Report for database of maintenance car Report

Executive Summary This report is on a proposed relational database system for a car maintenance company. The proposed relational database system is designed to track employee, customer, car and payment records of the company. The system is to be built using Microsoft Access relational database management system (RDBMS). Therefore, the report highlights the need for […]

Interconnecting the Network of Networks Essay

Introduction The global telecommunications trend has witnessed a gradual shift from the traditional practice where national telecommunications service providers formed a monopoly both on the international and national markets. This traditional system is referred to as “network of networks”. The modern practice, however, has witnessed change whereby system integrators have been formed to offer services […]

Generalized Enterprise Reference Architecture Methodology Essay

Enterprise Integration Methods It has been noted by some practitioners that over the last few years that there has been significant growth in the importance of enterprise integration. This fact is especially given the fact that many organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on information technology (IT) (Lam and Shankararaman 1). This position suggests a need […]

Network management: principles and practice Essay

Introduction The need for saving time and providing learning materials for the organization’s members has necessitate the adoption of an online learning system that will enable members to remotely study without necessarily gathering in central location. They system will be developed by a yet to be identified technology firm that will work closely with the […]

Google Cloud Products in Khan Academy Term Paper

Khan Academy is a non-profit institution located in Mountain View, California. The institution produces a wide range of free edifying online videos for mathematics and other science related subjects. Millions of learners and scholars across the globe frequently access these videos via the institution website and YouTube channel. The website boasts of the tutorials with […]

Cyber theft Research Paper

Introduction The modern day world is becoming a global village with expanding usage of the Internet. The Internet has now penetrated across the globe even to the developing countries where it is being embraced and used widely. The invention and adoption of the Internet has accelerated the growth of business through improved means of communication […]