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Tech & Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Smart classroom and its effect on student learning

In the event of a need for some practical experience, there was some assembly of some equipment in a separate room such as a laboratory and the teachers together with the students engaged in the [...]

Use of Technology as a Learning Tool

With the enhancement of technology that has been evident in the past years, technology has become an integral part of most of the activities carried out by humans.

Fire Protection

In addition to that, the architect asserted that such stairs were used to accommodate the needs of escaping children and disabled people who could be in the building in the event of a fire.

The iPhones Fourth Generation

It is the fourth generation of the iPhone, having succeeded the iPhone 3GS, the other two previous models are the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

Insights on Green Automotive Development

Basing judgment on affordability and availability of the EVs, the tax incentives and exemptions offered by some government agencies to purchasers due to the high initial costs seems to be an unsustainable venture in emerging [...]

Over Dependence on Technology

The earlier discovery and developments in computers has seen the reliance of the technology in domestic and industrial applications. The developments of the internet communications has as well caused significant changes in the accessibility of [...]

Is Modern Conveniences and Technology a Curse or a Blessing?

However, although modern conveniences and technological innovations have some negative effects, the benefits of such conveniences and innovations overshadow such effects; hence, modern conveniences and technological developments have greatly improved the quality of life; hence, [...]

Impact of Technology on Education

The history shows that technological progress and modernity are closely interconnected, arranging a tandem for the development of more sophisticated techniques for the cognition of the surrounding world.

Information Technology and Low-Cost Airlines

This is made possible by many factors but it can be said that the most significant component is the use of information technology specifically the utilization of the Intranet and Extranet networking system.

The Internet Power

The Internet has been one of the biggest inventions that have made a great difference in the lives of many people in the world.

Electronic books for Easter Washington University

For example, the electronic text center based at the University of Virginia is reported as the first institution to allow the downloading of classic books in the public domain.

Ethos of Hacking

The possible advantage of cooperating with hackers for security systems mangers of international organizations and governmental organizations is the probability to recruit them and use their knowledge to empower different organizations to improve their security [...]

Design a helper

Therefore, personal robots in addition to making life easier should be able to perceive and understand the surroundings. However, robots are a source of worry in the future as they can be risky to humans.

Computer survey analysis

The survey was conducted with the aid of the research questions which included; what type of computer was owned by the respondent and the brand of the primary computer.

The Open Systems Interconnection Referencing Model

Layer 7: The Application Layer This layer is the interface between the user and the network. The layer "transforms the data from the session layer to provide a standard interface for the application layer and [...]

Global Information Systems (GIS)

Information on the country in which the organization operates is relevant to the organization because it provides the relevant information regarding the existing business opportunities in the country and the possibility of their exploitation.

Application of RFID Technology

The silicon chip in the transporter tag contains object such as the exact place of location, the date of manufacture, the color of the product, the price, or any other relevant information.

Nanotechnology in Human and Animal Health

Nano-medical tools and instruments facilitate study and observation of the functioning and metabolism of minute living cells such as proteins and hormones. Such knowledge can contribute to the development of new medical approaches in the [...]

Data Integration and Data Quality

Data quality is one of the protective measures that is highly valued by most companies because the records that are stored in databases can be used to trace events and for the referencing to be [...]

Technology: Being Digital

This has been achieved by the fact that the world is a global village thus transmitting information does not have to rely on time and money. A click of the mouse is enough to have [...]

The Rationale of the Cryonics

The Egyptians hence tried to make sure that they preserved a person very close to immortality and this is the reason why they when to greater extent of building the pyramids and doing the mummification.

Data collection methods

They are collected together and the team leader who is usually the researcher asks relevant questions that lead to data collection in his area of interest.

Hardcopies Versus Softcopies

Today it is possible to have the electronic versions of the physical reading materials such as the encyclopaedias, dictionaries or bibles, which are easy to access at any time or location as opposed to carrying [...]

Rescue Operation for Trapped Chilean Miners

This helped the rescuers in knowing the conditions inside the mine, more importantly; the holes were used to send food, water and medication to the miners.

Technology and Writing

Using word processors, I can retrieve pieces of writing written in the past and try to improve on them. Sometimes I am not able to spot my mistakes in writing when using word processors.

The Cloning Controversy

Considering the fact that most of the controversy about cloning arises from misinformation or ignorance about the matter, this study shall set out to conclusively research on cloning and its merits so as to attest [...]

Online Persona: Ethical Implications

For the purposes of this essay, let us accept that a fabricated online persona remains ethically unsound, as we consider the social harm this causes, namely, the perpetuation of crippling social stigmas, and the erosion [...]

AECbytes “Building the Future”

The author commends the continued innovation and the production of new things and new ways of handling the tasks of building design, construction, and collaboration, despite the challenging economics times.

Biometric Technologies and Security

To achieve this, the assumptions that biometrics facilitate the invasion of privacy, may have dangerous health effects on the users, are discriminatory and are unnecessary expenses need to be laid to rest if the full [...]

