Music Paper Examples

Music in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Music is regarded as the universal language that traverses over cultural boundaries and nations thus unifying the human race. It is believed to have the ability to evoke sentiments ranging from happy, sensual emotions to sad and enraged feelings. As an art, music has evolved together with a man from a humble mostly percussion […]

The Cattle Drivers’ Music

At a pancake breakfast hosted by the Columbia Land Conservancy in Hudson, New York, on March 22, 2013, music was provided by a soloist and helpers calling themselves The Cattle Drivers. Guitar and banjo accompanied solo or harmonized song with various helpers, some of whom were on the staff of the CLC. The genre of […]

Solid 19th Century Classics with Modern Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Mountains at ETSU, September 28, 2013

The concert on September 28th by the Symphony of the Mountains, at East Tennessee State University, featured a solidly classical program of pieces by Ludwig von Beethoven, Pablo De Sarasate, and Schubert . The performance group, under the direction of Sean Claire, is from the region, although they have interesting and varied international backgrounds . […]

Pop Culture and Music

Introduction The modern world has brought about many changes in the way popular music is created and interpreted. It is also significant how the culture of a certain place is reflected in the music. Recently, gender roles and the way they are manifested in music are critically observed by the society. The media has a […]

Krishna Das (Jeffrey Kagel)

Introduction Krishna Das is a vocalist from the United States of America. He was born Jeffrey Kagel in 1947. He is famous for compositions and performances in a music genre known as kirtan. He has released eleven albums since he started his music career in 1996. Das is the most famous American singer of the […]

An Analysis of Music Theory

The theory of Music analysis starts in two major dimensions- the “five levels” and across the “three main domains”. According to Hanninen (7), sonic, contextual and structural are the three domains in musical theory. A domain, as used in music theory and analysis, is an area of musical discourse, experience or activity about a certain […]

The Tribute: Beatles Concert

A Columbia County crowd largely too young to have known the Beatles, stamped and whooped in anticipation of the September 2, 2011 concert by 1964 The Tribute. The band, whose name describes their genre, style, and play list, started promptly, to thunderous appreciation from the fair-going audience. They played everything that Beatles fans love from […]

Opera Hansel and Gretel

History of Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” Brief biography of the Grimm brothers The Grimm brothers refer to Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm. Jacob Ludwig was born on January 4 1785 while Wilhelm Carl was born on February 24 1786. These brothers were born in Hanau, Hesse-Kassel (now Germany). According to Özünel (2011, […]

Kirk Franklin and Gospel Music

Introduction Music is hugely regarded as the universal language that traverses cultural boundaries and language barriers. It plays different roles in society including: telling stories, educating, and entertaining. There are various forms of music which are unique to different groups of people. African American Music is one of forms of music which boasts of a […]

The Role of the Piano in the Erlkoing

Introduction The following research paper on Schubert’s lied ‘The Erlkoing’. The paper specifically examines the role of the piano in the Erlkoing.However, it is important to give a short summary of Schubert’s life and major composition style before examining the role of the piano in the erlkoing. Discussion A short summary of Schubert’s life and […]

Live Concert of Lee Hom Wang

Lee Hom Wang is a well-known American singer and songwriter of Chinese origin. The attendance of the concerts of his Heroes of Earth Tour broke the records. One of the concerts of Wang’s world tour took place at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 21 October 2006. The musical style of this singer combines the elements of […]

The Grounds of popularity of Jepsen’s Song “Call Me, May Be?”

Rapid development of the World Wide Web and telecommunications has introduced tangible shifts in communication. Nowadays people all over the world have much greater opportunities for exchanging information and sharing their opinions on political, cultural, and social situation. Specific attention should be given to the transition from personal, face-to-face communication to interpersonal and open communication […]

The impact of Korean popular music

Introduction Korean pop music comprises a collection of several music genres whose roots can be traced to South Korea. Since its inception in the Korean music market, the genre has experienced an immense growth, starting from the Asian markets to the global music industry markets.1 The aim of this paper is to discuss the influence […]

Representing Beauty Musically in 1600

Introduction Music has evolved over the centuries with a progression from elementary works of art to the complicated and more entertaining compositions of the present age. Music has been used for various purposes leading to the development of the numerous genres. Traditionally, love and romance were common themes in most works of art. Alongside them, […]

Classical and Modern Music

The Role of Music The world is constantly evolving and the world of music is no exception. Music has always been with people as it does not simply entertain, but it provides “insight into human experience as it extends over time” (Kerman & Tomlinson xxvi). From tribal dances to medieval clerical choirs and from refined […]

Linguistics in Opera and Libretto

Introduction Opera is performed using theatrical scenes where the art involves a combination of singing and dramatization. This kind of text is referred to as the libretto. It was a very popular form of art in early Europe. Opera remains popular today in some quarters of the society. The art brings together singing, speaking as […]

Hip-hop music

Introduction Hip-Hop is perhaps the form of music that has attracted the most controversy. Many people have blamed hip-hop for a number of societal issues like violence, promiscuity, bad language, etc. Whether or not these people are right in blaming hip-hop for these societal problems is still a matter of heated debates among interested parties. […]

How music can influence our behaviour

Introduction Music shapes the way people interact with another, how they define their identities and how they respond to their surroundings. DeNora (2004, 5) explains that “instead of using music to understand people, one should focus on how music constructs them”. Indeed, music has the capacity to shape and affect behaviour owing to its effect […]

Teaching a musical instrument in school

Introduction Music education is a study field that deals with training of individuals interested in music. It entails all spheres of learning including psychomotor, cognitive and the effective domain. Psychomotor domain deals with ability development while cognitive domain deals with knowledge achievement. Effective domain is the most significant and entails the positive reception of music […]

Sound and Space

Importance of sound Life is made meaningful through the five senses present in human beings. The experiences that people go through are facilitated through the senses that enable people to decipher the messages contained in the sounds that they hear. Seeing and hearing are touted as the most fundamental and can only be compared to […]

How does jazz the music and its story reflect the American experience?

Jazz is acknowledged around the globe for its rich cultural legacy entrenched in the African-American experience. Ever since its initiation in the early 20th century; jazz has greatly contributed to the American culture and has been a reflection of American experience and is also extensively believed to be the only truly unique American art form. […]

School Music Festival Concert

Music festivals are important components of society because they encourage people to bring out the best of their abilities in songs and dances. The festivals allow the participants and the audience to interact in an environment where entertainment as well as values can be exchanged freely. Scholars have argued that music is a vital component […]

The movie “Hancock”

Movies have become an inseparable part of the human culture, and the themes illustrated are extremely numerous. Morality plays an important role in portrayal of actors and ideas, as it stays central to human culture and everything that takes place. It is important to keep in mind that the action of movies is greatly connected […]

How Folk Songs Change the Idea of America

Introduction This paper explores how the works of Dyalan, Wilentz, & Marcus have changed my idea of America. These authors narrate their experiences of America by explaining the existence of folk songs in American music and describing the nature of American folk music in general. Through their works, this paper highlights violence, favoritism, and consumerism […]

Chicano Music

La Huasanga (Los Rogacianos) La Huasanga is performed by the ensemble including traditional Mexican violins, guitarrons, and guitars. There are two violin solos. They are characterized by the deviant bowing, and the active strumming is a distinctive feature of the ensemble parts with references to guitars as it is used to emphasize the final parts […]