New public management can be considered to be both a panacea and a plague to public administration.

Introduction The desire to continuously improve service delivery to citizens is a challenge faced by most governments across the globe. Governments are put to power by citizens through a democratic process with the hope that it will implement better governing policies that will benefit all and sundry. Effective and efficient modes of implementing such policies […]

Federalism and separation of powers

In the article it is clear that in the 2004 presidential election federalism was noticeably absent and no party candidate brought up issues that weighed down the states and localities. The contest was streamlined by the then on-going war against terrorism and the fluctuating conditions in Iraq. While there was much progress on internal security, […]

Designing an Intervention for Obesity in US

Introduction In the evolution of mankind the process of acquiring food often entailed the exertion of physical energy and ensured the population always received adequate exercise. As times progressed to modern society there have emerged societies where the population has access excessive amounts of food with relatively little or no exercise. The result of this […]

ASPA Code of Ethics

The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) explains it ethical standards well. The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) outlines it ethical standards well. Its first standard focuses maintaining the public’s interest. The focus of the ethical standards include exercising discretion to boost the public’s trust, incorporating the public’s inputs in decision–making, and helping the […]

Welfare Public Policy

Public policies are decisions, laws, regulations, commitments, and actions made by the government (Gerston, 2010, p.7). Welfare on the other hand involves programs that are geared to assist marginalized people to obtain a decent income or services; target groups for welfare are elderly people, disabled or poor people. Public policies are government approach to tackle […]