Social network communication

Social media platform With the current developments in scientific innovations and inventions, there are new ways of communicating, interacting and passing information. Social networks have been used by companies, individuals and in some place the government to share and pass information. The main reason that has lead to the growth in social media networks is […]

Modern Day Communication

Introduction The traditional process of human communication has always involved a certain degree of direct personal interaction between individuals yet with the introduction of new technology preferred methods of communication have become more impersonal resulting in an increasingly isolationist society. As technology improves methods of communication have steadily become more convenient wherein people are no […]

Language and Communication for Business and Commerce

Communication in any organization is a very important aspect as it can make or break an organization. Companies generally do not have a public language (Lang, 2010). It is of great importance that when the hiring is taking place, there is absolutely no tribalism or nepotism going on and that people are hired purely on […]

Woman intimacy and friendship with the appearance of social media

Social media has provided a platform for women to communicate about intimacy in a way that was never possible before. Across all races and gender, social media has promoted cohesion by driving spontaneous affection, intimacy and informality (Zacharias and Arthurs 214). A majority of studies reveal more women than men use social sites. It has […]

New Media Technology

Abstract The use of newly developed media technology such as the internet to organize a mass protest in Egypt was a surprise to most people. This was mainly because such techniques have not been effectively used in such a way. Political movements have for example been conducted through physical rallies and appearances in media such […]