Mortgage business in Saudi Arabia

Borrower’s risk and mortgage residential lending Borrower’s risk in mortgage business refers to the uncertainties faced by the borrower when engaging themselves in mortgage. Mortgages are taken with an aim of acquiring residential houses and just like any other loans; they have to be paid back with a specified rate of interest which varies from […]

Environmental Economics

Introduction Environmental economics is a branch of economics that deals with the study of issues that pertain to the environment. It thus covers issues such as the effects of environmental policies on issues like features that involve air, water, harmful substances, and wastes among other environmental features. The study of environmental economics covers in general […]

Book Critique of “The World Is Flat” by Thomas Friedman

Written by Thomas L. Friedman, “the world is flat” is an inspiring book that focuses on the impact of globalization. Friedman bases his argument on the economic and social practices of the United States in the contemporary society. According to him, globalization will lead to the distribution of resources equally, and it will put all […]

Welfare State In Germany

Introduction Federal republic of Germany was founded in the year 1949 after the Second World War. The country main sectors include agriculture, industry, engineering, and trader. According to Giehle (nd), the federal republic of Germany has the world’s highest levels of learning, technological advance and the commercial output. The country is based on middle class […]

Globalization effect on mechanical engineering in the U.S

Introduction Globalization has had both positive and negative impacts on several issues pertaining to the world. For instance, globalization is the reason behind increased competition in the global market. On the other hand, globalization has significantly affected the cultures of different regions of the world. Different courses offered worldwide have also been affected by globalization. […]

Sustainability Reporting in 21st Century: Australian

Executive Summary Sustainability reporting is a concept that organizations are finding hard to ignore. Stakeholders in contemporary world are able to legitimize activities and operations of an organization based on how well the organization performs with regard to social, economic, and environment aspects, which constitute sustainable development. Australia, as a country impacted by global forces, […]