Process of Modernization and How It Affected the Cultures of China and Japan

Introduction Modernization is a complex phenomenon, which is understood differently by different individuals in the world. People consider modernization as a process through which traditional ideas and values are buried in a silent grave. Science considers modernization as a standardized evolutionary transition from the traditional society into a modern Society. Many scholars and scientists refer […]

Conrad Hilton: Understanding the Hotelier & his Contributions to the Hospitality Industry

Scholars and practitioners are in agreement that the modern hotel and hospitality industry would not have attained its present status had it not been for the dedicated and passionate contribution of a number of its founders, one of them going by the name of Conrad Hilton. Indeed, Conrad is perceived by many renowned hoteliers of […]

Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast was born on 1840 in Germany before relocating to New York City in 1946 (Anonymous, 2008). It was during his time in New York that Nast studied art. After his study, he began his work as an artist with several papers. Thomas Nast was a famous cartoonist who is widely known for his […]

Factors that explain Britain’s Total Domination of India during the First One Hundred Years of British Rule

The economic impacts, military conquest, as well as the implementation of Christianity and education were major factors contributing to the domination of India by Britain between 1757 and 1858. In essence, the British Empire is perceived as one of the biggest formal empire that the world had ever come to see. Its economic, political and […]