Nursing Paper Examples

Competence, Compassion, and Fairness as Cornerstones of Nursing

Although some people might consider nurses to be less critical or qualified than doctors, nursing professionals play an essential role in any healthcare system, since they help to implement medical treatment and facilitate the healing process through providing their patients with psychological support. Considering the need to establish and maintain personal contact with sick people, […]

Nurse Scheduling Problem

Nurse scheduling refers to the process of assigning working schedules or programmes to nursing practitioners in their places of work. The process entails giving different working schedules to a certain number of nursing practitioners who possess varied skills and qualifications, while at the same time conforming to important aspects that needs to be addressed such […]

Nurse as a Team Builder Sentence Outline

Abstract This paper will discuss teambuilding in nursing and how it affects the way nurses perform their roles in different healthcare settings. The journal article to be reviewed in this discussion uncovers more information about effective strategies that nurses need to use to network and share information with other healthcare professionals. The article also reveals […]

Nursing Shortage Problem

Introduction Nursing shortage is a problem that is encountered by most of the healthcare providing institutions in many nations. It refers to a state where nursing professionals’ demand is higher than the number that is supplied to an institution. The role of nurses in health institutions is vital and cannot be assumed. This is because […]

Nursery Business Plan

Market Strategy Little Angels Nursery Daycare Center’s program is currently being publicized to the community at two levels, i.e. the state level and the local level. Prince Mohammed University in Khobar has a link in its website that has information with regard to Little Angels Nursery Daycare program (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2012). This information […]

Nursing Community: Planning, Prioritizing & Implementing Healthcare Programs

In the face of limited financial and manpower resources, nursing practitioners are expected to prioritize health needs in the planning and implementation of healthcare initiatives (Hodges & Videto, 2010). Nurses have a key role in planning and implementing healthcare programs by identifying the most immediate needs and increasingly assuming responsibility to plan, manage, control, and […]

Introduction to Nursing Research

Introduction Infant mortality remains a problem of major concern. Deaths resulting from sudden infant syndrome remain a disturbing problem. Infant’s deaths resulting from sudden infant death syndrome are controversial since the causes of the death cannot be explained (Timby & Smith, 2004). Since the causes of the sudden infant death syndrome are unexplainable, eliminating the […]

Human Being in Nursing Theory

Introduction. Concept Statement: Human Being in Nursing Theory Human beings are regarded as open energy fields, possessing unique experiences. They could be placed in broader contexts and, therefore, they differ from the unity of their parts that are impossible to predict based on knowledge of separate parts. As holistic beings, humans are represented as sentient, dynamic, […]

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Its Activities

In terms of my role implementation, I have selected to work with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. It is imperative to note that this organization was incepted way back in 1985. It serves nursing practitioners from various areas of specializations. In addition, the organization is currently the largest nursing body that offers comprehensive membership […]

A Nurse-Led Email Reminder Program

The responsibilities of the registered nurses include a wide variety of activities among which there are the performance of physical exams, the management of health histories, the administration of medications, the collaboration with other medical professionals, the interactions with the patients concerning their knowledge of their diseases and conditions (American Nurse Association, n. d.). When […]

Political Power in Nursing

Traditionally defined as “special kind of a social relationship” (Fairholm, 2009, p. 5), power can be applied to practically any field and alter it significantly. The concept of political power, in its turn, is typically rendered as the hierarchy of the people exercising and producing it (Chaplin, 2009, p. 43). The very essence of political […]

A Case against the Unionization of Registered Nurses in Hospital

Introduction After decades of slow activity, labor unionists have started to revitalize the labor movement in states all over the US. Through organizations such as the American Professionals Union, labor unionists have tried to attract greater membership by encouraging various professionals to unionize. One industry that has received the attention of unionists is the health […]

Charles Gibson’s Case and the Role of a Nurse Educator in the Education of the Nursing Staff

Introduction The nurse educators play a crucial role in the development of new nursing staff. Apart from teaching theory, nurse educators must prepare the students to work in the clinical setting, think critically, and use the modern means of communication to obtain evidence-based data. In addition, nurse educators need to encourage passion and desire to […]

