Customer satisfaction and service delivery from X-restaurant Research Paper

Introduction The business environment today has become highly competitive. Any business willing to sustain itself through tight competition and impressive profitability in the long run has to devote its efforts in attracting new customers as well as retaining existing ones (Hallowell, 1996, p. 27). Latest empirical research has demonstrated that the only way businesses can […]

Consumer behaviour change Report

Introduction Consumer behavior refers to buying trends exhibited by consumers in all markets. Consumer behaviors are not static as they change with the market dynamics. The behavior of consumers may be influenced by several factors. For example, consumer behavior may be influenced by peer pressure where consumers tend to buy certain brands because their friends […]

Consumer behaviour and decision models Assessment

Introduction In order to remain afloat in the competitive market, marketers have to study the behaviour of their existing and potential customers keenly in order to make a critical decision on the appropriate marketing strategy. Consumers are found to remain loyal to a product over some period of time if the quality of the product […]

Consumer Buying Behavior in car industries Research Paper

Consumer behavior Consumer behavior is the critical analysis of how, when, where and why people purchase or not purchase a particular commodity. It brings together the elements of economic, individualism, social status and sociology (Placeholder 5) (Holbrook, 1999). The main aim of consumer behavior is trying to comprehend the purchaser’s decision-making process made by a […]

Consumer Decision-Making Models: Analysis & Critique Report

Introduction The present paper attempts to critically analyse two CDP models, namely the Theory of Buyer Behaviour and the Consumer Decision Model, with a view to determine the extent to which they are vague and/or all-encompassing when applied to postmodern hospitality industry. The fields of consumer behaviour in general, and consumer decision making process in […]

A research investigation on purchasing intentions and customers loyalty towards Michelin in China Proposal

Abstract When customers in a business firm are loyal, they make the organization to attain uninterrupted flow of income and relatively lower costs of production due to favorable economies of scale. The improved income is usually as a result of increase in production whereas the cost of production is cut down due to the decrease […]