Dangers of Texting while Driving

The research paper will present some statistics to prove that texting while driving is one of the biggest contributors of road accidents in American roads.

Impact of Modern Technology on Human Communication

However, this paper has also illustrated that there may be hindrances to communication which can arise from the abuse of modern technology in communication efforts by individual.

Best Methods for Oil Clean Ups

The reports cover issues ranging from causes of oil spills to the effects of oil spills on the environment. Thus the main sources which lead to the release of oil into the ocean are related [...]

Hunter Institute of TAFE

Project description: the main purpose of this project is to open a new computer lab at Hunter Institute of TAFE. The necessity of this project can be explained by the fact that many computers in [...]

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Systems

The equipment running under the UPS gets supply of power for several minutes before switching the power to an alternative or emergency power options such as batteries in case of electric failures.

The iPhone’s Main Features and Productivity

The sophistication of the iPhone is reiterated by Jacko who is of the opinion that the exquisite look of the gadget coupled with the touch screen effectiveness has made many other firms come groping for [...]

Is Technology Neutral?

Rather than attribute the loss of jobs to adoption of technology, it is more appropriate to blame the loss of jobs on the decision to adopt technology.

Levels of Computer Science

For the programmer to create low-level programming languages, computer architecture is very necessary for machine coding in the Central Processing Unit of a computer.

The Efficiency Resulting From Utilizing Information Systems

When reporting and querying technology is incorporated in most databases, it allows employees to easily generate reports and interpret the same for execution of plans in the organization. To embrace information technology fully and benefit [...]

History of the Internet

In the late 1960s, some proponents of the internet conducted research to find out the likelihood of interconnection between systems using the ARPANET.

Computer Communication Network in Medical Schools

Most medical schools have made it compulsory for any reporting student to have a computer and this point the place of computer communication network in medical schools now and in the future.

What are the Causes of the Increased Lack of Internet Privacy?

Although every individual has the right to accuse the government and internet service providing companies over their failure to protect their customers' privacy, individuals should recognize, they have a crucial duty to play as far [...]

Impact of Computer Based Communication

It started by explaining the impact of the internet in general then the paper will concentrate on the use of Instant Messaging and blogs.

Relational Database Systems

This is a business report, personally addressed to the manager of the Easy Drive School of Motoring explaining why and how a relational database system will address the problems of the organization.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

The inability of an individual to compute a sum in HTML disqualifies it as a programming language. The presence of formatting commands in HTML does not also qualify it as a programming language.

Technology Affecting Our Daily Life

Another example of the use of technology in improving productivity and output is the use of database systems to store data and information.

Management of Technology

For this therefore, this improvement of quality as computers are invented is a cause for alarm in the management of technologies.

Impact of the Internet on Information Systems Ethics

Privacy of information involves ability to confine the confidential personal information in a specified domain area. The architecture of the internet is meant to enhance sharing of information and not to conceal or defend its [...]

Business Pressures in Aviation Industry

The situation has brought major impacts in the lives of the passengers and even in the business of the transport service providers.

Physical Fitness in Aviation

Aviation is an aspect that highly depends on the judgment of the people on the crew and the pilot for any outcome therefore, necessitating the importance of one to be careful with the health state [...]

Fitness and Performance in Aviation

The physical fitness and vigorous health of aviation workers are critical aspects in their performance, in aviation, because of the nature of some of their jobs that may be physically demanding.

What is a Weblog?

It also crucially important to underline the purposes of this essay: to present all the necessary information about blog's essence, to underline what makes weblogs popular, to clear up who read weblogs and why, to [...]

Challenges of Computer Technology

Computer Technologies and Geology In fact, computer technologies are closely connected to any sphere of life, and it is not surprisingly that geology has a kind of dependence from the development of computers and innovative [...]

The Policies and Documentation: IPv4 vs. IPv6

Ipv4 addresses are supposed to be run out in the next two years that is why it's alternative which is Ipv6 is needed for the proper arrangement of the messages.

Sample of Chart or Graph

While the stacked bar chart is very helpful in understanding the overall votes by respondents as well how many considered each focus area as critical or high, it does not give an idea of the [...]

IT & Networks for Business

The main characteristics of the net generation are, they communicate using voice or data while on the move, they are internet savvy and are always connected either through WAP on the cell phones or Wi-Fi [...]

The Role of Intranet in Health and Human Services Organization

Privacy is the rights and responsibilities of an individual or organization with respect to the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of personal data. Individuals ought to be empowered to control the collection, use, and distribution [...]

Data Warehoisung: Composite Bicycle Frame

The production of the composite bicycle frame that combines a metal spine in the midst of a fibre reinforced plastics have been in the market for quite a while but the materials keep changing to [...]

Computer fraud and contracting

The law does not provide the consumers with measures to enforcing the online contracts because the argument is that, it is impossible to tell the intention and the consent of the consumer when they signed [...]

Security requirements engineering

There are a number of approaches to the study of security requirements engineering, for instance, the elicitation method is likely to provide a framework for ordinary functional requirements which are more often than not oriented [...]

