophes have demonstrated that tsunamis are high-impact disasters that can cause massive destruction and death within a few minutes of their occurrence. The impact of tsunamis is especially considerable since the […]

The Greenhouse Effect

Introduction The greenhouse effect entails conditions that allow short wavelengths from sunlight to be absorbed through transparent media. However, these media cannot permit the passage of long wavelengths that are re-radiated from animated substances. Therefore, high temperatures that occur due to overheating are usually experienced. This arises because the long wavelengths are tapped and thus […]

Species Extinction

Population growth among the humans is leading to over exploitation of the eco system in trying to provide food, shelter and clothing. Santa in her publication World Is Undergoing Mass Extinction shows how over exploitation of the environment is causing imbalance in the eco system. The imbalance in ecosystem is eventually leading to extinction of […]


Introduction The current society is very concerned about the natural environment. Nature is under threat from various factors that affect it in one way or the other. The world is increasingly being globalized. Scientists are coming up with new strategies of approaching various issues within the society. Every aspect of life has been made easier. […]

Nature verses Nurture

Introduction Human growth and development is an important aspect in human life. Conventionally, it describes the physical, emotional, or psychological and cognitive transformation in human life. In addition, it is a complicated process controlled by both environmental and genetic aspects (Bronfenbrenner 3). Throughout human history, research has continually debated on several aspects of human life […]