Logistics Paper Examples

Enterprise, Resource, and Planning System

An ERP system helps in restructuring the flow of an organization’s data by providing easy access to asset information to the management team. The rapid changes experienced within the competitive market environment calls for the use and application of modern techniques such as ERP systems. The system supports improvements in production and sales within organizations […]

UPS: Transforming Business Through Information Technology

Introduction Over the years, United Parcel Services (UPS) has been the world largest packing and delivering company. By 2002, its senior management implemented strategies that fostered the growth of the company to be one of the largest global businesses. Before then the firm had been growing and expanding in both its principal dealings together with […]

Reverse Logistics at the Planning

Reverse logistics is the course of planning, controlling and implementing the course of stock and finished products from the manufacturer, distributer or through the use of point to point recovery or disposal point (Spicer & Johnson, 2004). Products recall, wrong deliveries, commercial returns, warranties, refurbishment, repairs and end-of life returns are few of the many […]

Concepts of Sustainable/Green Logistics

Introduction As a result of the numerous calls to save ‘mother nature” from destruction and the ever-increasing diversity and complexity of organisations, currently numerous organisations have adopted various mechanisms of reducing the negative effects of their supply chain on the stability and wellbeing of the environment. Majority of organisations have achieved this through establishing strong […]

Global Transportation and Logistical Risks

Abstract The global transportation and logistics industry is among the most important industries the world. The implication therefore is that global trade is possible. The study identifies six major aspects of risk in global transportation and logistics ranging from inadequate security to logistics volatility. Land congestion and lack of inventory have also been discussed as […]

Wawa: Supply Change Management

Issues Some competitors such as Tesco and Sheetz are making Wawa’s supply chain system less flexible. The company’s supply chain cannot produce the best goals. The company wanted New Jersey Distribution Center (NJDC) to become the best model for collaboration and learning. The supply chain system is currently unsustainable. Wawa Company is planning to come […]

Supply Chain Risk Management

Introduction Risk is one of the concepts that continuously attract the attention of business administrators and scholars. This paper is aimed at discussing this notion within the context of supply chain management. In particular, it is necessary to examine the theories and models that can be used to manage risks and increase organizational resilience to […]

Measuring Supply Chain Efficiency from a Green Perspective

Introduction Logistics has attracted growing interests from numerous scholars and organizations, due to its contribution in changing human lives. However, little focus has been directed to its impact on national and global environmental sustainability. Researchers aim at developing green concepts in logistics management with an aim of developing an efficient green supply chain. Kim and […]

Supply Chain Risk Management

Introduction Supply chain plays significant roles in the domestic and the global economy. Each passing day, business processes, and operating environment are increasingly becoming complex. They hence require attention. This requires an effective supply chain that is able to respond efficiently to disruptions from unexpected events. Supply chain needs to be streamlined to be more […]

The Role of Supply Chain Risk Management in Ensuring Smooth Functioning

Introduction A number of issues such as changes in product design, branding and employee are likely to cause risks that threaten supply chain. Risk management in this field is a fundamental activity at the executive level in most organizations. Several studies have developed various models and theories that attempt to provide an explanation of the […]

UPS Procurement Strategy Analysis

Executive Summary The following paper is a presentation of procurement strategies as well as procurement tools within a selected organisation in the logistics industry. The paper begins with a detailed profile of the procurement process and function in the organisation as informed by a number of documents on the company obtained through relevant databases over […]

Logistics operation: Tesco and Sainsbury

Introduction Logistics management has been the industrial success driver for a long time, and thus organisations have been investing on it over the last century. However, the current organisational supply chain management is focused on the increasing consumer expectations with regard to the choice and delivery of goods and services. Due to the high competition […]

Durable Vinyl Siding

Adapting towards changes is not an easy task, especially in the XXI century, when a company must keep in pace with both technological and business innovations. At present, it seems that DVS is facing three key issues, which are sourcing, procurement and the problem of overcrowding. Despite the fact that the three concerns mentioned above […]

The North Face

The North Face (TNF) was a market leader in the manufacture and marketing of outwear clothing, sleeping bags, and tents. TNF was also one of the major companies that engaged in the manufacture of backpacks. The company had dedicated sales representatives that provided it with a competitive edge over other companies in the industry. In […]

Global Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management should be understood as a system that entails organization of human labor, individuals, practices, knowledge, and resources that are necessary in ensuring that goods and services are moved from one place to the other, particularly from the manufacturer to consumers at the right time. Globalization presents several challenges to supply chain management, […]

Supply Chain and Logistics in Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc

K&S is a company that was involved in the production and supply of semiconductor device assemblers, although the company’s main market space was wire bonding. Semiconductors business became increasingly competitive from the year 2000 when the manufacturing industry shifted to Asian and Pacific nations. This increased the level of competition among European companies since the […]

