IT Paper Examples

Smartphone Software

Introduction Smart phone is a mobile phone which is based on a mobile computing platform. It has more advanced computing capabilities and networking as compared to a contemporary mobile phone. The first smart phones were developed to join the operations of a mobile phone and a personal digital assistant (PDA). Currently, Smartphone devices are used […]

Microsoft Internet Marketing Strategies and Competitive Advantage

Introduction Internet technology inspired a business and commerce revolution not witnessed before. Once used for military purposes, internet communication nowadays provides an important platform for business to business, and business to customer interaction. Company websites have become primary tools where potential customers source for information on particular corporate products before making the actual purchase. Besides, […]

The Newest Gadget in Action: Anything Locator Application for iPhone

Concerning the Design: It’s not What It Seems Introducing a gadget with an original design is one of the keys to the success of the given technological novelty. Therefore, the peculiarities of the Locator Application for iPhone are of crucial importance for the public’s perception. Taking into consideration the elements that add to the stylishness […]

Ensuring Confidentiality and Integrity of Data During Transmission and Storage

Introduction In this scenario, it’s important to realize that data integrity and confidentiality is achieved by ensuring that only the authorized person(s) gain access to the data and that during transmission, storage and retrieval data originality is maintained. That is to say no alterations can be made whatsoever during these processes. We also know that […]

Three Worlds of IT

This article dwells upon the use or rather effective exploitation of IT. First, the author states that three categories of IT exist (McAfee 3). These are function IT, network IT and enterprise IT. The researcher provides a precise description of the three categories. It is necessary to note that this classification can be very effective […]

Information Technology Companies

Introduction Information technology is probably the most dynamic sector in any economy. What is new and essential today may not be important the following day. Various new technologies are discovered each and every day. Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of the business environment, requirements of each business entity keep on changing now and again. […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Different Measures used to Protect Operating Systems

Introduction Computer or network operating systems are faced by various security vulnerabilities that can cause a breach of data or loss of important information. These risks usually arise from networks whereby an unwarranted user can access an operating system without the necessary credentials. It becomes important that computer systems apply various security strategies to ensure […]

Security Recommendations for Accounts and Passwords

Introduction Security is a very important issue in computer systems and most organizations dedicate significant resources in securing their systems. Easttom (2006) observes that protecting the system’s perimeters from external attacks and installing antivirus software and anti-spyware does not complete the securing efforts. Proper configuration of the machines is necessary for the network to be […]

Secure Software Project Management

Abstract Secure software project management comprises the steps that should be taken by software producers in their quest to provide good software to the market. Software production is a very challenging bit in information technology due to the nature of computer software that can be produced to do different functions. The need to come up […]

Article Critique: “It’s a Flat World, After All” by Thomas Friedman

Friedman (2005) argues that technology adoption is resulting in the transformation of geo-economics and lives of individuals. Indeed, there are different angles in which the technology has transformed the lives of people, ranging from deployment of technology in production to the revolution in information technology. The tone of the argument presented in the article shows […]

Detection and Prevention of Wireless Intrusion

Abstract This research shows elements of wireless intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. It shows the main areas of wireless intrusion and detection together with advantages and challenges of using a wireless intrusion and detection systems. Overall, the research concludes that a wireless IDS offers many advantages than challenges it may present to users. Wireless local […]

Internal and External Security for The Holiday Inn Online Reservation System

Introduction A hotel reservation system is an online method of booking hotel rooms; the people booking the rooms, who in most cases are travelers and tourists, normally do so by means of an online security system to protect their financial information and other private details. Online reservations have a number of benefits: they save travellers […]

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Model

The waterfall model has fixed sequences for developing software for organizations. The model assumes that the process of developing software should flow steadily through several phases until the last phase. The development of software assumes a sequential manner in this model. One cannot proceed to the next phase until the current phase is complete. It […]

GIS Applications and Data Types

Introduction A Geographic Information System is a combination of hardwares and softwares that enable researchers to envisage, capture, display and analyze data from different geographical positions. It gives the users a great opportunity to interpret data quickly and share it easily. It can be carried to any management information system without any collision. GIS uses […]

