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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Information Networking as Technology

Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini, and Seamonkey are the three web browsers covered in this project paper. Opera mini browser is by far better than Mozilla Firefox is; Opera mini is very efficient in terms of [...]

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a term used to refer to a collection of applications that aim at keeping and making available a data bank in a certain industry or organization; the bank is referred to when [...]

The Best Social Networking Tool for Me

Rating of each alternative It is better to explore each tool, analyze the benefits of each tool before making a decision. Nevertheless, a good decision process will always lead to the best social networking tool.

Discourse of the Information Society

World Wide Web as a cybernetic phenomenon The World Wide Web, the graphical-interface Web browser, and the search engine tools have really shaped the face and the capabilities of the internet we enjoy to-date.

Digital Technology – the Use of the Internet

Looking back, in retrospect, the computer that I first encountered was incomparable to the computers of today. The ultimate advancement in computer technology, for me, was the mainstream use of the internet.

Business online security

The stolen information can then be used against the victim as a means of blackmail, for industrial espionage or even to gain access to his or her financial accounts.

How computers influence our life

In the entertainment industry, many of the movies and even songs will not be in use without computers because most of the graphics used and the animations we see are only possible with the help [...]

History of the Networking Technology

The development of computer networks is the answer to the urgent need of the modern day workplace to have the ability to receive and send information quickly and efficiently.

Solutions to Computer Viruses

Efforts should also be made to ensure that once a computer system is infected with viruses, the information saved in it is salvaged.

Club IT’s Data Management

The central issue inherent in data management, particularly in the case of Club IT, is that the data will be coming in from multiple sources and rapidly.

Structural system project

In this respect, resolving forces into components can facilitate the process of choosing the most appropriate method to implement in a definite project.

Security Bid Proposal

Information security system Business information may include but not limited to information on employees, consumers, commodities offered, financial status of the business, business policies and also future plans of the business hence such information should [...]

Rubber, Rise of an Essential Commodity

Rubber was introduced in Europe in 1492 and used for the manufacture of erasers and balls. Furthermore, there were controversies that it melted in the sun, it also had a bad smell and became brittle [...]

Security Threats in Social Sites

Contrasting speculations that the sites lack security or privacy, the involved firms recognize benefits of investing in Information Security, thus the need to understanding methodologies behind risks experienced by the clients.

Why I am studying engineering

My choice to enroll in this engineering class is not a shock to those who know me, as some of them have mockingly referred to me as "the engineer".

Data Analysis and Maintenance

The hypotheses of the research have been developed with the operationalization of the variables done. The other personal data such as the age, weight, height and personal characteristics of the employees shall be obtained from [...]