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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Information Security: A Critical Discussion

In more complex terms, however, the concept of information security is often viewed under the lens of protecting data and complex information systems from unauthorized or illegal access, use, revelation, interruption, modification, examination, inspection, recording [...]

A History of Aircraft

Just as the title suggests, the book is a detailed history of the invention of the aircraft by the Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Ethics and Computer Security

The introduction of computers and the internet in the 1970s marked the end and the beginning of a new era where human labour was no longer required in the production of goods and services.

Smoke Alarm “Smart Smoke Detector”

Smart Smoke detectors will allow customers to evade the smoke detector and to reduce the annoyance of the alarm. This report examines extensively and pinpoints the expected process that Global Engineering will follow to achieve [...]

Software Development Lifecycles

Using the example of a construction project, the architect's blueprint can be taken to construe the methodology while the tools used by the construction workers are the tools needed for the task.

Do Investors Care If Steve Jobs Is Healthy?

The article by Koch, Fenili and Chebula tries to investigate the impact Apple's founder Steve Jobs health has on the profitability of the company through an analysis and evaluation of stock/share price and market capitalization.

Channel Tunnel between England and France

To begin with, the analysis of the project takes us through the initial stages of the project, the commencement phase. To this end, the office necessitates the availability of accountability reports on funding and the [...]

Car Rental Software

This proposal is specifically for the design of software to be used in handling the transaction processes before the car is given to the customer, as well as in the clearance process when the client [...]

New Technologies and Organizational Needs

To improve the organizational processes, increase the effectiveness of the work, contribute to the organizational development, many new technologies can be successfully used in the sphere of management.

Project Management: A Critical Evaluation

It is against this background that the present paper seeks to respond to a few issues related to project scheduling, primarily the identification of activities needed to estimate resources and durations, identification and discussion of [...]

The Airbus Fly-By-Wire Control System

In fly-by-wire, the control of the aircraft is only achieved through the use of electrical signals. The fly-by-wire control systems have enabled automatic stability system to be included in the plane and act autonomously to [...]

Spreadsheet Errors in Management

The first type of quantitative errors is mechanical errors which are defined as simple mistakes such as typing a number in the wrong cell and mistyping of numbers. In order to facilitate detection of errors, [...]

New Media Technology

Significant technologies as developed with respect to two Egyptian revolutions, one in the year 1952 and the other in the year 2011 are discussed in line with the roles that these communication technologies played in [...]

Globalization and Digitalization

The tools that are necessary in the technological exodus from the traditional mode to higher fashions have posed a challenge in the labor force in relation to the level of expertise.

Brief history of the Boeing 787

The above information on the Boeing 787 is crucial as it has given the quest to explore the power behind the success of the aircraft in the market.

Importance of Chemical Engineer Profession

Most of the schools claim to lack some important resources to handle science lessons well, and that is one of the reasons of this campaign to influence both the teachers and the students to have [...]

Analysis of Dubai’s Aviation Model

This paper not only sheds light on the factors contributing to the success of the sector but also analyzes the contributions of the aviation sector to Dubai's economy. The success of the partnership is attributed [...]

Project Safety Risk Management Plan

The objective of this report is to come up with a risk management plan for the construction projects in this company focusing on the safety risks involved in construction and how they can be controlled.

Database System Basics

The Random Access Memory commonly referred to as RAM is another fundamental component in a computer system that is responsible for storing files and information temporarily when the computer is running. The other storage component [...]

Security of Your Computer

Authentication is used to mean that the information in the computer is only available and accessible to the authorized parties. This method is more effective as it can include hardware using multiple versions of software [...]

Computer safety

The OS of a computer is a set of instructions communicating directly to the hardware of the computer and this enable it to process information given to it.

Cloud Computing and the Usage of the Internet

Without cloud computing, the usage of computers would be very difficult because the users would require the IT experts to help them to install the programs required to run the applications that are used in [...]

Information Systems Basics

In information system there is collecting, processing and disseminating of the information or storage, encoding and decoding depending on the nature of the information and its use.

Technology in Hospitality Industry

Some customers would like to continue working while in the hotel or even to keep in touch with the progress of their businesses and information technology advancement has made this possible nowadays.

Airports Electronic gate (e-gate)

The invention and innovation of computer applications has resulted in the development of electronic gate used in airports; the innovative electronic passport control system is used to boost security and facilitate the flow of people [...]

Analysis of Sony PS3

As a gaming console the PS3 promised, and subsequently delivered, games which would literally astound gamers with the depth of the graphics and the greater degree of in-game features not present in the previous generation [...]