Internet Usability Importance

Internet usability is a very important activity that helps to improve the internet-user interface mainly by utilizing domain names. Internet usability refers to the design and positioning of a website for ease of interaction with the users. Internet usability entails such activities as web site design, human-computer interaction, Web site usability, online brands, and online […]

Dealing with IT’s Internal Business Partners

The performance of structures in an organization is influenced by the integration of information technology in its management plan. According to Pearlson and Saunders (2010), information technology enhances the running of internal affairs of an organization. Internal controls are also promoted, generating more efficiency and organizational performance. Studying the interrelationship between the performance of an […]

Web Presence Creation

Introduction To drive the position about the relevance of a web presence home let us consider purchases of vehicles in the US prior to 1995 (Schneider, 2009). During this era the process of buying a car was often snared by aggressive sales personnel with ‘no haggling’ policies taking the pole position. The result was many […]

NYS Office of Mental Health

Introduction NYS OMH operates more than 1300 psychiatric facilities in the State of New York and has its headquarters in Albany. The other facilities have field offices but major decisions are made at the headquarters (Nag & Sengupta, 2007). NYS OMH is located in a 5,000 acres piece of land which comprises more than 33 […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using New Models for Database Management Improving Information Search

Introduction Living in the era of computer technology, the information storage techniques are aimed at easy accessing and utilizing data at an external level. Thereby, library and information science has expanded their studies and has included the analysis of database management. There are different approaches for retrieving and storing information in the database: hierarchical, relational, […]

Information Technologies Strategy

Introduction The use of information technologies is important for the sustainable work of modern companies that may differ in terms of size, structure, profitability, operations, products, and so forth (Tallon 2007). In turn, it is necessary to explain how various businesses develop IT strategies. Moreover, it is important to discuss the policies adopted by such […]

Information Security Basics

Introduction Computers and the internet have become an integral part of modern life and it is hard for a person to go through a day without interacting with these technologies. Due to the numerous advantages gained by using the two technologies, people are relying even more on computers and the internet for personal and commercial […]

Reflective Essay on Organizational Informatics

Abstract Organizational Informatics is the application of both Information Technology and Computer Science in handling an Organization’s matters. With the new developments in information technology and Computer Science, organizations have recorded increase in the ease of their operation, quick execution of tasks, and reduction in the operational costs. The adoption of informatics in firms may […]

Information Management Systems

Introduction Organisations make vital decisions based on customer information concerning their consumption and preference patterns. Scientific studies are also based on the collection of data whose analysis brings the appropriate information that can be interpreted to draw the required inferences. Nations make vital decisions concerning requisite policies that address social problems such as poverty. Hence, […]

Cryptology and Data Protection

Due to the increase in internet usage, emphasis on data security and integrity has been escalated. Better measures in relation to software and hardware based mechanisms are still being invented and put into practice. All information regarding an organization’s business processes is of critical importance. Information security and integrity is therefore, a vital consideration in […]

Data Mining Role in Companies

The increasing adoption of data mining in various sectors illustrates the potential of the technology regarding the analysis of data by entities that seek information crucial to their operations. Data mining tools enable entities to establish relationships such as associations, classes, clusters and sequential patterns. The analysis of data can occur using a variety of […]

Data Warehouse

Abstract Data warehousing, as a means of organizing enterprise information in order for businesses to manage knowledge and benefit from the knowledge acquired from possible analysis, is a common business venture in most firms today. Gone are the days when one large and expensive supercomputer would be used to manage an entire organization’s data. Today, […]

Censorship on the Internet

Abstract The internet was founded on the philosophy of openness and its inventors hoped to provide a means through which information could be shared freely among participants. However, it has grown to become a heavily restricted medium with some form of censorship being implemented everywhere and severe censorship in a few places. This paper highlights […]

Relational Database Management Systems

The idea of database management systems arose in the early 1970s following research conducted by IBM and university of California at Berkeley. The research intended to provide an alternative to the techniques in use at the time, especially to help reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining complex systems (Seltzer, 2008). In the modern competitive […]

