Research Methodology Concept

Introduction to Background of Research Methodology Research Methodology is a structure or plan for the study that directs the entire process of data collection and analysis of data. Research can be defined as a scientific mode of solving problems through adopting logical steps. Research methodology is valuable in explaining the process and product of scientific […]

Effective Strategies to Increase Student Learning

Introduction The study will examine whether prolonged time in school will help in improving student learning and academic performance in schools. Significant evidence shows that extension of school time has considerable impacts on student learning, thus it is an effective strategy of improving academic performance in schools. Since academic performance of students has been dwindling […]

Quality Planning and Analysis: International Universities

Introduction International universities are mainly established with a view of providing higher education services to students who wish to pursue their studies at the bachelor’s level, master’s, or even PhD level. These universities offer quality research in various aspects of education, which in turn provides knowledge and important insights into varied areas of academia and […]

Pedagogy in Cultural Communication

Language is the medium through which people use for communication in a bid create understanding. Different people have different languages they use to communicate with one another. However, cultural differences may hinder effective communication. This paper relies on Hofstede and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions while using three decisive scenarios to explain the various misunderstandings that are […]

Formative and Summative Roles

Formative and Summative Techniques to Be Applied In the selection of a viable method for assessment, and the feedback that will be given thereof, the formative and summative roles will apply the increasingly popular computer-based test known as cloud computing. Generally speaking, cloud computing simply refers to a service mostly conducted over the internet with […]

Ethical Issues in Online Learning

Online education is a common form of learning today. Learners are now benefitting from online learning process without having to go to school. Online learning has been promoted by modern technologies. These technologies include computers, smart phones and the internet. However, this promising innovation has its own set of challenges. The issue of identity is […]

Education Studies: Research Design

Introduction Most people assume that their own views of the world are logically consistent. In this regard, human aspirations create a mutual cooperation between scientific and worldview theories. Towards this, subjectivists’ perspective of the reality focuses on the significance of understanding the process through which people fix their relationship to the world. The research strategies […]

Rubrics and Good Instructional Models. Taking Care of the Learning Process

Introduction: On the Significance of Assessment It goes without saying that the assessment procedure is extremely important for the further studying process. Providing a detailed account of the students’ abilities, skills and knowledge of the learned material, assessment allows to figure out if a certain student does well in his/her studies; moreover, it helps to […]

Family-Centered Practice

What is family-centered practice? Family-centered practice refers to the educational perspective whereby teachers work with families of various students to ensure that high academic standards are achieved. In other words, it refers to the scenario where the school administration honors the principles of students regarding their culture, values, and beliefs. Family-centered practice is a common […]

Teaching Web Design in Secondary School Classroom

Introduction Teaching Web design in secondary school can present significant challenges. However, the need for Web sites among organizations makes it a worthy learning course. This is because most contents formerly available in other forms are now online. Web design students and teachers should demonstrate skills in graphic, photography, and art among others. The three […]

Is the Montessori Environment Compatible for the Needs of Highly Gifted Children?

Abstract Gifted education has significantly improved learning not only in highly able students, but also in regular students. In the last few years, several modern teaching methods have been developed and used in classrooms. Teaching methods such as project work, providing meaningful choices for students, self-directed learning, literature-based reading and problem-based curriculum were developed to […]

Development of a Systematic Perspective on School Based Management Policy and Implementation

Introduction The research paper is a critical examination of the concept of school based management. It is no doubt that public schools have in the recent past rethought and redesigned the manner with which they opt to operate effectively and efficiently via the process of restructuring or systematic reforms (Fiske, 1995). To show that the […]

Video Analysis: E.L.Hayes

Learning is constant process that pools together environmental, cognitive as well as emotional influences including experiences of attaining, boosting, or modifying ones understanding,skills,ideals as well as the world views. Therefore, learning as a procedure focuses on what occurs when the learning is taking place. From the behaviorist prospective, all processes relate to learning – thinking, […]

Community Perceptions about Local Education

It is a widely accepted fact that school is an integral part of life. People agree on the importance of schooling in a person’s life almost unanimously. However, there are perceptions about schooling, dictated by cultural, religious, economical, and political factors. The policies about education and the education system in general affect the perceptions about […]

Research Problem

Introduction A researcher investigates a problem while trying to present what is and what ought to be. Good research work is based on carrying out literature review to determine what others have said or done on the field under investigation. As a result incorporating other people’s ideas in research has many benefits over other ways […]

Critical Research Writing

Introduction Research writing is a multifaceted and a difficult process since it concurrently requires precision and briefness. It creates two components that are original and new text. In addition, precision and reliability are essential in making the two components a success in constructing research writing. Thus, good research writing must be differentiated by comprehensive appearance, […]

Gifted Students in Florida

Gifted students are those students who display a high level of creativity, intellectual ability, cognitive ability, as well as a high capacity for motivation. This group of students has a strong inner desire to learn more and does not require intensive attention in training compared to other students. Gifted students are also associated with good […]

Student Development Observation

Background information College life provides students with credible personal and developmental incentives that enhance their performance capacity in diverse contexts. The incentives enable them to develop socially, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. This promotes students reasoning power and decision making on various issues of immense socioeconomic significance. Using the knowledge attained from student development theories (in […]

