Lifelong Learning

Introduction Lifelong learning may be advocated as a response to economic and technological change in relation to education workplace and the notions of advanced liberalism and a teacher as an accountable professional in an education ‘market place’, it is necessary to define a number of key terms in the essay which have relation to lifelong […]

Literacy coaching

Introduction Literate citizenry is very critical in the economic growth of every country. Currently, the high rate of globalization requires a workforce that is very efficient in communication, reading and solving various problems. As a result, the ability to sustain an economy of every country is dependent on the effectiveness and productivity of its human […]

Distance Learning

Introduction Distance learning is defined as a program or course offered by a university or school that provides educational opportunities and is to be completed remotely. Other terms defining distance learning include online learning, E-learning and distance education. In the modern world, majority of distant learning are conducted online by accessing a computer equipped with […]

Why Chinese Culture Leads to High Plagiarism Rate in Chinese Universities

Introduction The issue of plagiarism in China and other Asian countries has worried scholars from the west and the rest of the world for centuries. The scholars live in constant fear of being denied the rightful ownership of their academic work. The communism ideals in China dictate that all property (including ideas) is owned by […]

Parents Need Help: Restricting Access to Video Games

The latest generations of games are facilities complex and emergent interaction using elements of Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology within new social and cultural worlds. These environments helps students learn by demanding integration of higher-order thinking skills, social engagement, and technology within a challenging, learner-centered instructional setting, although some of them have adverse negative effects. The […]

Modern theories about literacy

There are many modern theories about literacy and ways of constructing it through the personal hands-in experiences, the connection of learning materials to the actual social reality in which learners exist, and the alignment of students’ and teachers’ identities through social interactions. Such innovative techniques enable to weld the learning process in the social reality […]