Kinetic Xbox

Executive Summary Kinetic Xbox is a system that uses infrared translates 3D body motion to control video games. Rare and prime sense companies because of technological competition in the Microsoft world introduced the product. Bill Gates and Paul Allen following a series of revolution of innovations founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975 and introduced its second […]

Technology in Hospitality Industry

Introduction Initially, hotels used to depend on paperwork and cards at the customer care desk to communicate with their current and potential customers. They relied on those customers who would physically visit their information desk. However, with information technology advancement, those inconveniences are long gone. Use of Information technology has fully transformed hospitality industry where […]


Hypothesis The main objective of mobile forensics is to obtain information from mobile devices with the intention of coming up with strategies for enhancing them. Although they can simplify daily lives of many through facilitating communication and entertainment, these devices can also incorporate the highest level of security risks to both individuals and organizations in […]

Business plan: introduction of RFID technology in Knowledge Vault Library

Executive Summary Knowledge Vault Library is a reputed name in the library services industry, having being in operation for the past decade servicing over a million knowledge-thirsty visitors. The pursuit of knowledge has become a part of today‚Äôs society since the society is rapidly changing and individuals are undertaking rigorous reading so as to remain […]

Analysis of Sony PS3

Introduction The Sony PS3 is the latest gaming console set to replace Sony’s iconic PS2 gaming system. Promising better graphics, user interactivity and access to an online gaming community the Sony PS3 was meant to become an innovation that defined the latest gaming genres in the gaming industry. Unfortunately initial sales of the product waned […]