Gender and Education

Introduction Contemporary educators and psychologists pay much attention to the relationship between gender and education. For example, they focus on such aspects as academic achievement of male and female students. In addition, they examine the socialization of boys and girls in educational institutions, especially the way in which they perceive gender roles. In this paper, […]

Inquiry Based Learning

Introduction To understand the relevant use of inquiry based learning strategies while the real classroom lesson, the main idea of the theory should be considered. According to Alvarado and Herr (2003), inquiry based learning strategy is a process “initiated by either teacher or students, in which students investigate central, essential questions while their teacher guides […]

Behaviors Associated With Giftedness

To some extent, students differ significantly from each other. Some of them are fast in learning while others are slow. There are two broad categories of students. These include gifted students on one side and those who are not gifted on the other. In general, all gifted students demonstrate some unique abilities in various grounds. […]

Computer Mediated Learning

There are many definitions available that attempt to explain learning processes delivered, enabled or mediated using electronic technology for the explicit purpose of learning. These definitions include such terms as distance learning which may occur even in the absence of electronic technology. Distance learning has for a long time been performed using correspondence (Fee, 2009). […]

Mobile Learning and Its Impact on the Learning Process

Introduction Mobile learning (M-learning) is a learning process that takes place when the learner is not at a particular fixed location. The learning process takes place when the student takes full advantage of different opportunities offered by cell phones and other portable devices. These devices include notebooks, tables, laptops and other handheld digital computers. The […]

Mobile Applications in Learning

Introduction Recent advances in mobile technologies have made handheld devices an integral part in the lives of most people. While the primary use of these mobile devices has been communication and entertainment, the education sector is beginning to make use of mobile technology. Mobile applications enable students to utilize their mobile devices for academic work. […]

Balanced Literacy Program

The teaching and learning processes are interdependent and inextricably linked to each other. Hence, if to illustrate these complex phenomena in simple notions and components, the teaching-learning correlation will look as follows: [Board of Studies (a), p.86] These are the paving stones of theory to organizing and planning the class with the students of any […]

University Students’ Emotions in Lectures

In their article “University Students’ Emotions in Lectures: The Effect of Competence Beliefs, Value Beliefs and Perceived Task-Difficulty, and the Impact on Academic Performance”, Greek researchers Georgia Stephanou, Petros Kariotoglou, and Konstantinos Dinas present the results of the investigation on the problem of correlation between students’ emotions at lectures in Psychology, Linguistics and Physics and […]

Differentiated Instruction

Introduction Differentiated instruction entails giving students unlike avenues to gain content, develop, build, find the meaning of ideas, and construct teaching stuff to ensure that every student in a classroom learns efficiently, irrespective of differences in capability (Ellis, Gable, Greg, & Rock, 2008, pp. 31-37). Differentiated instruction is the practice of making sure that the […]

Academic Performance of College Students: Influence of Time Spent Studying and Working

Lack of thorough preparation among modern college students is a serious problem that affects their academic performance. There is a general tendency among students who work and study at the same time consisting in the fact that students tend to spend more time at work instead of devoting their time to studies. The research study […]

Mentoring of New Teachers

The database used for the present paper was the EBSCO host. The tutorial watched was the ‘EBSCO advanced search – guided style’ one. The newly acquired knowledge included the way to apply limiters and expanders during the search process, where to enter the search term and which fields to search (subject terms). It also became […]

Research Methodologies

Thesis Statement Phenomenology and Hermeneutics are concepts that are as ancient and central to Islamic perception of interpretation as they are handy in their explanation of what constitutes understanding of interpretation. In delineating their central meanings therefore it is imperative to have methodologies that are extensive in their content acquisition and thorough in their clarity […]

Parental Involvement in Education

Over the decades, many education experts have explored the impact parental involvement has student achievement but the conclusions arrived at have often been contradictory and controversial, with a clear lack of understanding of what parental involvement actually means and what it implies in the educational context. Parental involvement largely encompasses a variety of behaviors representative […]

The Integration of CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker Into the Education Programs

Description of tools The integration of CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker into the education programs could be beneficial for enhancing the students’ involvement into the curriculum as well as improving their computer literacy in general. CamStudio is a tool which records all screen and audio activities displayed on the personal computer, creating standard video files […]

A Proposal For Launching Educational Tools

Description of Tools In order to simplify and facilitate the educational process in international establishments, it is viable to introduce specific technological tools that would contribute to its faster improvement. In this regard, such program applications as CamStudio and Inkscape will perfectly fit this purpose. CamStudio is software that allows users to record the material […]

Response to Intervention Model

Bibliographic information about the program and costs Initially, the Response to Intervention (RTI) model was adopted in 1970s as a tool for assessing learners with potential learning difficulties. Such learning challenges covered various areas in acquiring instructional information. It aimed to replace the conventional model of ‘wait to fail’. The RTI model moved away from […]

Factors that Influence Literacy Acquisition and Reading Achievement

Abstract Literacy acquisition and learning among young children is an important part of child development milestones. However, the rates at which children acquire literacy vary significantly depending on whether such learning is offered at home or at school for the first time. Although environmental factors can influence learning, parents and close family members play the […]

Education and Social Justice

The articles have affirmed my understanding about education and social justice. Educational inequality is something associated with social inequality (Smyth, 2010). Any attempt to deal with educational inequality should always examine the complexities of social disparity. The society should also reduce the gap between the poor and the rich. This practice will support every learner […]