Intertemportal decisions Report

David Stephens and Dack Anderson discussed the theory of short-term benefits as guide to animal feeding decisions. In a series of experiments conducted in an operant laboratory, blue jay birds were the subjects of the study. The foraging animals were tested in two situations namely the self control paradigm and the patch-use problems. The article […]

Economic Priorities Essay

Every country has its own order of economic priorities. The ranking may appear similar to some extent especially in the top most priority. There are many objectives of an economic policy, but price stability is considered an essential part of the basic framework within which the social and economic policy is conducted (Horst U., Jouko […]

International Fragmentation of Production Essay

Introduction Over recent decades, a more heightened integration of the world economy has been developed. An overall surge in the trade quotient has been realized in most developed countries. This is because of the trade liberalization and a greater willingness to participate in the global economy. According to Shenkar and Luo (2004), the other reason […]

Key issues for consideration before sourcing production abroad Assessment

In the recent past, many manufacturers have taken to sourcing for production abroad. This trend has tremendously been impacted by the recent global financial crisis that has been witnessed the world over and the turmoil that has been registered in the world financial markets. Sincerely speaking, there is no problem with any company outsourcing their […]

World Trade Organization and Globalization Essay

Globalization can be defined as the increasing interdependence of countries due to increasing integration of trade, finance, people and ideas in one global market place. The main elements of this integration are international trade and cross-border investment flows. Globalization came into effect after World War II, but its growth has accelerated since the mid 1980s […]