Technology Prioritization Proposal

IT systems have become indispensable in the management of healthcare. It is clear that modern healthcare systems cannot operate without IT systems. However, the cost of IT infrastructure can be prohibitive. In this regard, every healthcare provider must find a way of prioritizing its IT budgets to achieve the most value from its investments. This […]

Cloud Computing: Data Confidentiality, Privacy and Thefts

Introduction Cloud computing is among the fastest growing sectors of information technology. In fact, organizations are rapidly using the concept in business circles. Currently, it has become a key part of the information technology industry. However, a majority of organizations are faced with the chief decision on whether or not it is advisable to embrace […]

IT Security in Google

The Google’s New Privacy Policy is just an attempt to ensure high-level security of an individual’s data and improvement in the search field. For instance, the data searches on Google are linked to other websites such as You Tube. This only shows that Google is tracking people’s activities over the internet. At present, people share […]

Information systems in Health Care

Many nations are highly concerned about the quality of health offered to their citizens because productivity of a nation directly depends on good health. Different policies and programs have been instituted to put into check the quality of health care by different states as well as the federal government. With computer technology having its effects, […]

Threat with Transferring to Cloud Computing Services

Introduction Cloud computing has emerged as a technology that can increase organizational performance by offering numerous competitive advantages to the company. This technology offers distributive IT hardware and software capabilities to a company therefore saving costs that would have been incurred on IT infrastructure. The efficiency of business operations is increased as the organization is […]

Analysis: Domain Name System (DNS) and DNS tunneling

Abstract This paper provides a detailed discussion of Domain Name System (DNS) and DNS tunneling including the DNS tunneling framework, and DNS encoding mechanisms. Furthermore, works on the evaluation of DNS tunneling tools, and tunneling through Wi-Fi are discussed in detail. Finally,clear presentations of negative and positive aspects on DNS tunneling are detailed in the […]

Security in the information communication technology

Abstract Organizations must put control measures to protect their information systems from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. The top-level management of the organization must devise security mechanisms and policies. This enhances the effectiveness of such policies since it enables the organization engrain such policies in the organizational culture. Organizations also use other security mechanisms, such […]

The impact of the culture on the project management

Introduction Studies on completed projects indicate that most of the projects fail to meet their intentional outlay and duration. The failures of the projects are attributed to the cultural diversity of the organization within which the organization originates. Most of the project managers as well as the management scholars agree that cultural diversity has an […]

IT Workaround System

What Is Workaround? Organizations must have contingency plans to cater for their system failures. Most operations within various organizations are likely to stall. Thus, the workaround is significant. Generally, a workaround refers to a basic methodology applied to accomplish specific objectives (Majchrzak & Gasser, 1991). The application of the process is temporarily and occurs when […]

Human Computer Interaction – Heptic Technology in PlayMotion

The traditional PlayMotion era in gaming is over. With the introduction of haptic applications of in gaming, PlayMotion does not constitute the ultimate gaming experience any more. PlayMotion makes it possible for gamers to experience the gaming environment in enhanced ways. It translates their actions into shapes and patterns by applying gesture recognition technology and […]

Information System Design

Abstract The future European Champions League final which is going to take place in London in May 2011 sets new tasks before BIF specialists who deal with the hooligan groups in the UK. The main idea of this report is to consider possible solution to the information systematization from different countries via the computer system. […]

Legal and Ethical Issues in IT

The modern world depends on technology in a major way. The dominance of technology in day-to-day activities has made it necessary for stakeholders to formulate rules that govern this technology. Advancements in information technology come with various legal and ethical issues that are relevant to the current environment. When these issues are adequately addressed, they […]

Information and Data Value

Today one can hardly argue that IT investment is a significant aspect of a company’s strategic planning. Recent technological outbreaks have enabled managers to collect and handle any amounts of data records. The question, thence, arises, whether the informational interpretation might present any significant value for a firm’s performance. Thus, the necessity of developing efficient […]