Supply Chain Management as a Value Driver

Introduction Supply chain management is an integrated process that ensures proper distribution of goods and services to consumers. It involves holistic integration of activities from the point of acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution to the end users. Indeed, the process that requires managers to execute effective planning, designing, control and monitoring of supply […]

Supply Chain Management as a Value Driver

Introduction Supply chain management refers to various stages involved between acquisition of raw materials and availing a finished product to a consumer. It involves different players including suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. Supply chain management involves administering of resources, data and finances as they progress from a supplier to a consumer. Supply chain management […]

Radio Frequency Identification in Supply Chain Management

Introduction Every product passes through various stages and through different organizations or departments before getting to a consumer. These departments or organizations form the supply chain. Supply chains have existed for ages, but the art of managing and controlling the entire process has improved since organizations focus on every stage in the manufacturing process. The […]

A Research Proposal on MM theory of Capital Structure

Research Aims and Objectives Long-term debt is one of the components of capital structure. The capital structure can be optimized to increase the shareholders’ wealth. The capital cost is also much affected by the capital structure. The capital structure refers to the value of the form and its scale. Enterprise’s capital structure of the debt […]

Home Delivery of Medication

Executive Summary This paper is a feasibility study to evaluate the dynamics associated with setting up Empire Home Delivery services in the US market. Empire Home Delivery Service is a hypothetical company that deals in the delivery of medication throughout the United States (US). This paper identifies that, the supply and distribution of medications is […]


Introduction All corporations aim at success. Some achieve it. Others fail. For those that achieve it, they may experience the challenge of sustainability and ultimately fade. Still, there are organisations that have been able to achieve success and maintain it over decades. Such organisations have achieved and sustained superior performance that meet or surpass both […]

Global Supply Chain Management of the Agility Kuwait Company

Abstract The Global Supply Chain Management is the management of products and services that are offered by a company with regards to increasing the profit margins. These products and services that are management in the supply chain management are all in an aim to improving the service rendering to the particular customers and consumers. In […]

Logistics in Practice

Executive Summary Foreign investors have embraced the open door policy and low cost labor, existing in China to expand their businesses. In China, most international companies have spread across major cities such as; Beijing, shanghai and Guangdong regions, which provide favorable business environment for growth. Conversely, since joining the World Trade Organization, WTO, in 2002, […]

The Future of Dubai as a Logistics Hub

Executive Summary The geographical location of Dubai has given this city the advantage of becoming an international logistics hub. Dubai’s increasing logistical capabilities provide opportunities both to the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula at large. The government of Dubai is currently funding the construction of an aerotropolis dubbed the DWC that will become the largest […]

Market Specific Supply Chain Strategies

Introduction Logistics is a type of goods’ movements from the time a customer orders it till the product’s final consumption. This process consists of several stages, which are planning and implementation. Effective logistics plays a very important role in economy of any country. Craig Voortman identifies effective logistics as supply of the correct product, to […]

Supply chain management

Introduction When we talk of supply chain management, we look at different factors and scenarios which are important in the management of the supply chain. In supply chain management mainly focuses on forecasting in particular collaborative forecasting, which is important in that it helps an organization reduces costs associated with inventory. In an organization, we […]

Exporting Paper Products from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Saudi Arabia

Executive Summary ABC Handmade Paper Industry is a Canadian company engaged in the manufacture of handmade paper and its products. Starting production in the year 2003, the company has come a long way in providing quality handmade paper and its products to customers throughout Canada. After achieving a niche in customer satisfaction at home, the […]

Executive summary in motor cycle service rental in Delhi India

The transportation services in Delhi have been expanding in the last two decades due to increasing demand. The rise in demand for transport services is attributed to various reasons such as the ever growing urban population (Bindloss 2009, p. 48). Car rental services have become very expensive and the present infrastructure can not support the […]

The UPSD, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service and Their Comparison

A brief overview of the task While comparing three delivery companies – the UPSD, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service, it is necessary to highlight some fundamentals on each agency. The main purpose of the current report is to compare the delivery services, which compete with each other and define the unique features these […]

Challenges within Transportation and Logistics Management and Viable Solutions to These Problems

Introduction Execution of Transportation and Logistics Management operations in the global market consist of many challenges that affect a firm’s ability to operate efficiently and cost effectively. Conversely, each of these challenges possess solutions that could potentially minimize situations that could prove detrimental to a Transportation or Logistics Management firm’s ability to maintain a certain […]

Inventory Management in Supply and Logistic Management

Inventory management is one of the most critical components of supply chain and logistics management because it implements policies and procedures that promote efficient supply chain operations. Inventory management entails prudent planning that ensures adequate amount of stock of the right quality is available whenever needed. Inventory includes raw materials and components used in production, […]

Integrated Supply (Logistics) Chain System

Executive Summary Due to globalization in business environment, organizations are shifting to supply chain management in a bid to attain competitive advantage, with the need for customer-based approaches gaining popularity. In this case, companies are required and even forced by circumstances to initiate and implement the most effective strategies that will lead to customer satisfaction […]