Chicano Music Essay

La Huasanga (Los Rogacianos) La Huasanga is performed by the ensemble including traditional Mexican violins, guitarrons, and guitars. There are two violin solos. They are characterized by the deviant bowing, and the active strumming is a distinctive feature of the ensemble parts with references to guitars as it is used to emphasize the final parts […]

Music Industry Essay

Introduction It is often believed that the career of a performer depends only on his/her talent. However, one should not disregard that the outcome greatly depends on the managerial skills of the artist and the promotion of his/her works. Moreover, one should not disregard the cultural environment in which this person lives. This paper is […]

Canuck Rock: A History of Canadian Popular Music Book Review

Numerous writers have come up with chronicles on the Canadian popular music. The latest book documenting the Canadian popular music is by Ryan Edwardson. The book dubbed “Canuck Rock: a History of Canadian Popular Music” focuses on demonstrating the history of rock music in Canada. Edwardson brings out the relationship between rock music and Canadian […]

Duke Ellington Term Paper

Introduction Jazz music is an example of popular hybrid music. This is because it consists of both African and European musical cultures. Jazz music was first developed in 20th century. It was most popular among the black community of southern America. Duke Ellington was known widely to be one of the greatest composer and musician […]

Black or white racism thesis Essay

Racism is a theme that permeates the ‘Black or White’ song by Michael Jackson in many ways, both implicitly and explicitly. The author of the song, Michael Jackson, was an American entertainer widely recognized and respected for his influence on the pop culture. In the beginning of 1991, a song “Black or White” associated with […]