Hospitals Aim to Keep Older Nurses on the Job by Increasing Safety

Safety Measures for the Ageing Labor Force The present paper discusses the article that appeared in the February 2016 issue of Business Insurance under the name “Hospitals Aim to Keep Older Nurses on the Job by Increasing Safety.” The article describes a new safety measure that was introduced at the Californian hospital system Scripps Health. […]

The Problem Statement: Nursing

Modern day management of diseases is a complex task for health care professionals at various clinical settings. However, with the interference of nursing strategies, the job is under control and it is a relief for patients too who are in need of great care of nursing. Research in nursing involves several aspects right from the […]

Performing an EKG

Performing an EKG Training Proposal Proposal Context This instructional training will focus on performing an EKG/ECG. Oftenly, many EKG technicians don’t make an ECG properly. More often than not mistakes are made and leads of the equipment are switched. When this happens, technicians and medical professionals come to wrong conclusions. According to Leshin et al […]

Hand washing

Problem identification Hand hygiene is practice that nurses are expected to comply to in a hospital setting. Compliance levels need to be established so that as establishment is made against the reasons that leading to lack of compliance. Research and day-to-day observations have revealed that infections related to bacteria can be freely transmitted when contaminated […]

The nursing profession

Introduction The image of the nursing profession is rapidly changing in the society. The previous images of nurses dressed in nursing caps, competent and independent nurses from diverse backgrounds are quickly replacing starched uniforms. Latest images of thoughtful and experienced nurses attract most people to the line of work. Gordon (2005) describes the previous iconic […]

The Peculiarities of the Ethical Standards and Nursing Practice in ARN

Ethical principles provided by ARN in the documents related to the nursing practice The activity of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) is based on the range of the documents (including the code of ethics for nurses) developed by the American Nurses Association which are general for different types of the nursing services. However, ARN […]

Compare and contrast the AACN essentials of master’s education with the CCN mission

Master’s education has to prepare nurses for critical actions within a complex and transforming environment. Master’s courses need to provide nurses with valuable knowledge and skills of flexible leadership required for facing the global challenges of modern healthcare. Emphasizing the potential value and transforming possibilities of modern healthcare, the present day healthcare education programs focus […]

How to Decrease Turnover and Increase Retention of Nurses in General Surgical Floor of the Hospital

Problem Statement For a long time, there have been unending problem of high nurses turnover in the General Surgical Floor. Previously, several efforts have been made in the attempt to decrease this turnover without yielding the desired results. Moreover, there have been some strategies that have been implemented in the hospital with aim of helping […]

Nursing Competencies in Texas

Differentiated Essentials Curriculum (DECs) has its own unique history. The practice of Nursing in Texas runs with a range of practice scale based on learning and training from the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) to the doctoral trained and Registered Nurse (RN). The latter is attributed to the fact that demand for more nurses has been […]

The Practicum Project in Nursing

The Practicum Project demonstrates Bedside Shift Report that is aimed at widening nurses’ knowledge and experience to carrying out a patient observation, in accordance to principles and rules. In addition, the project is created for other nurses to gain awareness of the necessity to improve shift reporting and ensure comprehensive and accurate information exchange. In […]

Leading Change in Health Care Practice

Introduction In the recent past, nursing profession has become a widespread career choice as more high school and college graduates are looking forward to embracing the profession. However, only effective management/leadership roles can help to achieve success in the nursing profession, since these roles play a critical role in shaping the goals of the health […]

Why would nurses strike?

Patients have sometimes lost their lives or their conditions worsened because of lack of medical attention when nurses go on strike. However, Connelly, Dahlen, Evans, and Wieker (1997 51-52) believe that nurses are ethically right when they participate in strikes and all other forms of protests or actions which could bring their work to a […]

Carnegie report discussion

The continually growing shortage of nurses especially in terms of future projections in comparison to current trends is indeed a growing challenge in healthcare sector. Since the second half of 1990s, significant drops were observed in admission of nursing students to nursing colleges (Benner et al., 2009). As long as the current workforce is aging, […]

Article Critique: “Timing of preoperative patient teaching”

Introduction The article, “Timing of preoperative patient teaching” by Lepczyk, Hunt, and Rowley is a research paper that seeks to investigate the effects of timing of preoperative patient teaching on pre admission and post admission anxiety as well as knowledge levels. The researchers start by justifying the purpose of the research. This justification lies in […]