Macintosh Advantages and Disadvantages

Based on the various facts presented it can be seen that in terms of their overall ease of use, versatility when it comes to using media based applications, external aesthetic quality and the inherent stability [...]

IT System for Louvre Hotels

To recap it all, it is vital to note that implementing such a system requires an overhaul of the current one by gradually upgrading from the old systems to a central and integrated system.

Transport Project Management

The following are the specific objectives that it aims at attaining: After the project, the country expects to have a reliable transport system that can handle the increasing trade and transshipment between Bharat and Dragon; [...]

Capturing Images in the 21st Century

In the case of more complicated shots the cameraman has to work closely with the subject but in the 21st century the same thing can be achieved instantly and without the knowledge and consent of [...]

Information Technology in People’s lives

This has prompted many to be more vigilant and to prosecute with the full force of the law any British citizen found guilty of violating standards and statutes with regards to the use of the [...]

Decision Support Systems

A DSS has three major elements: Database management system that stocks huge volumes of data that is vital in finding solutions to problems for which the DSS has been designed to solve; Model-based management systems [...]

ICT in Education

This paper explores the importance of the tools of the tools of ICT in education and the roles that these tools have played in making learning better and easier.

Concept of Industrial Accident

For example in the transportation industries, about 70% of the accidents are caused by negligence of the drivers[2]. Most of the accidents are caused by the poor conditions of the working environment and to minimize [...]

Convergence in the Television Stations

With the current competition and the changes in the television and online services, people are no longer willing to pay less to the Pay TV broadcasters and the emergence of free TV is gaining an [...]

The History of 3-D Film Making

Judging from the release of at least 3 3-D films a month this year, it seems that the 3-D format is here to stay and finally take its place in film making history.

Internet Files Sharing

The tutor and the student are now able to communicate and exchange file over the internet in form of lessons, instructions, and assignments online.

Organizational Technology Plan

In the contemporary world, technology has become an integral part of organizations; however, it has affected the society and the environment mainly due to the changes that come about with it, which people have to [...]

UK Management in the Built Environment

This paper seeks to discuss occurrence of accidents in the construction industry in the UK with respect to the causes of the accidents, and possible solution to reducing the number of accidents registered in the [...]

The Impact of Computers

Morris argues that '...the ever-accelerating progress of technology gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.

The Trends of Cloud Computing

This is brought forth by the fact that the server and user are not close in proximity and thus accessibility and manipulation of data is not that free as it is under control. One of [...]

Management of Information Security and Control

Therefore the management of information should be one of the priorities if the organization is to be successful. Risk management is broadly divided in to two phases: the first one is risk assessment which involves [...]

A Discussion on Net Neutrality

First, network neutrality to a large extent benefit internet consumers because they are able to access content and sites that could otherwise be inaccessible or accessible at very low speeds in the absence of proper [...]

Video Games Impact on Peoples Lives

These games have had a great influence in the minds of people, especially the children who have stopped playing the usual games on the fields to sticking on the computer and television screens playing video [...]

The Internet is a Powerful Force

In Nicholas Carr's book, What the internet is doing to our brains, he describes the impact the internet has brought to our capacity to concentrate and think deeply.

Tablet Personal Computers

The main reason why people prefer the tablet PCs is the ease of mobility and operability compared to the laptops and the desktops.

Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons

Artificial intelligence, or robots, one of the most scandalous and brilliant inventions of the XX century, causing people's concern for the world safety, has become one of the leading branches of the modern science, which [...]

Microsoft Information System

The validity and reliability of the data is also analyzed by a variety of tools and techniques feeded in the system just to enhance total quality management and other related knowledge.

Privacy and Safety on the Internet

The user should have knowledge of how his or her information is being collected, the purpose of collection and how the party is going to use the information. The final security measure to ensure safety [...]

Improper Internet Use at Work

However, every company has written or unwritten policy for the use of internet and the employees must ensure that they: Comply with the policy Use internet in an acceptable way Do not create unnecessary risk [...]

Technology in Business

The industry is quite promising since in the past few years, more initiatives have been released to the market and in regards to that, future systems will be required to do more complex procedures requiring [...]

Project management Tips

Designing and understanding the processes to be used in the management of the project. This is important since wide research is required to enhance the level of understanding on the processes to be followed.

The Digital Divide

The invention of the computer and the subsequent birth of the internet have been seen as the most significant advances of the 20th century.

Web linked Power Measuring Device Project Plan

The tasks were grouped according to the work package as follows: Team and project development Project design Construction Project assembly Marketing The internet linked energy measuring device was projected to cost $250.

Technology and Music Industry

The impact of file sharing technology in the music industry has been a major obstacle to its advancement. In a clearer way, the future purchase and sale of music is anticipated to be easier.