A Case against the Unionization of Registered Nurses in Hospital

Introduction After decades of slow activity, labor unionists have started to revitalize the labor movement in states all over the US. Through organizations such as the American Professionals Union, labor unionists have tried to attract greater membership by encouraging various professionals to unionize. One industry that has received the attention of unionists is the health […]

Charles Gibson’s Case and the Role of a Nurse Educator in the Education of the Nursing Staff

Introduction The nurse educators play a crucial role in the development of new nursing staff. Apart from teaching theory, nurse educators must prepare the students to work in the clinical setting, think critically, and use the modern means of communication to obtain evidence-based data. In addition, nurse educators need to encourage passion and desire to […]

Hospitals Aim to Keep Older Nurses on the Job by Increasing Safety

Safety Measures for the Ageing Labor Force The present paper discusses the article that appeared in the February 2016 issue of Business Insurance under the name “Hospitals Aim to Keep Older Nurses on the Job by Increasing Safety.” The article describes a new safety measure that was introduced at the Californian hospital system Scripps Health. […]

Performing an EKG

Performing an EKG Training Proposal Proposal Context This instructional training will focus on performing an EKG/ECG. Oftenly, many EKG technicians don’t make an ECG properly. More often than not mistakes are made and leads of the equipment are switched. When this happens, technicians and medical professionals come to wrong conclusions. According to Leshin et al […]