Internal medicine residency program

The article starts by exploring how the hospital-based health practitioners are slowly being replaced by physicians assistants. In this regard, the authors have provided different reasons for the development of this innovation in medical employment, such as the misdistribution of physicians causing service gaps; changes in the federal rules and regulations with regard to the […]

Article Analysis: “Barriers of research utilization from the perspective of nurses in Eastern Turkey” by Tan, Sahin and Ozdemir

Introduction Despite access to research findings, nurses do not utilize these research findings as required. This is caused by lack of support from senior managers and other health officers. Another barrier in the utilization and implementation of research findings is that some health articles are not written in English. Lack of implementation is also as […]

Gender Differences in Nursing

Introduction For a long time, nursing has been associated with the female gender. The first nurses were women, and the trend has continued for years without substantial change. The profession grew from a point of care provision to a recognized profession and the roles changed. Though it has been proved that the satisfaction of the […]

Application Information for Nurses Overseas-trained Nurses

Nurses who have trained and qualified in another country other than Australia have to be assessed by the Australian Nursing Council (ANC) on their overseas qualification when seeking registration in Australia. The assessment may be conducted directly through interview at the National Board’s Office or through an Australian Government office overseas (Nurse In Australia 2010). […]

Perioperative Nursing: Surgical Site Infection

Introduction Perioperative nursing is an integral field in nursing, for it ensures that patients who have undergone surgical operations do not get surgical site infections (SSI). The recovery of patients who have undergone surgical process considerably depends on perioperative care they receive from nurses; hence, perioperative nursing is essential in enhancing patients’ recovery. Belton and […]

Trends and Issues in Nursing

The nursing role is shifting from good cooperation with other medical professionals to managed care. This is because the most valued education and training are those that focus more on clinical experience in nonhospital settings. The training, other qualifications, and advancement statistics indicate that the higher levels in nursing education emphasize on furnishing the nurses […]

Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media

The article under consideration is titled Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media and it is written by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) (2004). The article “provides guidelines for primary care clinicians in managing children with uncomplicated acute otitis media (AOM) who are aged between two months […]

Philosophy of Nursing and Caring Practice: Jean Watson’s Caring Model

Introduction Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring was introduced in 1979 and premises on the humanistic perspective of nursing and health care combined with scientific knowledge. The design of the theory focuses on the concept of nursing that is associated with a health profession. According to the theorist, caring should enhance and form the identity […]

Time management for nurses

Not only do nurses work to gain patients’ trust, but also patients expect nurses to give clinical care (physical, technical, and procedural) and personalized care. According to Dr. Groopman (2005) explains that finding time for patients by health care providers is a therapeutic process, as well as an outcome which requires time and effort. This […]

NCLEX Test Blueprint

National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is an examination administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) to graduate nurses in the United States before they can obtain a practicing license. An NCLEX test blueprint is a document produced by NCSBN, which contains a summation of what is assessed in the NCLEX examination […]

Teamwork and Collaboration

The article written by Andrea Walker, Randall Olson, and Suzanne Tytler (2013) is aimed at examining the collaboration between registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in Providence Health Care. This medical institution helps patients who have the following health problems: 1) AIDS; 2) cardiopulmonary risks; 3) mental health problems; and 4) specialized needs […]

PEPFAR and Medicaid Nursing Programs

Introduction Governments and several International Non Government Organizations (NGOs) have over the years, channeled a lot of funds to national and international programs. Through funding of these programs, governments and donor agencies have an overall aim of improving people’s living standards globally. The donors or governments attempt to make rational and reliable funding arrangements for […]

Post Natal Development In Human Beings And The Factors That Influence Language And Cognitive Development

Summary Cognitive development in children has been related to good and appropriate nutrition in children. Postnatal development is a very important aspect in life. It is at the postnatal stage that most development in human beings takes place maximally. Many studies have justified the effects of nutrition in most of the development. The main organ […]

Prenatal Yoga for Women Health

A natural, safe and simple way of pregnant women maintaining their health is by engaging in yoga exercises. Yoga prepares pregnant mothers and fetus for easy uncomplicated birth process. It relieves stress and brings peace and harmony not only to the pregnant women, but to all family members. Yoga is one of methods guaranteeing pregnant […]