Literature review: The graduation and unemployment difficulties of adolescents with learning and behaviour disabilities Essay

Introduction Among the significant percentage of people in the world suffering from various disabilities are adolescents in secondary schools, post-secondary institutions and colleges as well as those in employment. Two of the major disabilities affecting students are: learning disability and behaviour disability. Grenwelge, Zhang and Landmark (2010), defines leaning disability as inability of one of […]

Early Alert Warning Systems Used to Thwart Attrition in Colleges Coursework

Today the situation of students’ attrition can be considered as one of the most controversial issues in the sphere of education. The fact is these problems can be predicted by tutors and administration of institutes because the process is gradual. To avoid problematic situations and support the students at risk, it is necessary to implement […]

The Educational Promise of Social Media Essay

Some schools have banned the use of cell phones during school hours to avoid distractions and restrict communications between students and teachers over social media. Thomas, H., Susan, L., & Mary, G. (2010) states that, The American Library Association believes that if students are prohibited from using the social media, it only leaves them without […]

Social justice and the black – white achievement gap Essay

Introduction In Ohio alone, more than ten thousand of the students were not attaining the state’s academic standards. Findings indicated that a large number of children were completing schools before they could meet workplace demands or even those of postsecondary education. Mostly affected were children who come from the low-income communities, students from Hispanic and […]

Classroom Behavior Essay

Issues related to classroom behavior encourage a kindergarten teacher to explore factors that cause misconduct as well as techniques that can be utilized in handling such behaviors. Furthermore, the teacher seeks to identify some techniques for solving these problems before they escalate to something complex. Educational scholars note that instructors are not well prepared to […]