Sustainable Tourism Essay

This essay shows that there are initiatives which aim at promoting sustainability in tourism destinations. However, these initiatives do not work due to the diverse nature of the tourism industry. The essay demonstrates this through various approaches to tourism sustainability and methods that stakeholders have applied in their attempts to enhance sustainability of tourism destinations. […]

Sustainable Tourism: Divisions among Stakeholders Essay

Since the fifteenth century, tourism has emerged as a reliable sector in different economies across the world (Matt 2004). However, the economies that benefit from it most are those that posses unique features since, in any given country, the number of both domestic as well as foreign tourists visiting different places of interest is usually […]

The Tenets of a Successful Advertising Campaign: Understanding the Role of Good Ideas & Creative Minds Essay

Introduction Today, more than ever before, academics and practitioners are coming to terms with the increasingly complex nature of marketing and advertising brought about by media fragmentation and varied viewing and purchasing habits across consumer groups (Soberman, 2005). Indeed, according to this author, media fragmentation has made it extremely hard to cost-effectively inform a mass […]

Visitor Management Plan for Greek Island Case Study

Introduction and Rationale The tourism industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. The industry is growing fast courtesy of globalization and advanced technology among other factors. The Greek tourism is therefore part of the world’s larger tourism industry that is rapidly growing. The industry contributes a large portion to the Greek […]

What Makes a Successful Situation Comedy? Essay

Introduction A situation comedy is a comic television series composed of episodes or scenes involving similar group of characters dealing with an issue, abnormal situation and many other scenes that may arise1. The short form of situation comedy is sitcom. This is usually accompanied by jokes as part of a conversation. A successful situation comedy […]

Cosmopolitan comunication Assessment

How morality function affects cosmopolitan communications The firewall model as postulated by Norris and Inglehart holds that news media impacts on societal values and as such, they can actually initiate value change. Norris and Ingehart have noted that although such a scenario may not occur frequently, nonetheless, there is the risk that it can be […]