Electronic Range Finders

In the early 1960s, the devices were actively fitted in the most expensive cameras. Although more sophisticated auto-focus devices later outnumbered the range finders, some of these cameras are still in use today.

Digital Crime Scenario

This rogue security software can appear on a website in the form of an advertisement which in most of the time informs that internet user of their win for being a visitor to the website [...]

Internet Positive and Negative Impacts on Education

The computer and the internet were the most significant inventions of the 21st century and these two inventions have changed the way human beings operate. Tsai asserts that the internet has increased the ability of [...]

Industrial Engineering

This is to facilitate development of appropriate construction designs, allocation of resources, and crafting of superior strategic plan to enhance effectiveness.

The differences between e-readers and tablets

The spread of the innovative technologies pushes some people on the idea that books are going to disappear. First, the ancient books as the reminder of human history are going to remain.

Organizational Vulnerability

The man-in-the-middle attack is also known as integrity attack since the actions of the system operators are based on the integrity of the data.

Recommendation for a web server software package

When the software offers a wide range of product designs for the clients, they may feel that they are delayed from accessing the services. This is not convenient to clients who are particular in the [...]

Phishing threats and counter measures

In this case, the attacker sends emails to the bank customers promoting them to change their account information such as the password and username.

Cyber Security

The management of the bank revealed that Kerviel exploited every loophole to hack the computer operations at the bank. It is also important to list the potential risks because it enables the security personnel to [...]

Evolution of Power Production

The goal of this paper is to review the evolution of power production as the basis for considering the future options of power for the planet.

Information System and Modern Business

For instance, the Enterprise Resource Planning System is currently used to address business challenges such as linking strategic objectives of the organization and performance.

Sephora: The Offers of Sephora.ca

The main particular feature of the campaigns is the fact that the offers are almost not available in stores, and the products are presented in the limited series.

Pros and Cons of Information Technology

Some of the disadvantages of the improved technology include new forms of pollution that are as a result of the gadgets used to access the resource.

Digitally Based Information Age

The new environment has influenced people's health and the way people treat information. In the first place, it is necessary to consider people's health or rather the way the digital world affects humans.

Computer Viruses

A computer virus is a software program designed to interfere with the normal computer functioning by infecting the computer operating system.

Hydraulic Engineering

One of the disadvantages with using canals for transportation was that the boats were easily damaged while on the double slipways.

Machinery and Modern Industry

The main thrust of the essay though was not to point out how effective machines are in increasing the means of production, rather, it was the intention of Marx to reveal how the use of [...]

Inventions that the world would do without

For instance, the invention of communication technology has been of great help to the entire world because of the convenience and reliability it has come with.

On Becoming a Cell Phone Junkie

Although I must admit that cell phones have earned their merits as essential tools of existence in the new millennium, I do not subscribe to the idea that my life should depend on it.

Cloud Computing

In the software-as-a-service, the retailerprovides the software product,the hardware infrastructure and networks with the user via a front-end portal. In conclusion, software as a service cloud computing is not going to dominate the next several [...]

Use Software as a service

The software industry is a dynamic industry which has undergone several changes and one of the current trends in the industry is cloud computing.

Enterprise Architecture Center

According to Hayles,the main objective of EA is to enhance the performance of an organization by reducing the instances of faults in the tasks that are performed by their employees.

Open Source Systems: the Risks and Ethical Issues

In this paper, the risks and ethical issues associated with open-source systems are outlined and additionally, a one-page audit plan for an open-source system for Global Airline Co.prepared in order to boost the company's confidence [...]

Computer Security Breaches and Hacking

To avoid such an attack in the future, it is advisable to keep both the client and server applications up to date.

Are Hybrid Cars Worth It?

First and foremost what must be understood is that hybrid vehicles on average cost more than their primarily gasoline based counterparts, while it may be true that the hybrid car industry focuses on the fact [...]

Technology and Its Impact in the World

Technology has a profound root in the society; this is because today's world relies on the advances in technology. Technology has brought the discovery of electricity that is important in lighting up the world.

Nanotechnology and its Perspectives in Connecticut

According to a report by Office for Workforce Competitiveness of Connecticut, efforts to advance nanotechnology in Connecticut began in 2003 with a detailed assessment of the benefits of nanosciences to the state and the state's [...]

Computer Hacking

For the ethical hackers, they pursue hacking in order to identify the unexploited areas or determine weaknesses in systems in order to fix them.

Technology Help – American Become More Knowledgeable

Despite the fact that technology came to the rescue of several areas in the society, youths, especially those in the universities and high schools, rely heavily on the technology.

Aviation maintenance and production planning in the air force

The paper also explores the concept of production planning in the air force in regard to the setting up of air force production centers and the personnel mandated with the strategic management and the overall [...]

The Role of Design in the Website Performance

The main purpose of the work is to assess the key design features to attract the targeted audiences and improve the performance of the website for an organization established in an area viewed as being [...]
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